Top 8 Google Maps Alternatives iPhone

While Google Maps is still far and away the best maps app in this humble iPhone user’s eyes, I can still fully understand why some might look for an alternative, especially after the most recent update. That aside, there are certain things that other apps do better than Google Maps. There is no denying its power as a navigation app, but when it comes down to local areas and up to the minute information, it’s perhaps best to look elsewhere. Fortunately, there are a range of excellent maps and navigation apps currently available for the iPhone, from those that are cheap (free) and cheerful to those that are much more professional and cost a fair price! We recent downloaded most of the maps apps we could get our hands on and took to the streets in order to test them out. The results ranged quite wildly, from those that did an excellent job no matter varying things like traffic and weather, to those who really had no hope from the outset. Check out our list of Google Maps alternatives for the iPhone below and then feel free to suggest your own in the comments section below!

8. Apple Maps (Free)

Apple’s default maps app has been improved to at least some kind of acceptable standard recently, but there was a time after the disastrous iOS 6 update in particular that even those who were content using Apple’s built in navigation tool were forced to look elsewhere. As such, while the Maps app is probably the last on the list when people are searching around for a viable Google Maps Alternative, we used the latest version having sword off it around the time of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 and were pleasantly surprised by the innovative updates and generally more reliable app that iPhone users can now take advantage of as default.

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7. Scout (Free)

There’s really not much to say about the Scout app, other than the fact that it is certainly one of the most elegant and well designed navigation apps out there. It is also one of the few apps to rival Google Maps that actually offers true pedestrian navigation, which is of course perfect when you are looking for a specific location while on foot. – Download from iTunes

6. Navmii (Free)

Navmii is another nice free alternative to Google Maps, and is notable as not only a GPS app but also a voice guided one, and among the only ones currently offered on the App Store that are free for users to download and use. There is also free real time traffic and road information, which is perhaps one of the reasons why Navmii has managed to amass a current userbase of around 20 million people in such a short space of time. – Download from iTunes

5. Navigon ($49.99)

So, I think it’s worth looking at some of the more expensive alternatives for true GPS maps that work offline or without the need for a 3G connection in order to access. One of the most popular of these is Navigon, which will cost you at least $50 and as such is one of the most expensive apps currently listed on the App Store. It is however a fully fledged turn by turn GPS app, meaning that you get at least some of what you’re paying for! The app is very similar to the software found in the dedicated GPS units that people these days use in their cars, the only difference is that you will be accessing it through your iPhone rather than buying third party hardware. While this may be convenient for some, and you can almost justify the huge price in that manner, it does mean you will probably need some kind of iPhone holder for your dashboard if you are to take full advantage of what this app has to offer. – Download from iTunes

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4. TomTom ($24.99)

Another excellent paid alternative and one that costs a fair deal less than the previously mentioned Navigon is TomTom, which has a range of apps for different areas of the world, including the Americas. I would imagine that paying upwards of $20 on an a navigation app would net you maps covering at least the continent you live in, but apparently this isn’t the case! Still, TomTom is about as comprehensive as turn by turn GPS apps come, and is at least as effective as your dash mounted GPS device. One of the best things about this app is the fact that, being used on your iPhone, it will update automatically, meaning that you don’t need to drag the thing to your computer and plug in a USB to download the latest changes to maps in your area. The drawback is obviously the price, because not only will the base app set you back a lot but there is also a $3 per month subscription charge for access to traffic reports! – Download from iTunes

3. HERE (Free)

Nokia’s HERE app is the one you will find preinstalled on most Nokia devices these days, but it is free to download and install for iPhone users and to be honest, is worth a look. While the app is only currently available for a select number of American and European cities, there is a fascinating level of detail to be found here. And with the acqusition of 3D modeling company Earthmine, Nokia is able to produce a range of different map types including a nice 3D alternative for you to peruse. There is also an emphasis on what is going on around you, particularly when it comes to points of interest, so this could be a good choice for tourists as well. – Download from iTunes

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2. MapQuest (Free)

One of the most reliable map apps we can thing of is MapQuest, which may have been around for quite a while but has also been updated and improved to easily stand its ground against the best navigation apps on the iPhone. The company has an excellent reputation in the world of mapping and for good reason: this app will provide you with a full turn by turn GPS app, with live traffic support which is something that most map apps still haven’t perfected. – Download from iTunes

1. Waze (Free)

One thing that Google Maps has never been very good at is providing you with up to the moment information, or reacting to local situations and changes to direct you in the best fashion possible. One app that does this excellently is of course Waze, which is unique as a crowdsourced mapping and traffic app, meaning that the info you navigate by is actively updated depending on reports submitted by different Waze users or Wazers all over your city. You will get reports on traffic, accidents, road hazards, speed traps and even gas prices, meaning that you’re sure to save both time and money in your daily commutes using this wonderful and innovative app. There are the occasional innaccuracies, but you wouldn’t expect anything else given the nature of the crowdsourced data that the app currently works with. But it’s great that an app like this, which is so focused on the idea of community, has found the success that it has! – Download from iTunes

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