Top 8 Health Apps Apple Watch

So, we’ve already covered the range of different fitness apps for the Apple Watch, but what about those that skew towards the healthy side of things? It makes sense, given that this is Apple’s first real venture into wearable tech, that fitness apps are something of a big deal – and of course, there are the two preinstalled apps that come with your Apple Watch out of the box: Activity and Workout. With one designed to track your activity throughout the day, whether walking the kids to school or running to and from meetings at work, and another specifically made for exercising. There are however a load of cool Apple Watch apps that focus on building a healthier lifestyle, whether that be monitoring your body in detail or perhaps picking healthy food to eat each day. We recently took a bunch of these apps and ran them through the trusty Top 8 mill so as to come up with our particular favorites, and the results weren’t quite what we were expecting! Check out our list below, and feel free to suggest your own health app recommendations in the comments section!

8. HealthTap (Free) 

A favorite practice of hypochondriacs everywhere, Google and in particular Wikipedia are excellent tools when it comes to matching symptoms with terrible diseases, just to have something to worry about. The Internet can be a scary place, but rarely is it as scary as when you go out looking for a disease and promptly find one whose description worries you more than the symptoms in the first place! There are a bunch of different apps that are designed to give you answers to your medical questions, and HealthTap is one of the first alongside WebMD to get updated for the Apple Watch. This basically gives you answers to questions from almost 70,000 qualified doctors in the US, and will also give you reminders for doctor’s check-ups and to take medicine each day. – Download from iTunes

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7. WaterMinder ($1.99)

It seems simple, doesn’t it? But the process of monitering the amount of water your take on and keeping your body hydrated is a massive part of fitness and sports in general, so why isn’t there a go to app that deals with this? With WaterMinder, you now have that app; and with their recent updates for the Apple Watch, reminding yourself to stay hydrated and checking your daily water levels and intake just got a whole lot easier. – Download from iTunes

6. Skin (Free)

Another kind of app that seems to be cornering a niche in the market that was perhaps overlooked until this point is Skin, which really does exactly what you think it does! All those body monitoring apps out there are designed to check your heart rate, calorie count and such, but there isn’t so far anything in the way of apps or accessories to check the surface of your body – that of course being your skin. As has often been quoted, the skin is the body’s largest organ and while many people spend lots of time moisturizing and exfoliating, there aren’t really many apps that deal with such things! This new Skin app from ModiFace looks set to change all that, using your iPhoen camera to scan particular parts of your skin that may seem concerning, and then analyzing them to let you know what’s up. The app has recently been updated for Apple Watch support, meaning you can see a preview of the scan on your wrist, too! – Download from iTunes

5. Clue (Free)

Clue has quickly become the go to app when it comes to tracking your period each month, which is perhaps why people were dismayed when Apple chose not to include it as part of HealthKit recently. Still, that hasn’t stopped the developers behind the app updating it for the launch of the Apple Watch, allowing women everywhere to now monitor their period with a simple tap of the wrist. Part of the reason this app has become so successful, and in many ways left similar apps in the dust, is because (in the words of Clue CEO Ida Tin) there is a real emphasis on the quality of the data you are seeing as a user, rather than variety or quantity. Clue for the Apple Watch gives you a full overview of your cycles so that you can see easily enough at what point you are.- Download from iTunes

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4. BACtrack (Free)

It’s kind of baffling to me that there aren’t more developers who have jumped at the chance to create somse kind of app-controlled breathalyzer or blood alcohol accessories for smartphones. All of us drink, yet it seems there is something of a taboo over responsibly monitoring how much we’ve been drinking. One person is usually assigned as the designated driver, and the others just drink as much as they like! With the range of smart breathalyzers from BACtrack, you can now easily check on your blood alcohol content, and with the recent updating of the app to support the Apple Watch, can do so from your wrist. So, as one reviewer has pointed out, at least you don’t have to drunkenly dig around for your phone each time! You can also set the app to remind you with a sharp buzz on your wrist, to test again every 15 minutes or so. – Download from iTunes

3. Hello Heart (Free)

Heart rate monitors are a big thing these days in the world of mobile apps and of course mobile accessories, so I guess it wasn’t going to be long until one of them popped up with Apple Watch support. Perhaps the best of these is Hello Heart, which is really more of a companion app than a straight up blood pressure monitor, but it works well as both. It uploads vital signs from your wrist to the app on your iPhone, and can be crucial when it comes to catching heart conditions before they get serious. – Download from iTunes

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2. MyFitnessPal (Free)

The recent purchase by Under Armour of the MyFitnessPal app could well be something of a game changer, but it remains to be seen at this point what kind of effect this will have in the grand scheme of things. Either way, it won’t upset the app’s march on attracting most of the fitness app market, key to which might be this speedy update to include Apple Watch functionality. MyFitnessPal remains one of the most versatile fitness and health apps around, allowing you to monitor your workout sessions, general activity, calorie intake and a whole lot more! – Download from iTunes

1. Lifesum (Free)

It’s difficult at this point to really pick a best fitness app for the Apple Watch, since many of them have seen rather primitive updates and are still clearly working with this new tech, but one of the best out there is Lifesum. This is basically a nutrition tracking app, allowing you to check how much food (and what kinds) and water they take on throughout the day. You simply enter the meal you have eaten, and the app will do the rest of the work, subsequently offering suggestions to improve your diet. – Download from iTunes

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