Top 8 Home Automation Apps Apple Watch

Smart home technology and home automation, the so-called Internet of Things, is a big issue for Apple right now – and one only need look at the amount of money they have invested in the purchasing of leading companies and development of such technology to realize this. While the iPhone has acted as a hub for users to control just about anything in their house for some time now, from the lights to the locks to the raising and lowering of the garage door, it’s only with the Apple Watch that this truly becomes something you can check at a glance and manage with a tap. It is perhaps understandable then that so many of those developers of smart home technology and home automation apps have been so quick to update their products to support the Apple Watch, as this kind of thing slowly becomes more and more prevalent in homes across America. As you can perhaps imagine, testing such apps with the Apple Watch is a nigh on impossible task, unless you’re some kind of billionaire mansion owner, but we’ve done our best with the list below.

8. Home Remote ($1.99)

While a relatively small app when compared to some of those on this list, the Home Remote app is nonetheless worth noting. Recently updated for the Apple Watch, the app works with predefined buttons that can be created and placed on your Today screen or your Apple Watch screen, then used to trigger certain actions around your home. There is also a good level of integration to be found here, the Home Remote app supports devices by a range of brands such as Philips Hue lightbulbs and Belkin Wemo switches. – Download from iTunes

7. (Free)

The Apple Watch app is one that debuted at the Spring Forward event, showing those in attendance how easily and conveniently Apple’s new wearable device could be used to control just about anything in the house, not just alarms: lights, doors, locks, thermostats and a whole lot more. The app has since been finely tuned and released, with other important features such as notifying the user if there are any connected devices left on or open – this of course is a great way to ensure that you aren’t wasting water or electricity when you are out of the house. – Download from iTunes

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6. PEQ (Free)

There are do many smart home devices and home automation apps out there these days that it’s often hard to know which to pick if you, say, want to find a smart home thermostat and an app to match. It’s therefore noted among both developers within the industry and users alike when an app comes up with something slightly different that sets it apart. PEQ is a company that has done just that, delivering an app to control its home automation devices that is both innovative and easy to use. Basically, instead of presenting your smart home options in a row of buttons or sliders to be tapped and dragged, PEQ has a block-inspired interface where you add functions simply by stacking on more blocks. – Download from iTunes

5. Savant (Free)

Savant is one of the leading names in home automation, and offers you full control of a number of elements such as lighting, climate, entertainment and much more from an app on your iPhone or iPad and now, also your Apple Watch. Savant works with what it calls “Scenes”, which are basically created by the user and can then be set in motion at any time manually, or set to a specific time or event within the home. For example, you could create a “Good Morning” scene that is designed to open the blinds, turn on the radio and perhaps turn up the heating as people around the house begin to stir. Once you have set up these scenes, you can manage them with a tap of your wrist using your Apple Watch. – Download from iTunes

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4. Philips Hue (Free)

By far one of the smart home lines that has seen the most play in terms of media coverage is the Philips Hue smart lights, which – with this companion app, recently updated for the Apple Watch – allow you to remotely control switches and lights in your home. The main selling point with Philips Hue is that it is not a simple on and off kind of functionality; the app instead allows you to create an emotive environment, or personal style that suits you and can even be adjusted depending on what you are doing, how you are feeling or of course the time of day. – Download from iTunes

3. Honeywell Lyric (Free)

The Honeywell Lyric is a smart home thermostat, and its companion app for iOS devices has recently been integrated with the Apple Watch to offer a new level of at a glance convenience. It basically means that you can control the temperature in your home without having to pull out your smartphone, with useful presets such as “I’m Away” or “I’m Going to Sleep” adding yet another layer to its ease of use. The app will also notify you should it notice that you have been out of the house for some time, asking if it should switch to “Out of Town” mode which basically helps to save energy but will then auto adjust to your preferred temperature and settings as you get home. – Download from iTunes

2. SmartThings Mobile (Free)

SmartThings was of course acquired by Samsung last year, but that hasn’t stopped the company from being one of the first to the punch when it comes to Apple Watch integration. In fact, the company has been working on both improving their technology and ensuring that it works well with Apple’s HomeKit infrastructure for some time now, so this was perhaps only a logical step. While the app does just about everything you could hope for in a home automation app, there is a much wider scope here than perhaps meets the eye which is perhaps why this recent update is so exciting. Rather than simply acting as a remote for things like your garage door and your air conditioning, SmartThings is a lot more flexible and can be reactionary, too. This opens up a whole new side of possibilities, meaning that you can introduce the word “if” to the equation and tell it do do things if certain situations occur.- Download from iTunes

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1. Withings Home (Free)

The Withings Home app, which has also recently been updated for the Apple Watch, is a great way to keep tabs on what is going on in your home. All you need is a few HD cameras with environmental sensors, strategically placed, and you can get a decent overview of the key points in your home as well as check up on the little ones. The sensors mean that you do not have to keep checking the app, but are notified if there is movement in a child’s crib, for example. There is also a cool timelapse feature that lets you review the day’s activities in a matter of seconds. – Download from iTunes

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