Top 8 Hotel Apps Android

When it comes to travelling, there are many of us who would prefer to map everything out beforehand: to come up with some kind of itinerary for places to stay and things to see, with all the relevant documents to hand in case we should need them. There are apps that provide one with this kind of functionality: those such as TripIt or Tripomatic are a great way to stay organized as a traveler. There are however many more of us who simply with to travel and explore without the rigid confines of some kind of itinerary. Looking for hotels or hostels to stay as you make your way across a country can be a thrilling thing! The same goes for those who travel for work, and might not be sure of how long they are staying in a specific city or country, or who do not know they are staying there until the last moment. For all of these travelers there are a huge range of travel apps out there that not only offer deals on where to stay but also go out and find the cheapest price. We decided to focus in on the hotel side of things and pick out some of our favorite apps for booking hotels, especially at the last minute!

8. Expedia (Free)

Expedia is another big name when it comes to travelling and booking accomodation, and their years of experience are reflected in this handy app. There is a great Tonight section which brings up dozens of excellent offers. You can browse and book hotels, as well as flights and hire cars and all kinds of things. There are some excellent deals depending on what period of the year you choose to travel in and when you book, so it pays to keep your ear to the ground with an app like this and pick up such things as they appear.  – Download from Google Play

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7. Travelocity (Free)

Travelocity is another nice alternative when it comes to finding and booking a hotel, and one of its best features – at least in my limited experience of the app – is the Deals Tonight feature which provides you with all kinds of offers in your general area. One click brought up hundreds of results in this section alone, which shows that there is a great amount of variety and choice here. As with most of these apps, you can sort based on prices, distance, ratings by users and a bunch of other criteria. – Download from Google Play

6. (Free)

Like, puts you in touch with all the best deals on places to stay in your area. These kind of apps are perhaps best for those who are on a short term or last minute vacation, and of course those who are travelling. The app and of course the accompanying website features a whopping database of over 150,000 hotels to choose from, which means that you should never have any trouble finding a place to stay. It also means that you can happily narrow down your search results based on specifics such as your location or what kind of features you want from a hotel room, without being afraid that the search will come back with no results because you’re being too specific. The app also has an excellent feature that it calls Tonight’s Local Deals, which make it easier than ever before to find an excellent deal in your area at the last possible moment. – Download from Google Play

5. Orbitz (Free)

Most people will know of Orbitz by now: it is a relatively simple but exceedingly powerful way to plan your vacation, with an emphasis on finding the right hotel for you that both adheres with your preferences and is within your price range. As with KAYAK, there are also excellent features regarding flights and car hire too, and you can book things through the app itself so don’t need to go elsewhere. – Download from Google Play

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4. TripAdvisor (Free)

TripAdvisor has something of an emphasis on hotels and even allows you to book through the app, but it is a more general resource for those that travel – featuring thouands of different locations that are all mapped out and rated and reviewed by users. If you are sick of the typical fake testimonies for hotels and restaurants and more, just check out TripAdvisor and hear about the place you are interested in staying, direct from those who have stayed there in the past. The best thing about TripAdvisor is by far its massive community, and the fact that there are no limitations that prevent you from saying negative things about places you have stayed or eaten or visited. You can rest assured using this app that, even if you have a bad time in a hotel or a restaurant, that you can discourage others from doing so with a bad review. – Download from Google Play

3. (Free) has become something of a go to app when it comes to finding the best deal on range of different things, especially hotel rooms! You can see great deals on hotel accomodation in the area you pick, and then you can narrow these search results down based on specifics such as geographical proximity or even what kind of room you are looking for and what features it has. Once you have picked a place to stay, you can then book it through the app itself! By far the best thing with this kind of app however (and that’s very much the case with TripAdvisor above) is the rating and reviewing system, which puts you in contact with actual people who have stayed at the places you are looking at – rather than fake commendations from pretend people! – Download from Google Play

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2. KAYAK (Free)

KAYAK is certainly one of the more comprehensive travel apps out there, offering a poweful search function that includes not only hotels but also flights and car hire services. It allows you to alter these search details to fit your preference and budget, and is great way to pick up last minute deals. – Download from Google Play

1. Hotel Tonight (Free)

In terms of saving money on hotel rooms through an app, I think I’ve had most success with Hotel Tonight which is why I’ve given it the dubious crown of best hotel app. As the name suggests, this one places a huge amount of emphasis on last minute deals and finding a place to stay on the same day that you intend to stay. I should note that while the developers are working to add new locations regularly, Hotel Tonight seems to be best if you are looking for a place to stay within a big city rather than in the middle of nowhere or some countryside village. Perhaps the best thing about the app is that you can book all the way up until 2AM, which is great for those who are perhaps out and about and enjoying the town at night, then wish to find somewhere to stay at a moment’s notice. – Download from Google Play

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