Top 8 In Ear Headphones iPhone

Headphones seem to be more and more popular these days, though I’ve noticed a distinct leaning towards the over the ear variety rather than the in ear ones. Once upon a time it was the white Apple earbuds that become fashionable and that everyone had to have, but these days that seems to have been replaced by the premium models offered by Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics, of course recently purchased by Apple. And if you thought that the Apple headphones from back in the day cost a lot of money, then wait until you see the price of these! That said, there is still something of a market for in ear headphones for the iPhone, but one quick glance at Amazon will tell you that there are actually so many available that it becomes almost overwhelming to choose. The good thing is that most of them are relatively affordable, but still offer a great level of sound quality, which is great for those on a budget such as a student. They typically don’t last as long as a good pair of over the ear headphones, but you pay for what you get! Check out our favorite in ear headphones for the iPhone and then feel free to share with us your choices in the comments section below!

8. Amazon Premium Headphones ($18.99)

I guess one good place to start would be with the basic headphones offered by Amazon, since you can’t really go wrong with a simple, affordable option. Amazon have made something of a name for themselves in recent years, offering simple options at good prices when it comes to hardware. This is the case with their excellent USB portable charger for the iPhone, which falls under their Amazon Basics line of products. Unfortunately, this one is considered a Premium offering so you’ll still have to pay around $20 for the privelege. Still, it’s a nice safe option and you know that they will outlast some of the other products mentioned below. – Buy from Amazon

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7. JBL E10 ($29.99)

The JBL E10s are another excellent alternative at a fairly affordable price. The bass is fairly tight or at lest balanced, since it doesn’t offer the same low notes as you might get from a pair of Beats headphones. So, this could be considered a drawback but won’t be a problem unless you’re listening exclusively to stuff with thumpingly low bass lines such as rap music. I’ve also noted that the E10s do tend to fall down slightly when presented with a harsh treble, though that might be something to do with the quality of my MP3 files! Perhaps one of our readers could confirm. – Buy from Amazon

6. Sennheiser MX 365 ($16.95)

The Sennheiser MX 365 is a great option if you’re the kind of listener that would prefer a pair of non sealed in ear headphones. Or, those that do not exactly plug themselves into your ear to drown out all the surrounding noise. They do offer a better level of sound quality than the default Apple ones, but the scratchy foam pads they come with can be annoying. If you use them in the office and need a pair of affordable in ear headphones that will also leave you aware of what’s going on around you and able to hear when people talk to you, then these are a great pick.  – Buy from Amazon

5. Brainwavz Delta ($22.50)

Th Brainwavz Delta headphones are one of the best options when it comes to sound quality. It’s funny, since looking at these (and perhaps considering the silly sound name) you wouldn’t expect to be blown away by the sound quality on offer, but that was certainly the case here. They are a lot better than some of the other options we looked at from big name companies at 3 times the price of these. So yes, I’d say that despite the options we placed ahead of this one on the list, the Brainwavz offer the best level of sound quality at an affordable price. – Buy from Amazon

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4. JVC HAFX1X ($29.99)

JVC have a bunch of excellent in ear headphones out there, that it’s really up to you which product best suits your neads. The Marshmallow options are perhaps the nicest since they offer a more comfortable in ear experience, but it does really all depend on your ears. JVC do offer the most variety when it comes to different shapes and sizes and of course prices, so they’re worth looking up if you have a hard time finding comfortable options. – Buy from Amazon

3. SoundMAGIC E10 ($35.19)

Now, I know that the SoundMagic E10S is out also, and that this is often considered the better option – an improvement on their original product – but I’ve had the regular E10 model for a while and can’t really fault it in terms of refined sound quality that eliminates harshness or gain. The bass is also not over the top, and I’ve noticed that these headphones tend to excel when given clear vocals to work with. So, indie stuff or acoustic stuff will sound great! While you’re going to have to shell out well over $30 for these ones, they do feel as though they should perhaps cost even more than that in terms of sound quality and functionality. Definitely a great choice to replace those free headphones you got with your smartphone. – Buy from Amazon

2. Beats urBeats ($77.95)

I’ve read other lists that make fun of the fact that upgrading from a pair of default Apple earphones to a pair of Apple earphones that do the same but cost a lot more is not exactly a smart phone, but the urBeats headphones from Beats aren’t exactly Apple headphones, are they? The sound quality for one is a massive improvement, and besides, they’re the fashionable thing to have these days, right? The over the ear options that Beats offers are typically expensive if you want a good pair, so this could be a relatively affordable alternative. I say relatively affordable, since many people won’t be willing to spend over $50 on a pair of simple in ear headphones, let alone $80! Still, the bass on these is tremendous, and they really hit the lownotes well. – Buy from Amazon

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1. BeoPlay H3 ($199.99)

If you’re going to buy a pair of headphones these days, why not just shell out and get the best, made by the best? Yes, of all the affordable and brand name options we tried, it was the B&O product that came out on top. I’m sure that this is pretty much always the case when looking at sound systems too, so we shouldn’t be too surprised. This is actually a collaboration between Danish industrial designer Jakob Wagner and B&O, so you know that the quality and design is going to be there. The BeoPlay H3 is definitely a luxury item, carved from a single block of aluminium, but it’s the best one out there both in terms of design and aesthetics. As for sound quality, it is typically good but then that all depends on what you’re looking for from a pair of in ear headphones. The Beats option certainly hits the low notes better, but the quality of these ones is undeniable. – Buy from Amazon

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