Top 8 Job Search Apps iPhone

We all know how difficult it can be to find a job in today’s competitive market, especially given the current economic state. Your iPhone can make things easier, however, with a bunch of powerful job search apps that will keep you connected at all times – putting you in the perfect position when a new opportunity arises! These apps tend to vary between those that act as more of a search engine in order to find openings locally and depend on a range of criteria, to those that are almost like social networks for professionals. LinkedIn is the most famous of these, but we’ll touch on a few more in our Top 8.

8. Snagajob (Free)

Snagajob is a decent job search app that is perfect for those looking for hourly work, perhaps in the food or customer service industries. For those seeking this kind of work, or those who have experienced it in the past, you’ll know that it often comes down to being there at the right time. If you can snag that kind of job (hence the name of the app) as soon as it arises, that will obviously give you an advantage over the thousands of others who may be applying for the same position. It will allow you to narrow the opportunities by industry and location, as well as other criteria that you can choose. Notifications mean that you will be made aware of new jobs right away! – Download on iTunes

7. Intro (Free)

Based on the same premise introduced with apps like LinkedIn, Intro allows you to network with people in your industry. You simply install the app and then register using your Facebook or other social account; the app will then check to see which mutual contacts have all registered, and put you in contact with them! It is a great way to open up and build bridges in professional relationships, acting almost like a digital business card that you can then send to whomever you wish. The best thing about this, and unlike having a public profile that anyone can view, is that you can control the information that you wish to send along with it and hone the image you present. – Download on iTunes

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6. LinkUp (Free)

LinkUp may sound like more of the above – in fact, the name is perhaps too similar to LinkedIn and is probably attempting to ride its coat tails in this respect – but it is actually a job search engine app that scours company websites for employment opportunities: including keywords, locations, and types of job. That makes this app the number one way to uncover or discover great job openings before they appear on job listing sites. Often, job search apps will simply take in a number of job search sites and search through them given the criteria to find an opening. LinkUp is way more specific and goes direct to the employed, meaning that it might be able to give you the edge! – Download on iTunes

5. Proven (Free)

Proven used to be a basic job search site but has since evolved into something more specific. Currently, the apps available on the iTunes store are two, one for employers in the restaurant and catering business, and the other for prospective employees. Proven understands that for those filling positions, it’s all about getting the word out to local people; that for those looking for such positions, it’s about getting there ahead of everyone else. As such, these two apps are perfectly designed to link employers and employees in order to fill these positions more efficiently. – Download on iTunes

4. Monster (Free) is one of the biggest job search sites on the Internet, and all of this power and experienced has been adeptly harnessed in thsi official iPhone app. It allows you to search for new employment openings in your town and your given industry, then filter out the ones that don’t interest you. Sign up and sign in to upload your resume and show it to employers using either Dropbox or Google Drive. Other than the sheer size of the job database and popularity with employers and employees alike, perhaps the best feature of Monster is its tailored notifications. You can set these up and activate them whenever you wish: the app will then give you daily or weekly or monthly updates, or even send you a notification if a new position comes available that matches your criteria. – Download on iTunes

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3. LinkedIn (Free)

Again, LinkedIn is a huge site and the app is therefore an indispensable addition to your iPhone if you’re looking for a new job but mainly if you are looking to network people in your given field. With this site it’s all about selling yourself and connecting with others in your industry: a social network app for the professional world, and a great way to find new opportunities. One of the best features of LinkedIn is the ability to follow people who you might have interest in, such as industry leaders that can offer a valuable insight. Otherwise, you can simply search for companies and people as well as jobs in order to see if there are any positions available for you. It’s also a great way to get notified about openings before they appear on the usual job search sites and classifieds that everyone reads! – Download on iTunes

2. Indeed (Free)

I’ve always found to be one of the best job search sites out there, and the app is no different. It is fairly straightforward, allowing you to filter opportunities depending on industry, location, salary and more. The best thing about their search is that it aggregates a number of sites to present you with more openings – it may just be the most relentless site out there in this regard, leaving no stone unturned in order to present you with the maximum possible amount of different employment opportunities. Indeed understands that it should be the job that is tailored to you rather than you being tailored to the job, therefore wishes to widen the window of choice as much as possible in order to give you more alternatives. – Download on iTunes

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1. JobCompass (Free)

This entry will surprise some, but JobCompass stands out for us because – unlike so many of the job search sites and apps mentioned so far – this one looks to do something different. JobCompass is based entirely on proximity, ensuring that you see only the best jobs that are available near where you live. Most job search sites and app will allow you to search by location, but confine this option to the city or town. The developers behind JobCompass understand however that often, especially when seeking part-time or minimum wage work, one simply cannot afford or has the time to travel across a busy city in order to get to work. With JobCompass you can search for jobs that are as close as 1 mile from your given place of residence, with millions of openings to choose from. Curious to see which kind of jobs are currently available in your neighborhood? Simply download the app and carry out a search! What’s more, the app has been perfected for the US but has also covered over 50 other countries! – Download on iTunes

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