Top 8 Kids Apps Apple Watch

I suppose a more accurate title for this list would refer to the fact that it contains apps made for kids and parents, but there you go. The Apple Watch isn’t exactly a platform, as perhaps the iPad is, that actively encourages to development of educational or parental apps that can be used in the education process, but that hasn’t stopped numerous developers updating their particular titles to integrate with Apple’s new wearable device. Then again, I suppose that given the locational awareness side of things and the fact that the Watch isn’t as likely get broken or lost as an iPhone, for example, we might yet see parents sending their kids to school fitted with some kind of wearable device in the future. Until that time, however, we only have these apps to go on, which are few and far between. Still, if you are an Apple Watch owner who also has kids, then you might find something useful below.

8. KidsBank Free (Free)

As the parent of a young child, I’ve wondered recently about the correct age to bring allowance into the equation. It seems a good way to reward the completion of chorse, such as the tidying of one’s room or whatever, but then it’s difficult to teach the value of money to a child who is so used to having things bought for them! KidsBank Free looks to bring the idea of allowance to your iPhone and now your wrist with this Apple Watch update, which basically means you can track the money spent by each child in your family at a glance. It also allows you to track any chores that they may have completed, and reward them accordingly. The app is a freemium, ad-supported version of KidsBank so if you like it, go out and purchase the full thing for $3.99. – Download from iTunes

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7. Jungle Feathers ($2.99)

I don’t think anyone really expected much in the way of reference apps on the Apple Watch, but I recently stumbled across this neat little app that was basically created to help your child learn facts about the birds in Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park. Most of these birds are of the exotic variety, so kids will nejoy going through the different photos and finding more about these birds, then perhaps going out and trying to spot some for themselves. The app works with the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and now has been updated to work on the Apple Watch, too. – Download from iTunes

6. Name Play ($1.99)

Name Play is an app developed for the iPhone that encourages childred aged 5 and under to explore their identity through games that are designed around names, and to learn the names of those around them such as family and friends. There are I think 8 games included in all, and a bunch of other features that will keep a child exploring while the parent checks on their progress from the parental dashboard. – Download from iTunes

5. PlayKids (Free)

I’ll start by stating that I agree with one or two reports that have slammed this particular app for its apparent attempts to remind parents to be parents. The notifications such as the one seen above, telling you to interact with your kid, hug your kid or put your kid to bed are preposterous to say the least, but that’s not to say there isn’t something useful to be found here. PlayKids is particularly convenient when it comes to tracking the activities of your kids, and monitoring the time they spend on things throughout the course of the week. You simply enter the time they spend reading, doing activities or watching TV and then receive insightful graphs and images that give you more of an idea just how the child is spending his or her week. You can then decide to spend more time doing one thing, or cut down on another. – Download from iTunes

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4. Quick Math Jr. (Free)

Quick Math Jr. is one of the few apps to make this list that I’d actually tried beforehand, in this case on the iPhone. Developed for kids between 3 and 7 years of age, it boasts a handful of games that are aligned with the international maths curriculum in the US and other countries, with an intilligent and adaptive difficulty level that will place kids at a specific level and then update accordingly depending on their progress. The recent update of Quick Math Jr. offers Apple Watch integration, which basically allows you as a parent to track the profile of each child (up to 3 kids in total) from the convenience of your wrist. – Download from iTunes

3. PBS KIDS Super Vision (Free)

Another app designed less for kids and more for the parents of kids, the PBS KIDS Super Vision app basically lends more control to the parent when it comes to managing your child’s time on the PBS KIDS website. You simply enter a code into the app, and it will connect and start monitoring your child’s activities, sending you information on what they are watching, playing or doing on the website. Using the app, which has recently been updated for the Apple Watch, parents can then set a play timer to ensure that kids aren’t spending too much time on one thing, and receive an activity summary to view the educational skills being used and the progress being made by your child. It really is very simple to set up, no matter the device you are using to monitor your child and platform the child is using to access the PBS KIDS website; simply enter your 5 digit code, connect it to the app and off you go! – Download from iTunes

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2. Nick Jr. (Free)

The Nick Jr. app for the iPhone and iPad is a fantastic service, allowing you to watch full episodes for free, play educational activities featuring  your kids’ favorite Nick Jr. characters and a whole lot more. Perhaps the most important thing though, as a parent, is that the app also includes a bunch of controls that make monitoring your child’s activities a whole lot easier. With this recent update to the iOS app, these parental features can now be checked at a glance and altered with a tap from your wrist. So if you want to set screen time then you can, or check how long a given show has left in its runtime, or even use it as a remote control to play and pause video, lower volume, etc. – Download from iTunes

1. ChoreMonster (Free)

By far the best app I’ve found for kids and parents on the Appl Watch however is ChoreMonster, which is really a must have for the tech savvy families out there. The app is designed to make chorse fun by rewarding your children with points for completing tasks such as taking out the trash or tidying their room, and then allowing them to spend these points on rewards. It’s a great little app to have, especially if you have multiple kids and can get them all involved by showing a progress bar alongside each name and encouraging some healthy, fun competition! – Download from iTunes

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