Top 8 Kids Games Android

We’ve all been there: the long car journey, the arduous waiting at the dentists. Kids these days have absolutely no patience, which is probably as a result of being attached to screen for most of the time. Still, for most parents, mobile games such as these offer a way out when things are becoming difficult. An excellent way to keep kids occupied when they are becoming restless, but also in a way that will develop their logic skills in a fun and engaging manner. We’d suggest playing every mobile game yourself before handing it to your kid (you don’t know what some are like when it comes to repeated requests for in-app purchases) but these are some of our current favorites!

8. Cut the Rope (Free)

Cut the Rope is a fantastic puzzle game that all kids will love, where you take of a lovable alien named Om Nom and help him fill his belly with candy. The basic idea of the game is to figure out which ropes to cut and what bubbles to pop in order to get the candy into Om Nom’s belly in the least number of moves. I’d say that Cut the Rope is probably geared towards older kids because, despite being colorful and clearly aimed at children, it does require understanding and the ability to solve problems patiently. These are of course two great skills that all kids should learn, so you can rest assured as a parent that despite your kid sitting mouth open with a game like this, that he or she is actively developing their logic skills at the same time. There are quite a few versions of Cut the Rope out there, though I’d suggest investing in the free one first just to see if your kid likes it and is comfortable solving the puzzles. – Download on Google Play

7. Where’s My Water? (Free)

Where’s My Water? is actually a Disney app, which is something I was completely unaware of until recently. Unlike some of the other great Android games aimed at kids, one of the key differences I’ve found with Where’s My Water? is that it requires just a tap in order to interact with the game and provide the actions that will help your kids progress. The swiping found in Fruit Ninja and match-3 games like Candy Crush is great, but can get repetitive and dangerous if your kid has a surplus of energy and is only too willing to take that out on the screen. This game on the other hand is more of a calm experience, inviting young kids to solve each puzzle logically and with some degree of patience so that Sparky the Alligator can finally have his bath. – Download on Google Play

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6. Subway Surfers (Free)

Subway Surfers is another great game for kids, inviting them to swipe left and right as they follow the character down train tracks, avoiding the trains and picking up coins while at the same time trying not to get caught by the guard. The gameplay is probably better suited to older kids in that it is very fast paced and requires tremendous reaction speeds at time. Also, the topics presented such as running down the train tracks and graffiti are perhaps not the best if you’re aiming a game at kids, but this is a fun one nonetheless. It could be even better if the app didn’t constantly bother you to upgrade by spending money on in-app purchases – be sure to turn these off before handing the game to your kid and letting them go crazy! – Download on Google Play

5. Farm Heroes Saga (Free)

No list of kids games would be complete without the obligatory match-three game, and this one from mega producers King, which is much like their previous Candy Crush saga but with a cute approach and one that is ideal for younger kids. The concept behind all these games is very much the same as it it has always been: you shift different items around in order to match similar ones up, and then watch as they melt away to allow new items to fill the gaps. This one is perhaps better for younger kids who are just starting with mobile games, in that the gameplay is a bit more simple and the characters more suited to children. – Download on Google Play

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4. Plants vs. Zombies (Free)

Plants vs. Zombies is one game that I always throw at this kind of list, since the gameplay mechanics are really quite timeless. I guess there’s the argument that it’s not really a true kids game in that there are zombies involved, but really that all depends on the age and development of the child in question. I’d rank Plants vs. Zombies as one of the best tower defense games available from the Play Store, period. There is a sequel that you can also download and play for free, but this one is good enough if you’ve not played it before. Then, if your kids enjoy it, you can grab the sequel as well! Again, one thing about having a game like this available for free is that you often get badgered for in-app purchases, so turn these off before your kids start playing! – Download on Google Play

3. Angry Birds (Free)

Well, if your kids haven’t played Angry Birds by now then I’d probably accuse you of keeping them under a rock because this is the number one mobile game in all the world. Let’s consider for a moment however that you do live in some kind of cave and have therefore never heard of this app and its domination of the globe, from merchandise to spin off games and more. The concept is very simple: you take a bird and pull back a piece of elastic string and then fling the bird across the horizontal map in order to known over the green pigs that are situated there – often holed up behind walls and castles. It’s the perfect pick up and play game, with instant and satisfying reward, but one that is much harder to perfect. Nonetheless, the anticipation involved in this game alone, as you wait for your birds to swoop down and cause mayhem, is enough to keep the kids occupied for hours on end. – Download on Google Play

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2. Candy Crush Saga (Free)

Candy Crush Saga is another huge franchise, again developed by King and in the same match-3 mold where players must move items around the game board in order to match them up and clear them to proceed through the levels. The concept is very easy to pick up and play, which I suppose is why these games have had the kind of resounding success that they’ve seen when it comes to downloads and ratings. – Download on Google Play

1. Fruit Ninja (Free)

I can’t get enough of Fruit Ninja! It represents what is to my mind the most perfect mobile game out there, when you consider the gameplay and the control system. The mobile platform doesn’t particularly lend itself to complicated control systems and the one behind Fruit Ninja is as simple as it gets – you can play it with one finger! It’s a great blend of reactions and logic, with the split-screen mode taking this to a whole new level and a great way to settle disputes between siblings! – Download on Google Play

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