Top 8 List Apps Android

I don’t know about you guys, but I could win a world record when it comes to forgetting stuff. Whether it’s important days such as anniversaries or simply forgetting to take food out of the oven before it gets burned, I am officially the world’s worst. One thing that certainly does help, however, is constantly noting down the stuff I have to do throughout a given day, whether this relates to work or home chores. There are a bunch of different to-do list apps out there for Android devices, which basically allow you to create lists of things that need to be done and then sync this info across multiple platforms such as the web and your desktop computer. So, if you’re the kind of person whose memory can be described as akin to that of a goldfish, check out these to-do list apps for Android and ensure that you never forget to pick up the milk and suffer your partner’s scowls – ever again!

8. TickTick (Free)

TickTick, created by those behind GTask, is a simple but convenient list management app that can be synced across a range of different platforms and devices. It’s particularly great when it comes to widgets, which are of course quite important when it comes to reminders and such. It’s difficult to put TickTick in a box in terms of what sets it apart from other apps, since it seems to lack a personality but is still a nice option. So yes, if you’re looking forr something simple and unassuming then TickTick is worth checking out. – Download from Google Play

7. Remember the Milk (Free)

Remember the Milk represents one of the more venerable entries to make the list since it has been around for a while. The app has been regularly improved and updated however to match the current range of task management and to do list apps. It’s particularly great when it comes to integrating with other productivity tools, such as Gmail, Outlook and Evernote. This is great since it means you can import your lists into these apps or vice versa. – Download from Google Play

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6. Wunderlist (Free)

Wunderlist is for those among you that simply can’t get enough of making lists. I’ve found that the human race seems to have an odd infatuation with the process of making and comparing lists: we do it for just about everything, when coming up with our favorites and of course when one needs to remember what to buy at the grocery store. We even create entire websites dedicated to the process of making lists! Wunderlist is the list maker’s paradise, since it allows you to create all kinds of lists that can range from the very simple to the more complicated. The interface is easy enough on the eye and straightforward enough to work around, and the app also allows you to share any lists you have made with friends when connected. – Download from Google Play

5. (Free)

Many of these apps tend to have a specific emphasis or take ideas in a certain direction, in an attempt to seek out a specific area of the audience and play up to their needs. excels when it comes to team collaboration, and as such can be great when it comes to creating lists of things to be done by more than one person. It does seem to lack the kind of hardcore functionality that you would normally associate with a workload related app, but is simple enough to use so is great for those who aren’t the best when it comes to apps our mobile devices. is simple but rich in great features, allowing you to attach videos, images and even Dropbox files into a task that needs to be done and of course comment on that particular task so as to start a discussion. As such, it can be great when it comes to planning an event or vacation. – Download from Google Play

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4. 24me (Free)

24me is one of those productivity apps that looks to combine a lot of different and popular features in one place so as to make your life easier. Indeed, the app is described as a smart personal assistant which I think tells you what its all about. It’s like a calendar app combined with a task management app, meaning that you can manage your day and the things you have to do either at work or at home, but also look into the future and your week or month as a whole. 24me is among the most lauded of the productivity apps available for Android, bringing together a lot of different things to create what is perhaps the most feature rist to do list app out there.- Download from Google Play

3. Google Keep (Free)

As with most things that Google touches, their to-do list app is clean and simple and doesn’t stray from the main purpose: which in this case is making lists. Google Keep is almost surprisingly simple, allowing you to easily come up with lists and then add notes or images to them with a few taps. The app is probably the most efficient of those we’ve looked at so far, and does an excellent job combining lists with notes so that you have everything together in one place. It’s also great for collaborating on things, such as events where tasks need to be completed by several different people and you have to discuss stuff first. – Download from Google Play

2. Swipes (Free)

Swipes is another of those to do list apps that focuses on a specific thing in order to create its selling point. In this case, the name gives it away! Swipes is perhaps best known for its usage of the swipe to complete mechanic when it comes to task management, which makes a change from many of the other apps on this list that simple present you with a checklist and allow you to monitor your tasks vertically. The most notable feature of this app besides the whole swiping thing is probably its snooze option which offers an excellent way to postpone specific tasks; this will be appreciated for those that want a to do list app that isn’t intrusive and just works in the background to help you get stuff done. – Download from Google Play

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1. Todoist (Free)

I regularly use an Android tablet for work stuff and by far the best to-do list app I found for this particular platform was Todoist. As many of you will probably know by now, I’ve a huge weak spot for clean and minmal interfaces within apps, and Todoist certainly fills that particular need. It gets rid of all the clutter, allowing you to focus on the important process of managing your day; and it’s not only good for Android tablets, but looks excellent on mobile devices, too. The app allows you to maintain projects, labels, filters and even lets you schedule tasks for the future rather than things you need to get done right now. It’s a relatively simple app but is also quite powerful beneath the surface, though its best feature is probably its flexibility. – Download from Google Play

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