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Magazine reader apps are not only a great way to keep up with your latest editions, but also to store and access archived editions. Perhaps there is a particular issue that you want to put away and read at a later date? Typically we try to do such things in our homes but then magazines are made to be disposable, really. Even the best kept magazine will suffer wear and tear, which is I suppose the beauty of digital editions. Not to mention the cheaper price, and the bonus features that you get when you subscribe to receive digital copies. Print is very much dead these days, but the most popular magazines in the US continue to thrive with digital downloads and the establishing of an even more vast userbase online and on tablets. We recently took some of the more popular magazine apps out there for a spin, putting them through their paces to work out which one gave the user the best value for money, reading experience, etc. This Top 8 countdown list is the result!

8. Press Reader (Free)

So, Press Reader does have a given emphasis which can perhaps be workout out from the title itself. That for newspapers: it currently carries more than 2,500 newspapers from over 100 countries around the world, which makes it the ideal tool when it comes to keeping up with daily print news from other countries. As someone who does a lot of traveling, there’s nothing worse than running around some crowded airport or downtown area trying to find a news stand that stocks your favorite newspaper. And then, if you find it, the prices are usually astronomical and the editions are often a day or two out of date. Press Reader eliminates this problem entirely, and also carries an excellent array of magazines! – Download from Google Play

7. FlipBoard (Free)

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While not an app that gives users access to their magazines, Flipboard does technically qualify as a magazine app and I’ll tell you why: basically, the idea behind the app is to provide a personalized reading experience that is presented in a magazine format. So, you will be given what is essentially a tile layout featuring the latest news, and then you simply go through and read the articles that interest you. As you progress, the app will learn your tastes and will be able to better customize your layout to suit your reading habits. A personalized magazine, of sorts! – Download from Google Play

6. Next Issue (Free)

Next Issue is undoubtely one of the biggest apps around when it comes to providing users with access to the most popular magazines in the US. You can get monthly magazines for a subscription price of $9.99, or there is a popular premium option at $29.99 which gives you access to weekly stuff as well. The choice here is not terribly deep, I’ll admit, but if you are after the bigger magazines only then this is the app for you. – Download from Google Play

5. Nook (Free)

Nook is a product of the famous US bookstore Barnes and Noble, which kind of confines this entry to US readers rather than those situated around the world. It’s a lot like Amazon has done with the Kindle, providing users with a central app to download newspapers, magazines, comic books, graphic novels and of course books. What’s more, you can even try out the service for 14 days before you decide to pay anything! – Download from Google Play

4. Amazon Kindle (Free)

I suppose that no such list would be complete without at least a quick mention of Amazon’s Kindle app, and we’re lucky to have such a great service – even for those who don’t actually own a Kindle device or know what one is! One of the best things about having an Android device over, say, an iPhone or a Windows Phone these days is that the cross platform possibilities are amazing. With this app, you don’t even need to invest in a Kindle device to access their vast range of books, newspapers, magazines and more. Of course, this is best read on your Android tablet if you have one. And it’s important to note that all magazine subscriptions processed through the Kindle service provide readers with a 30 day free trial! – Download from Google Play

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3. Zinio (Free)

In terms of depth, Zinio goes slightly further than some of its competitors by offering you many excellent magazines in subscription format or just single issues. There are a great deal of big name magazines available to download, such as Vogue, Esquire, Elle, Rolling Stone and Wired – though, if you are the kind of reader that likes to access stuff that if off the beaten path, then perhaps this isn’t the wone for you. One of the best things about Zinio is its ability to sync accounts across various platforms. So, you could have a tablet and a smartphone and then sync the two to your Zinio account, meaning not only that the same magazines you have purchased on one will be immediately available on the other but also that any reading you are doing will be remembered and bookmarked. There is an excellent offline reading mode available, and many of the issues come with free previews which gives you a better idea of whether you are interested in paying for the magazine in question! – Download from Google Play

2. Google Play Newsstand (Free)

As with so many of the things that Google touches, this one started out as a simple option but has since grown and grown to overtake some of the initially better and more established magazine apps out there. Google Play is an excellent source for so many things, and now you can confine your magazine reading habits to it by purchasing individual issues through the app or grabbing a monthly or yearly subscription. And as with so many of the other apps out there that we have featured, there is a 14 or 30 day trial included with most magazines which is an excellent incentive! – Download from Google Play

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1. Issuu (Free)

I have to admit here, when it comes to magazines I’m not the kind of reader who will just grab the first thing on the shelf. Nor am I the person who gets a subcription to Wired or Rolling Stone because I simply can’t miss out on their stuff each month. No, I like to look for stuff that is perhaps away from the mainstream – smaller, independently published magazines that are perhaps only confined to digital releases. The likes of Zinio and Next Issue of course don’t allow for such reading habits, but the arrival of mag platform Issuu on Android is one of the best around at doing so. We mentioned previously the amount of magazines that you can find on other apps – well, Issuu has it beat. No matter the magazines you have access to through your app of choice, Issuu has it beat! They currently provice a reading selection of around 15 million publications, which means that no matter what interest you have, there will always be something to align with your reading habits and without hefty subscriptions costs! –  Download from Google Play

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