Top 8 Material Design Apps Android

Most of those that read this site on a daily basis will know how much I appreciate a well designed interface with a UI that really emphasizes an organic approach to navigation. Above all, I love a clean and basic design that dispenses with all the clutter and reduces things like buttons and toolbars to the most minimal amount. Google’s Material Design aesthetic has been around for a while now, and is supposed to be the new standard when it comes to developing Android apps. Personally, I’ve been impressed with many of the apps that have made this jump in terms of design, but not all developers have followed suit. This is a real shame, if you ask us, since the Material Design approach really gives the Android interfaces a certain level of precision and polish, not to mention that it creates a consistency that brings apps together under one roof. There are some developers that have dived right into the Google Material Design pool, however, and come up with some excellent looking interfaces that really do the platform justice. We run through some of our favorites, right here.

8. FeedlyReader (Free)

One of our favorite RSS readers for both Android and iOS devices, FeedlyReader might not be able to compete with some of the alternatives when it comes to features and functionality, but more than makes up for that in terms of simple design and a pleasing aesthetic. The app has just about everything you would likely look for in an RSS reader: a spartan interface, quick sharing, offline viewing and of course the whole pull to refresh approach to updating screens. The app is also very well versed when it comes to customization, since you can change the color palette with a few taps and select from Material Design themes. The app is also free to download, so is worth grabbing right now or at least before some of the other RSS reader apps update their own UIs. – Download from Google Play

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7. Asparagus (Free)

One thing we did try to do when coming up a with a list of the top Material Design apps for Android is to cover a variety of different categories. Some categories may only have one or two apps that qualify, and this is probably the case when it comes to food and cooing apps. Asparagus is a recipe collecting app that comes with a Google-inspired design and looks just as good as you hope your food will. It’s one of the best Android apps out there when it comes to clipping recipes and info from sites, and now looks the part, too. – Download from Google Play

6. BuzzFeed (Free)

BuzzFeed used to be little but funny GIFs and silly pet images, but these days it’s one of the most read news sites on the web. The app itself has gone through different stages since first being released, but now looks and feels as great as it’s ever done thanks to this new Material Design influenced interface. The content to be found on BuzzFeed is actually interesting these days, so it makes sense that they’ve gone for a precise approach to the new interface. We love the tech area of the site, which is producing a lot of excellent content and it’s actually a lot more pleasing to go and find that content using the new app and its interface that adheres to Google’s current standards, rather than go and find it with your default browser. – Download from Google Play

5. Palabre (Free)

Palabre is another RSS reader that has been updated with a new Material Design inspired interface, and is an excellent and simple way to keep up with your must read feeds on yoru Android device. Part of the reason we love this app is for the magazine style interface which places different articles in windows and resizes them in terms of importance: you can then see the title and the first sentence or so, which will usually give you a good idea whether the article is worth reading or not. The animations are quick and clean, with lots of options when it comes to sharing content – both through the Android sharing system and when moving things directly to Pocket, for example. – Download from Google Play

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4. Pushbullet (Free)

Pushbullet is an app that I’ve always found difficult to describe, though it does make a huge amount of sense once you actually start using it. The app basically makes it easier to send things like images, files and documents between different devices. Receiving content via email (depening on the app you’re using, of course) can be a real pain, but with Pushbullet and its Google-ish interface, the whole process of managing your “pushes” is very pleasant indeed. Again, it’s one that you’ll have to trust us on and try out – an excellent way to improve your productivity! – Download from Google Play

3. Pocket Casts ($3.99)

Pocket Casts has fast become one of our favorite podcast apps for the Android platform, and part of this is down to the redesigned interface. The UI here is bright and accessible, with lots of features though a generally clean aesthetic without all the clutter. One of the more impressive sides of the functionality behind Pocket Casts comes with its cross device syncing, allowing you to share your feeds and your preferences no matter what device you’re using. With this current interface, it’s perhaps the best looking podcasts app on Android, though we’d be the first to admit that it’s not such a difficult competition to win. – Download from Google Play

2. Google Calendar (Free)

I figured that rather than list all the Google apps in a list of Material Design apps, we’d save one spot in the list and list our favorite. While Inbox and Messenger are excellent examples of what the approach can achieve, we still find ourselves returning to Google Calendar more often. The colors are bright, the animations are quick and efficient, and the overall layout is very pleasing on the eyes. Not to mention in aligns with the other Google apps that use Material Design so that they do feel like an overall package. The overall month view here is quite basic when compared to other calendar apps, but there are certain elements that become very useful. One of these is the agenda list feature which allows you to keep track of things, and the second is the homescreen widget is a great way to keep on top of things without actually opening the app itself.  – Download from Google Play

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1. Snapseed (Free)

Snapseed is one of our favorite apps right now when it comes to editing images on your Android device, especially since Google now owns the company and as such it is free to download. The Snapseed app has (quite understandably) only seen an improvement since Google’s purchase, and now exists as one of the more clean and easy to use of Material Design interfaces. The tools are all still there, however, making it easier than ever before for amateurs and pros alike to modify the photos taken with their Android device on the go and then share them with friends and family. – Download from Google Play

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