Top 8 Messaging Apps Apple Watch

So, messaging on the Apple Watch! I’ve seen a whole slew of articles about it recently, from those that have praised it for shaving valuable seconds off your normal typing time and allowing you to access everything on your wrist, rather than your phone. Then there are those that criticize the current setup, saying that it’s really nothing more than evolving of the classic “decline a call, respond with a message” option that was introduced I believe in iOS 6. The fact of that matter is that the Apple Watch has no keyboard that you can use with any kind of efficiency, but isn’t that also the case with the iPhone, if you think about it? We tap out our messages in quickfire fashion these days, and innovative keyboard apps like Swype make that easier, but could you imagine typing out an essay on your iPhone? I couldn’t! So the Apple Watch is just a furthering of this idea, meaning that you can quickly check and respond to stuff as you would do on your iPhone but really, that’s it. For those long emails and documents you need to write, there’s always your Macbook or tablet anyway, right? With this in mind, we recently took to the Apple Watch to figure out which were its best messaging apps.

8. Apple Messages (Free)

I suppose the logical place to start when discussing messages on the Apple Watch is with the Messages app itself, which like the iPhone comes built in. The use of this app, as you can probably imagine, is a lot more natural than we were intially expecting. You basically receive a message with a tap, using Apple’s Taptic technology, and an alert will also sound unless you have it on silent. But in the age of violent vibrating phones, it’s nice to have a more subtle and immediately accessible messaging notification – perfect for business meetings! To dismiss the message you simply lower your wrist, and if you want to reply you simply scroll down the Digital Crown (side wheel) to Reply. You can then pick from a list of preconfigured options, or dictate a response yourself! – More Info from Apple

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7. Avaamo (Free)

One of the big things right now when it comes to messaging is security, and I think that many of the best messaging apps out there at present are those that deal with this in a new and innovative way. Snapchat had it with its self destructing messages, but there are a range of new apps that take this whole idea a lot more seriously. One of these that has recently been updated for the release of the Apple Watch is Avaamo, which offers secure messaging with an emphasis on those in the world of business. Avaamo is fully cross platform, and is great since you can easily share files between colleagues, or even locations should you need to meet up for a business meeting or whatever. – Download from iTunes

6. LINE (Free)

LINE is very much a multu use communication tool these days, with a base of popularity in Japan that then extends across the world. While many of the functions that it boasts on the iPhone for example, such as video and voice calling, are not yet available in the Apple Watch version, but it does allow you to easily check your messages and respond to friends. The Apple Watch app is also stripped down somewhat, with less emojis and added content, but is still a solid messaging app and even better if you’re already on LINE! – Download from iTunes

5. Glide (Free)

While some Apple Watch apps such as Skype have not yet included their vantastic video calling capabilities with recent updates, but promise that this is just around the corner, there are apps that have already reached that point. One of these is Glide, which is a nice video messaging app that works just great on the iPhone and has transferred much of this ability to the Apple Watch. Fans of Dick Tracy might be dismayed to find that the video calling on Glide for the Apple Watch isn’t quite live just yet, but should well be in the near future. Instead, you can begin viewing a video message even as the sender is in the process of recording it, but it will always be slightly behind. This is of course because there is no camera in the Apple Watch, so videos must originate from the iPhone! – Download from iTunes

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4. Cord (Free)

This is a new and dangerous territory if you think about it, because we’re considering at the moment a massively popular new kind of mobile technology, with a messaging app a this point that does not yet include Facebook/WhatsApp, or indeed many of the other big names such as Snapchat and Kik. So for those apps looking to make a mark and do so while the iron is hot, these few months are really key. One of the messaging apps looking to take advantage of this is Cord, which specializes in short voice messages. The app basically takes the idea that, while you tap out a message using the iPhone keypad, on the Apple Watch it comes down to short preset message options or dictating a message. And why sit and speak to Siri for her to transcribe stuff, if you can just record quick voice messages and send them to your contacts with the tap of a wrist? – Download from iTunes

3. Skype (Free)

Skype remains one of the biggest names in the world of communication apps, and I’d say that by the strength of its community and userbase alone, it is worth considering as one of the best options out there on the Apple Watch at present. Of course, Skype is known for its voice and video calling, which isn’t yet included in their Apple Watch version, but you can still easily message your contacts.- Download from iTunes

2. KakaoTalk (Free)

The Apple Watch and wearable tech in general is putting technology and our devices within reach of our fingertips like never before. You’d think this would spell an opportunity for messaging apps and the messaging market, which is why it’s somewhat surprising that so many developers haven’t yet taken to the new device, or are perhaps waiting for it to increase in popularity or widen its market share before investing. One developer that has wasted no time however is KakaoTalk, which recently updated their messaging app to include Apple Watch support. You can easily get notifications from KakaoTalk on your wrist, respond to friends using emoticons or preset replies, or if you want to just dictate a message! – Download from iTunes

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1. Confide (Free)

Confide is I believe the best little messaging app out there for the Apple Watch at present, and indeed one of the best for the iPhone. The security thing we mentioned above is very much a part of this, and Confide does this like no other app. Basically, if eliminates the words as you read them to ensure that the only person reading your information and personal messages is you! We expect, just like Avaamo, this one to be a big hit in the world of business. – Download from iTunes

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