Top 8 Most Beautiful Apps Android

The Android platform, thanks largely to ventures like Google’s Material Design approach, boasts a huge number of beautifully designed apps and interfaces. These are of course always being updated, so it’s difficult to come up with some kind of definitive list that will remain valid for any period of time. It seems as though every other day there is another proposed overhaul that takes a given interface in a popular app and revamps it from the ground up. There is also a tendency to stray towards the more minimal when it comes to designing interfaces these days, too, which is promising. I’ve always been a bigger fan of interface such as these rather than those that look to include every option imaginable; it’s so much easier to navigate when things aren’t all cluttered, and this is especially importance when you’re considering an app that has some kind of work space – such as a photo editing app or text editing app. Check out our picks below and feel free to recommend your own picks in the comments section below.

8. Rdio Music (Free)

This was a late addition to the list, but I stand by its inclusion. Rdio has something of a following when it comes to music streaming, though it does seem to exist in the shadow of other alternatives such as Pandora or Spotify. Thankfully, this UI overhaul really makes a huge difference; we love the blurred backgrounds in particular. At this point, Rdio is probably a strong contender for the best looking music streaming app out there at present. – Download from Google Play

7. Wire (Free)

The messaging app area of the market these days is crowded and dominated by the likes of Facebook’s messenger app and of course their recently purchased favorite WhatsApp. It’s therefore interesting when an app comes along that does something slightly different. I’ve recently been using the messaging app Confide, which places an emphasis on security by placing your messages behind an encrypted wall and also destroying them once read. Wire is another slightly different messaging app that, rather than focusing on security, instead looks to provide a more visual messaging experience. The circular avatars are not terribly original these days, of course, but the overall approach of the app at least in terms of design is fantastic.  – Download from Google Play

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6. Chrooma Live Wallpaper ($0.99)

Of all the different platforms for mobile apps, none boasts the most choice when it comes to custom wallpaper apps as Android. There are tons of fantastic wallpaper apps out there at present, specifically those that will provide some kind of minimalist take on your current background and home screen, including Chrooma Live Wallpaper. This app is nice in that it provides not a set archive of background images to choose from but an unlimited array of color combinations and bold geometric lines. It will also change your wallpaper whenever you lock and unlock your phone, meaning that you will never again get bored with one style or look. – Download from Google Play

5. Numix Calculator Pro ($2.31)

There are more than a handful of calculator apps out there these days, which can become confusing if you’re looking for a third party alternative to install on your Android device but we love competition. In fact, without such competition, we probably wouldn’t have the exciting features that you can find in some calculator apps these days such as the ability to put functions such as tip calculation into buttons to be tapped for convenience whenever you need them. Of all the calculator apps currently on the market, none calculates with as much style as Numix Calculator Pro with its bold use of full screen and geometric shapes. – Download from Google Play

4. Field Trip (Free)

Google’s Field Trip app is one of the best examples out there in terms of Material Design on the Android platform, having seen a long overdue interface rehaul back at the beginning of the year. For those who perhaps used the app in the past, I should also note that there are some other nice improvements to note here. This latest version has improved notifications and is of course a lot easier to navigate; the menus load in a smooth manner, too. The Field Trip is perhaps the lesser option when compared to other find near me apps that are currently available from the Play Store, but it is great to look at and nice to use so more than worth checking out if your’e an Android user or Google fan. – Download from Google Play

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3. Level Money (Free)

There is a plethora of finance management and budgeting apps out there these days, for the Android platform and others. Perhaps the most impressive of these is Mint, which just simply offers more features and depth than any of the competitors – it’s also great in terms of cross platform capabilities. There are some great looking interfaces among these apps, too, including the one that Mint currently boasts on its Android app and on the website itself. Perhaps the best looking of these apps however is Level Money, which goes in a more minimal direction and presents figures and data that is easier to read and digest for the average person. I’ve never been entirely convinced by the orange, black and white use of color here, but the UI itself is fantastic and very easy to navigate.    – Download from Google Play

2. Yahoo News Digest (Free)

I have to give it up to Yahoo for what has been a concentrated to redesign the look of their apps and provide something a lot more minimal and easy on the eyes. As it is, one or two of their apps are now among the best looking on Android in general, incuding both the Yahoo Weather app and their recently released News Digest app. There are plenty of news feed apps out there these days that provide some kind of personal magazine or news feed of curated articles, and the Yahoo News Digest app does this fairly well. It excels however when it comes to the UI, which keeps it simple and doesn’t in any way interfere with the whole reading experience. The app will send you two curated digests of 7 to 10 articles each day; one in the morning and one in the evening, so you’ll never be lacking when it comes to topical reading material. – Download from Google Play

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1. Airbnb (Free)

A lot has been made in recent months of the new Airbnb and its apparently sexual connotations; so much so that it was probably impossible for us not to mention this here. Ignoring this (and Airbnb’s questionable approach to viral marketing) for just a moment, there’s also the question of their UI overhaul which – in a word – is fantastic and finally gives the service the kind of identity that it has been crying out for. Those who have used Airbnb for any prolonged period of time will know how much time is typically spent browsing different properties in order to find something that works for you. The browsing process should then be comfortable and painless; it can prove to be clunky on other similar apps, but here is pure joy. – Download from Google Play

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