Top 8 Most Beautiful Apps iPad

We here at Top 8 regularly go weak at the knees for a well designed interface, and perhaps even moreso when you’re considering a tablet like Apple’s iPad with its larger screen. Google’s Material Design premise is responsible for some excellent looking UIs out there, and it’s great to see some kind of consistency on this front. There are some great looking apps out there however that don’t practice the principals of Material Design, many of which we will touch on below. Of course, a list such as this one featuring the “most beautiful apps” on any given device will always be subjective, so feel free to agree and disagree as much as you like! Check out our picks below and feel free to suggest your own favorites in the comments section at the end of each page. This way we will have more material to check out when revisiting the subject at a later date. We might even edit the article to include some of your picks, if they’re up to scratch!

8. Over ($3.99)

I will often find myself recommending apps to friends, and one particular non-category that seems to come up time and time again is to do with apps that embrace artistic creativity rather than hinder it. There are actually few of these out there; apps that provide artistic inspiration are few and far between, though the likes of Pinterest and Tumblr are perhaps your best bet. But what about budding designers that are looking for an app that will help them express themselves? Well, Over is worth checking out: it allows you to take any photo stored on your device and then apply filters to it, add text or doodles and then share your creations across social media. While a lot of the text and things you see are preset options, it’s still a nice app to check out.  – Download from iTunes

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7. Taasky ($1.99)

There are so many task management apps and to do list apps out there these days that it’s often difficult to pick the right app for you. There are one or two great looking apps, too, but our pick for the most beautiful of those would probably be Taasky; at least in terms of its interface and overall design. The app is quite minimalistic when compared to other task management apps that offer a similar array of features, but it is also quite colorful. The one thing it has over other similar apps, aside from the excellent design is the ability to arrange tasks in terms of importance and then attack them accordingly. – Download from iTunes


Most of us will have at some point used the in built alarm on our iOS device, but there are actually a few third party wake up apps out there worth checking out. One of these is the UNIQLO Wake Up app, which is an alarm app with a difference. Not only does it play a tune based on the current weather outside, but it also boasts a stunning minimalist interface that is very easy to navigate – especially when you’re half asleep. I tried using this app a year or so ago and haven’t looked back since – it also looks great, which is a bonus. – Download from iTunes

5. Yummly (Free)

Yummly is not the kind of app you want to be using if you are in any way hungry; it is a recipe sharing app like many others out there, though in this case with an emphasis on the look and the flavor with full screen photographs dominating its beautifully designed interface. There are millions of different categories, and you can easily filter the stuff that is trending right now, or even look at things that fulfil certain dietary preferences or whatever. It’s a useful app to own, and looks great, too. – Download from iTunes

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4. WeTransfer (Free)

If anything, WeTransfer should be lauded for is functionality or convenience rather than anything else: it represents an excellent way to quickly share files with friends, especially those files that are to big to attach to an email. It’s one app that has saved my life on numerous occasions when out of the office, and I expect that most of you have used it at some point. As I say, WeTransfer could almost be forgiven for not focusing as much on the interface side of things, but their recent design rehaul in fact does exactly the opposite. Now, with the convenience, you also get a wonderfully designed app tha allows you to quickly navigate between files and upload them and send them to a friend’s email address in a matter of taps. The maximum files size is currently 2GB, I believe, which puts other cloud sharing services like Dropbox to shame.  – Download from iTunes

3. Yahoo Weather (Free)

Weather apps these days are among the most beautiful apps you will find on smartphones and tablets, mainly since they are providing basic information and as such can focus on the way this information is pressented rather than anything else. There are one or two well known and much loved candidates for best looking weather app out there on the iPad, but our favorite remains Yahoo Weather. This app can almost be seen as a companion to their news digest app, since both boast what is a stunning minimalist interface that looks breathtaking on all editions of the iPad. I think that perhaps the one thing that sets the Yahoo Weather app apart from others is its elegance: the background photos are great, and the blurring of these when navigating looks good, too. – Download from iTunes

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2. Litely (Free)

If anything, photo editing apps are almost more difficult to get right in terms of interface design since you want something that looks good but isn’t in any way intrusive. There are plenty of powerful photo editing apps out there for the iPad, and those that offer a lot more in terms of features and functionality, but the best looking app we found is Litely. The best thing about Litely is its lack of intrusion, since the menus are all opaque so allow you to continue editing in full screen. And when you apply a different filter with a few taps of the screen, the screen is simply divided in order to show how  your photo will look before and after. – Download from iTunes

1. Paper (Free)

I remember being first in the queue when Facebook first released their Paper app, criticizing the move and berating Facebook for moving away from their social media comfort zone. Now, there are still some creases in Paper that need to be ironed out, but the app itself is designed beautifully and presents something of a minimal feed in comparison to what you’re perhaps used to seeing – it’s really the kind of app that you won’t be able to do without, once you start using it. Basically, the app removes the typical clutter of your Facebook news feed and instead focuses on the words and above all the images attached to each pos. As such, you get a reduced magazine like interface that is a joy to navigate and to look at! – Download from iTunes

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