Top 8 Movie Streaming Apps Android

Movie streaming is the big thing these days: there are so many people offering content “on demand” that it’s difficult to know where to look. Everything is geared towards convenience and immediacy: even the classic Netflix process of viewing DVDs and posting them off is faster than ever before, but why bother with the post and an outdated medium (the amount of scratched discs I’ve received from Netflix over the years, I cannot tell you) when you can simply stream movies to your smartphone or tablet swiftly and easily? Given the popularity of streaming movies these days – coupled with the latest ChromeCast craze of streaming them to your phone and then sending this stream to your big screen – there’s really not a great deal of reliable apps to choose from on the Play Store. We took a look at some of the more shady alternatives in research for this Top 8 countdown, but nothing is ever quite as reliable or convenient as the likes of Netflix and their on demand features. Here is our look at the best movie streaming apps currently available for Android devices.

8. Viewster (Free)

Most of the apps we came across when testing out alternatives for this list offered TV streaming as well as movie streaming. In fact, if anything there is an over-emphasis on the ability to stream TV shows these days. I suppose that’s probably because people aren’t really willing to sit down and watch an entire film on their tablet or whatever, and would much rather use it to catch up on their favorite shows every so often – perhaps even watch the episodes they missed. Viewster is something of an anomaly in that it offers the service of streaming full-length TV shows and movies but does so for free! This is of course unlike most of the other streaming apps that you’re likely to find. That said, the quality of this “original” content leaves a lot to be desired. – Download on Google Play

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7. Crackle (Free)

Crackle on the other hand, boasts some of the bigger movies and TV shows in the US but is similarly free to download and use. You can access free streams of movies such as Pineapple Express (as seen above) and Drive, though there are very few of the latest movies to pick from. If you’re the kind of person that is only interested in the latest releases then it would be best to avoid Crackle, but for those who like mainstream stuff and aren’t bothered when it came out, why not try this free movie streaming app? – Download on Google Play

6. Disney Movies Anywhere (Free)

Being a parent, I can attest to the importance of something like Disney Movies Anywhere, which gives you the opportunity to stream your kids’ favorite animated classics no matter where you are. Unlike the two apps listed above, this is of course a service that will cost you money – though, one of the biggest pros of Disney Movies Anywhere is the fact that there is no subscription fee involved. Nor does the app cost anything to download; access to movies is simply granted when you buy the DVD or Blu Ray. – Download on Google Play

5. Google Play Movies & TV (Free)

I’ll admit that despite being an Android user, I’ve little experience with Google’s own Play service – or the renting and purchasing of TV shows and movies from within the Google Play Store. From what I’ve seen of it however, the streaming quality is typically great and now even supports Chromecast meaning that you can rent the movie on Google Play, stream it to your device and then send this stream to your TV. – Download on Google Play

4. Amazon Instant Video (Free)

Amazon Instant Video is another prominent feature in our household, especially when it comes to occupying unruly kids with a Pixar movie or animated TV show. It’s frightening the effect that this had on a group of children who would otherwise be bouncing off the walls – and the quality of kids movies these days is so great that everyone in the room (including the adults) will become immediately transfixed. With this in mind, it’s easy to wave away the cost of something like Amazon Instant Video as something of little note. Though, for those interested, it is currently around $99 for a Prime account which gives you access to streaming movies but also the bonus of getting free shipping on all of your Amazon Prime shopping. Something that this app certainly has over rivals Hulu Plus and Netflix – Download on Google Play

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3. Hulu Plus (Free)

On the balance of things, I’d say that Hulu Plus actually lags behind the likes of Netflix Instant and Amazon Instant in terms of price, quality, supported devices and all the things that most users will want to look at when comparing the three. It does however stand above the rest when it comes to release dates, or the speed at which new content makes its way to the app for users to then access and stream. This can’t realistically be applied to movies in the same way, but if you’re the kind of user who just must see the latest episode of your favorite TV show right away, then Hulu Plus is the streaming app for you. The downside is the sheer amount of commercials that users are forced to watch, which only seems to have increased in recent years – why must we watch ads if we’re paying something like $96 for the privilege? – Download on Google Play

2. Netflix (Free)

I’d say that of all the paid streaming apps out there, Netflix is by far the best. Their Netflix Instant feature boasts a better audio and video quality than its closes rivals, including the ability to stream Super HD 1080p streams and even 3D streams with the right TV sets. The app is also the best when it comes to original content, with shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black cleaning up at the awards shows in recent years. In terms of movies however, the choice is still great – with new titles added regularly for those who have already exhausted most of the Netflix catalogue – it’s worth checking out their updates if you’re that kind of user! – Download on Google Play

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1. YouTube (Free)

So, I suppose I should be honest in order to explain this last entry. I’m not really the kind of movie fan who will stick to the latest releases, or even the most commercial productions. I’m more interested in older films and foreign cinema, of which – let me tell you – there is a huge wealth of on YouTube currently. Users continue to upload full-length movies to YouTube and they remain there without being removed – I suppose because those who have the rights to the film are not aware that it exists, or aren’t interested enough to be bothered. This is in stark contrast with the bigger studios in Hollywood who spent millions each week with teams of employees dedicated to removing their copyrighted content from the web and issuing cease and desist emails to YouTube users on a regular basis. For all the benefits of Netflix, there is one app I’ve used more than any other to stream movies over the last few years and that’s YouTube – truly, a free option if ever there was one! – Download on Google Play

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