Top 8 Music Games Android

For those unsure as to the popularity of music games and rhythm games these days, look no further than the likes of Guitar Hero and their fabulous franchise. It currently stands as one of the most valuable video game franchises on the planet and has made more money than many others combined over the years. This alone should explain why there are so many music games out there for mobile devices looking to cash in on such popularity, but to be honest no app has risen to the top quite yet. There are some great music games out there for Android devices, but no game stands apart like Guitar Hero and others have done on console devices. We take a look at the best ones for the Android platforms, both free and paid alternatives.

8. Rock Hero (Free)

Speaking of Guitar Hero, there is obviously going to be apps and music games out there that look to ride on the coat tails of its success. One of these is Rock Hero for Android devices, which is free to download from the Play Store. Still, despite its inspiration this is still a fun game to play, with 9 songs that can be accessed in a variety of different difficulty levels. If these 9 songs aren’t enough for you, there is even the option to pick tracks from your mobile device and import them into the app if you wish! There are 3 different music styles, exciting graphics and bright menu systems which are great for the younger players, and there is even a global leaderboard where you can compare your abilities with other players around the world! – Download on Google Play

7. Full of Music (Free)

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the music games and rhythm games that bombard the user with bright colors and graphics. They’re distracting, and take away from the overall beauty of the game which is all about the pattern and the poetry. Fortunately there are apps available like Full of Music, which minimizes the colors and effects to create a music game that is altogether more subdued in its approach. The interface is very simple and provides almost a track that the player then moves down, matching up the notes to achieve a high score. The interface is much more clear and concise than other music games which makes it much easier to concentrate. You can pick your own MP3 files to include in the game, though I should note that they don’t really work unless there are proper beats involved. Something like hip hop or guitar ballads works great! – Download on Google Play

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6. Pinball Rocks HD (Free)

Pinball Rocks HD is another app created by Sony Music Entertainment and brings together the best in Rock music and puts it on a cool pinball board to create the ultimate pinball music experience. If you’re a fan of rock music, you’ll find the biggest of bands in this app such as Slayer, Bullet for my Valentine and many more! Each band has their own board which is great, but the app still delivers with the pinball experience. – Download on Google Play

5. Real Drum (Free)

This one is less a music game or rhythm game and more of a music app – you know, one of these popular apps that looks to recreate an instrument and all of the sounds it creates. Though, the app does include game elements such as the ability to drum along to the beat and songs that can be played along to live. It’s a perfect way to learn how to play the drums! – Download on Google Play

4. School Idol Festival (Free)

The School Idol project has become a huge hit in Japan, which to be honest is what provoked me to try out this new Android port. The game is a rhythm action creation, in which you must form and manage a group of musical school idols and then lead them to pop star success. You can learn the instruments by playing along to songs, and then conduct live songs by starting a concert once you feel that you’re ready. The original members of the Muse group are all included, but there are lots of other characters to choose from in order to form your band. You can also collect new members as you go and make them better with practice – you can’t control everyone during the live shows, but the more you practice with each member, the better their performance will be once it comes to the big night! – Download on Google Play

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3. BIT.TRIP BEAT ($0.99)

BIT.TRIP BEAT is the most innovative music game I’ve played on the mobile platform or indeed on any platform, fusing the likes of arcade games like Pong with interactive beats to come up with something that is both original and timeless. The basic premise of the game is simple: beats come flying at you embodied in pixels that float across the screen, and you must then bounce them back using the paddle in order to register the sound. It’s a lot like Pont, as I say, only with more rhythm involved! As you bounce back beats, the future beats become a whole lot more frenzied and chaotic which makes things much more difficult and also a lot of fun for the player. This one was first included in the Humble Bundle for Android a while back, which is where I first stumbled across it. A truly innovative music game certainly well worth the $0.99 that it currently costs on the Play Store. – Download on Google Play

2. The Rhythm of Fighters (Free)

Okay, so I’ll admit to cheating on this one a little. The Rhythm of Fighters channels the classic beat em’ up titles produced by developers like Capcom, but is principally a rhythm game so fits well with the other apps listed here. In fact, this one was developed by SNK which are renowned for their colorful characters such as Kyo Kusanagi and Athena Asamiya. If you are a fan of any of their titles, then we definitely recommend checking this one out. Otherwise, The Rhythm of Fighters actually works as a fairly accessible introduction into the rhythm game genre in that it dresses it up as something that players will already have some experience with. I believe that the best music games look to innovate and this one does just that, adding a retro spin to the classic rhythm game in order to create something entirely original. – Download on Google Play

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1. Cytus (Free)

It’s impossible to come up with a list of music games for mobile devices and not list Cytus – in fact, I’m of the mind that it’s perhaps the best option out there these days, especially since it’s free to download from the Play Store. The game takes the classic rhythm game format and dresses it up in sci-fi clothes, plunging you deep into the future to a time when humans no longer exist. You are invited, in an entirely implausible but typically sci-fi storyline, to preserve the memories of the human race by transferring these to robots through music. Which is where the music game comes in: nothing is more accessible than this one, and is a great introduction to the genre. The songs included range from jazz and hardcore to drum and bass, with more available for a one-off fee. – Download on Google Play

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