Top 8 News Reader Apps iPhone

I used to be the kind of user who would queue up a whole host of bookmarks and tabs when perusing the news on my notebook each morning; almost as a daily ritual, opening up the classic sites and then browsing through the typical daily muddle of non-news in order to find something that would really interest me. With such websites, it’s possible to limit your navigation to specific sections of the website, or indeed to stick to niche news websites that don’t have to appeal to readers with their attention grabbing news articles. This is all before I switched over to my iPad and tried out a few news reader apps, however: now, the entire process is a lot easier and I can quickly teach the app what kind of content I’m interested in, then have it delivered right to my screen; handing these tabs off to my iPhone on the morning work commute to continue reading. It really does save a huge amount of time, and ensures that you don’t miss any of the news that really interests you. We recently ran through the various RSS and news reader apps for the iPhone, so as to come up with a definitive Top 8:

8. Unread (Free)

If you’re looking for a news feed app that integrates with other feed services, you can’t do much better than Unread. With it, you can punch in details from Feedly, Feedbin, FeedWrangler – all the Feed-oriented apps! And bring together the content that you enjoy reading, all displayed through the app’s clean and clearly designed interface. Some news reader apps I’ve come across try to help you to personalize your feed in a magazine format and as such cram in thumbnails in different shapes and sizes in order to put everything in front of you at once; Unread on the other hand is less distracting and beautiful in its simplicity. It’s also a great app for gesture control, meaning that you can swipe away to your heart’s content.- Download from iTunes

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7. Digg (Free)

Digg seems to have dropped off the radar recently; I remember it being a huge deal no long ago, but you don’t here it mentioned as much nowadays. Still, it’s still very much revelant as an excellent source of news feeds, and their official app more than holds its own againts RSS feed services such as Feedly. If you already have a Digg account then the app will be set up with your reading tastes once installed. You can then easily share these stories to your various social media accounts. – Download from iTunes

6. News360 (Free)

News360 arrives with the idea, hence the name, of grabbing all the news from around you in a more comprehensive manner than other apps. It’s hard to know if it succeeds in doing so, but the amount of sources that it brings articles from is impressive. It will pick up those from big national news services, but also smaller sites and independent blogs that other news feed apps may overlook. – Download from iTunes

5. Reeder 2 ($4.99)

Reeder 2 is another excellent news reader app that syncs well with a host of different RSS feed services such as Feedly and Feedbin, etc. All you do is punch in your account details and these feeds will be added, or you can pick and choose manually. It’s therefore a great app for those who want full control over their various news feeds, and also looks excellent with a simple and clean design. Another excellent thing about Reeder 2 is that it is universal to all devices, meaning that once you’ve purchased it for one device, you don’t need to fork out some more money for a different version. So, if you have an iPad and an iPhone like me, you can install the app on both but only pay once. Though, the fact that it costs $5 where other news reader apps are free may put some users off.  – Download from iTunes

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4. Reconnaissance ($0.99)

For those that typically use Feed Wrangler as a service to bring together their various RSS feeds in one convenient feed, Reconnaissance is an excellent option. It’s the kind of app for those readers that like to keep their feeds trim and organized, and is an excellent way to filter out the stuff that might have crept into your news feed but that you’re not too interested in: choose to filter the item out if it’s not to your taste, or flick up to mark the article as read, or flick down to put it aside in order to be read at a later date. Again, this is a fairly minimalist app that looks to remove all the clutter for a more efficient and serence reading experience. – Download from iTunes

3. Newsify (Free)

Newsify is an adept news feed app that supports Feedly but also the manual entry of different feeds that can be then synced with your iCloud. Rather than the minimal RSS feeds we’ve seen a few of on this list so far, Newsify presents more of a magazine inspired look so as to present lots of different articles on the screen at once in alluring blocks complete with thumnail and short description. This is great, since you can really decide on whether or not to read an article without opening it. Though, there is a list view available also if you’re the kind of reader who would rather keep things simple and casual. – Download from iTunes

2. Flipboard (Free)

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Another magazine style news app, in fact the magazine style news app, is Flipboard. This has quickly become one of the more popular news reader apps out there and for good reason. Though I’d suggest it does look better with its square layout on a tablet than on a smartphone, Flipboard is particularly great because of its ability to actively learn your reading habits as time goes by. As such, it really becomes a personalized magazine and could almost be likened to Pinterest in that you are taking articles from different sources and sticking them to a magazine, while the app learns these sources so as to provide its own articles later on. Flipboard also does a great job linking up with your various social media accounts, which makes sharing things easier and means you can keep an eye on your social feeds alongside your news feeds.- Download from iTunes

1. Feedly (Free)

I’ve mentioned a bunch of apps on this list that support the RSS feed service Feedly, but why grab something that just supports this service when you can get the official Feedly app. Understandably, it’s one of the more comprehensive news reader apps out there, and even if you don’t yet have a Feedly account you can easily browse around and set one up with your Google login, for example. Not only does Feedly sync feeds between your iPad, iPhone and an other news app, it will also sync to a whole host of other devices. The only real drawback when compared to other news feed apps is that the layout and interface here isn’t really that customizable. – Download from iTunes

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