Top 8 Note Taking Apps Android

I don’t know about you guys, but I really can’t live without constantly relying on note taking apps like Evernote or OneNote. Typically, most of my day is planned around the things I have to get done, both at home and at work, before reaching that blissful paradise that is sleep in the evenings. Most of these are child-related errands, such as picking the kids up from school or a friend’s house, making them dinner and that kind of thing. But I also wouldn’t be able to exist without using productivity and specifically note taking apps at work, too. They’re just so convenient, and make it easy to simply jot out a few ideas when they are fresh in your mind so as to ensure you don’t forget them. Many of these apps have also been updated to work with wearable devices such as those associated with Android and the Apple Watch, making it easier than every before to simply dictate your thoughts and have them captured in text within the app, and of course synced to other platforms. Here are a few of my favorite note taking apps, on the Android platform in particular.

8. Squid (Free)

Squid was formerly known as Papyrus, but it has come some way since those days. Still, it remains one of the more effective apps out there when it comes to taking and managing hand written notes and sketches in particular. With the app, you can write, draw or make notes with your finger or stylus pen. Then you can undo the writing or modify it as you see fit, and share these notes in different formats – export them as PDF files, etc. – Download from Google Play

7. Fetchnotes (Free)

Most of these note taking apps apply their own specific way of sorting your notes, which make it easier to categorize and then of course to access them later on. There’s nothing worse than pulling out your favorite app to check on an important piece of info and having to search around for it for 5 minutes. If you’re the kind of social user that loves applying hashtags to stuff on Twitter, then you’ll love Fetchnotes: with his note taking app, you actually use hashtags to sort your notes! You can make lists of things to do, take notes and then bind all of these to specific hashtags such as #Holiday2015, for example, so that no matter the material or the type of material, it can all be accessed at once by bringing up that particular hashtag. – Download from Google Play

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6. Livescribe+ (Free)

Livescribe is one that might not appeal to some, but I thought it worth mentioning in passing. This app is actually the accompanying app for the Livescribe 3 smartpens, with which you can draw on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. This is obviously very useful for those who work with sketches, or like to note down drawing ideas, though you will of course have to pay for the pen as well as downloading the app so it does require a small amount of investment if you are to have this kind of note taking functionality. – Download from Google Play

5. SomNote (Free)

As looks go, I’d say that SomNote is perhaps the best looking Android note taking app on the market right now. Its interface is clean and simple, allowing maximum comfort when browsing and navigating and removing all unnecessary clutter. SomNote allows you to create multiple notes and – in what is my favorite feature – allow you to manage them in nice color coded folders. This way you can assign a color to say, your work stuff and another for party ideas, meaning that everything is in one place when you go looking for it. The 100Mb free storage for files attached to your notes is on the small side, especially considering the amount that file sharing services like DropBox give you for free, but there you go. Another excellent side to this app comes with its security: you can protect your notes with ease, should they contain sensitive information – Download from Google Play

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4. Simplenote (Free)

Simplenote lives up to its name by being one of the most straightforward, simple note taking apps out there on Android at present – doing away with all the clutter and distractions that may fill up some of your more feature heavy alternatives. With Simplenote you can create notes, tag them and then set them to appear in different places on your home screen. The search engine works fairly well when it comes to locating notes thanks to this tagging system, and you can then sync all of your stuff between different devices. So no matter whetehr you are using Simplenote on your Android, iOS device or indeed the web, everything you have noted will be constantly synced between platforms and immediately available in its updated format. – Download from Google Play

3. Google Keep (Free)

Google Keep is one of those note taking apps that crops up constantly on such best of and favorite lists, and why wouldn’t it? An app developed by Google is typically worth your time, and Google Keep is no different. Something about this one almost too simple, however, especially when placed alongside all singing and all dancing note taking apps such as Evernote. Again, I like that you can color code your notes so as to categorize them and find them later with ease, and one area that Google Keep almost matches Evernote on is the ability to sync across multiple platforms and devices.- Download from Google Play

2. OneNote (Free)

OneNote is Microsoft’s answer to the world of note taking apps and as usual, it arrives as one of the more comprehensive and rich efforts out there at present. With OneNote for Android you can create up to 500 image or text notes, and you can add any material from your own gallery or directly from the camera on your device. Unlike on or two note taking apps, OneNote also supports lists that can be mate and then checked off as you complete the tasks. This works very well, especially when you can add formatted text and hyperlinks, and is useful whether you are simply creating a grocery list or a list of things to do in order to complete a given project at work. – Download from Google Play

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1. Evernote (Free)

By far the best note taking app, at least according to us here at the Top 8 offices, is Evernote. It has also swiftly become perhaps the most well known of all the productivity suites, both on Android and on iOS, with a development team that continues to add interesting and useful features to turn this app into a relative swiff army knife of possibilities. You can manage to do lists, record voice memos and of course organize all your notes The app allows you to even sketch and add notes in your own handwriting, then add specific tags to notes should you wish to categorize them or passcodes (only in the premium version, I believe) should your notes contain sensitive material. And of course, you can sync these notes across multiple devices and platforms. – Download from Google Play

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