Top 8 Nutritional Apps iPhone

Staying in shape is a huge deal these days, with entire industries springing up based upon our desire to get in shape and stay in shape. Not only that, but we know want to be in full control of what we are putting in our bodies, and how our bodies are reacting to this; how much strain we are placing upon it through exercise, and how this is affecting things like our body and muscle mass. With our mobile devices and the recent advances in wearable technology, all of these things are getting easier and easier, with the process becoming more natural or organic. No mobile app is a cure all, however, and it takes a great amount of effort and hard work to lose weight and stay in shape. Much of this is of course down to exercise, with many people investing in fitness apps and accessories in order to make the process as painless as possible. But just as much is down to the food you eat, and how well you are able to monitor this. There are also many diet tracking and nutritional apps out there that are engineered to help; we take a look at these, right here!

8. HealthWatch 360 (Free)

HealthWatch 360 is a fairly simple nutritional app with a basic premise but one that could prove very useful to many of those who are concerned with the foods they are eating. The app basically tracks over 30 different nutrients and 500 different symptoms to help you better work out your diet and diagnose any problems that arise from it. You can then enter the details of your diet from any one day and the app will provide you with a nutrition score so as to give you some idea of how well you are eating. – Download from iTunes

7. Fit Men Cook ($2.99)

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Fit Men Cook has quickly become the go to app for healthy and nutritional recipes for so many people. There are a lot of apps out there dedicated to tracking your calories and ensuring you don’t eat more than you are allowed to, but there aren’t that many to help you find ways in which to stay within these limits. Fit Men Cook, developed by Kevin Curry, is a great way to find recipes that are tested and proven to help you live a healthier lifestyle. The recipes are also excellent for those living on a budget, too, so you don’t have the break the bank at the bio supermarket in order to keep your calories below a certain level and start living a healthy livestyle. – Download from iTunes

6. Yummly (Free)

Again, there are a lot of fitness apps out there designed around calorie counting; there are also many that help you to find recipes, but few with health recipes that you can follow on a budget, safe in the knowledge that you are eating tasty and healthy meals. Yummly brings together over a million recipes from a bunch of different websites, some based on healthy eating but others such as AllRecipes and Epicurious that are just general recipe search websites. They have an excellent recipe search engine that allows you to enter in specific criteria that suits you, and the interface and design of the app alone is wonderful. Also, its recipes are curated with budget in mind, so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much to achieve your weight loss goals. – Download from iTunes

5. WellnessFX (Free)

WellnessFX is another app that deals with nutritional supplements and mineral totals, but that’s not all it does. The app is a great way to help you build a personalized and customized plan of your daily activities, so as to track what you are doing as well as what you are eating and help you to form a healthier lifestyle. You can then track your progress over time by checking off the activities you have completed and building some kind of history – you can even share your plan with friends! – Download from iTunes

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4. HealthyOut (Free)

A slightly different approach to some of the nutritional apps and healthy eating apps we’ve seen so far, HealthyOut does away with the idea of checking your own food instead helps you look for healthy meals in your area. Whether you plan on going out for a meal or ordering to your home, the app is very adept at finding healthy dietary options to suit you. The best thing about the app is its filters, which allow you to look at specific options by cuisine, ingredients, and a whole lot more. There are also detailed nutritional views submitted by the food outlet in question that can be looked at before you spend your money! – Download from iTunes

3. Lose It! (Free)

Lose it is another excellent nutritional app and healthy eating tool with an overall emphasis upon losing the pounds and keeping them off. You open the app and enter in a few basic details such as your age and height and weight goal, then off you go! The app is intelligent enough to come up with daily calorie budget that is designed to help you lose weight, but you have to be disciplined enough to stick within those limits and log everything you’re eating – and not conveniently forget to log those cakes! – Download from iTunes

2. MyFitnessPal (Free)

As mentioned above, a proper exercises or workout plan is nothing without a strict approach to the food you’re eating. There are many different calorie counters out there, each of which seem to take a slightly different approach to the arduous process of logging all the food you’re taking. I’ve always been interested in this process, since I’d suggest that just the idea of logging the food I’d been eating and reminding myself of it would be enough to steer away from the bad stuff! The best calorie counter out there is MyFitnessPal, which has become something of an institution in recent years and rightly so! The app is now also available for the Apple Watch, meaning logging those calories is now easier than ever before! – Download from iTunes

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1. Fooducate (Free)

There have been many changes in recent years and even recent months about the labelling of food in the US; how honest it is, and how easy it is for us to read. Things are progressing in a positive direction, with commentors such as HBO’s John Oliver recently weighing in on the topic, but the fact of the matter is that we still don’t know what most of the stuff on our packets of food means. Thankfully, the enterprising developer behind Fooducate is looking to solve this problem in the most convenient manner possible. Basically, you open the app on your iPhone and then scan the food you have in front of you – even before buying it, while in the aisle of a supermarket – and the app will give you a simple grade from A to D on how good the food is for you. So, even if you’re not the kind of nutrition freak that knows what’s good and what’s bad, this app will help you eat healthier. – Download from iTunes

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