Top 8 Organizer Apps Apple Watch

Productivity apps can these days come in a range of different shapes and sizes, from those that are there to help you tick off daily tasks to finance planners; team based communication apps, detailed calendar apps and a whole lot more. I like to think of these not as productivity apps as much as organizer apps, since they allow you to better manage your time. Some of them may not even help you to be more productive, but they do at least allow you to be more organized – both in your personal and professional life. So what are the best organizer apps on the Apple Watch right now? Well, we recently decided to take a bunch of these for a spin so as to test their usefulness in real situations and over a period of time. Some are great in the amount of features and options they present, but aren’t the easiest or most convenient to use in the long run. Others promise a lot but then let you down when it comes to things like reminders, the quick inserting of data and of course searching for things when on the go. Check out our favorite Apple Watch apps for when it comes to keeping organized below, then suggest your own picks in the comments section!

8. Drafts 4 ($9.99)

The strong points of Drafts 4 lie in its text-input note-taking options, which might make it something of a bad fit for the Apple Watch. That is of course if you ignore the audio-to-text capabilities of Siri, which can be opened up whenever you want to note things down on the fly. Any captured text is then sent to your inbox, then you can select these items and take advantage of some great sharing options. With the watchOS2, everything is now a lot faster than beforehand, and you can grab notes on your wrist even when your iPhone is out of battery or whatever. – Download from iTunes

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7. Just Press Record ($2.99)

If you’re the kind of creative person that likes to note down or record ideas when they come to you so as not to forget, then there are apps that help you do that. Just Press Record is the audio version of this, and is one of the more useful organizer apps out there at present. Using the Apple Watch version of this app, you simply tap the watch face to capture some audio and to stop recording – then your new recored audio clip syncs to the cloud. Thanks to watchOS2, you now don’t even need your iPhone around in order to make recordings. Then simply connect to your iPhone so that the recordings can be transferred across. It’s a great app for students, too, when it comes to making quick audio notes.  – Download from iTunes

6. Slack (Free)

We’ve mentioned a few productivity or organizer apps that are great for the solitary professional, but what about team-based apps? Slack is one of the more popular team communication apps out there at present, and this Apple Watch update is therefore a logical update that will benefit a lot of people. The entire feed on Slack on your iPhone can be somewhat daunting, however, but the developers behind this update have wisely condensed these things into a small amount of content that is easier to manage. Basically, the app limits itself to direct messages and mentions, which you can then reply to using pre allocated answers or by inputting voice with Siri. – Download from iTunes

5. PCalc ($7.99)

I did actually consider putting something like Mint or another finance management app on this list, but in the end they probably deserve their own category. In fact, we’ve already published one on that particular topic and might do another in the near future. One app that is a lot more simple but nonetheless worth mentioning is PCalc, which is perhaps the best app out there at present for doing on the fly calculations using your Apple Watch, especially since Apple neglected to include that kind of functionality. We love the tip calculation option in particular, which can be adjusted using the Watch’s Digital Crown.  – Download from iTunes

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4. Streaks ($3.99)

I was initially on the fence about including Streaks as I tend to agree with some of the criticism it’s come in for recently regarding its limitations. It is however a very effective way to organize things, and an even more powerful way to remind you to get things done, from walking the dog to doing your daily exercise and a whole lot more. I personally like the fact that the categories or “habits” have been condensed down to fill one screen, for these will pretty much cover the things you need to do. It would be nice to ad custom habits though, or at least to arrange a variety of different ones on your home screen so that you don’t have options that you’re not even using. That said, it is an excellent way to gently remind you to get things done and stay organized in the process. – Download from iTunes

3. Allcal (Free)

Allcal is by definition a social planning app, but is a great way to stay organized, too. If you’re the kind of user who typically has a fairly crowded social schedule, either personally or professionally, then Allcal is an excellent way to keep on top of all these things. The new Apple Watch version of the app is fairly limited in terms of functionality when compared to using this one on your iPhone, but it’s an excellent way to check up on things at a glance. – Download from iTunes

2. DO Note (Free)

For those that haven’t used IFTTT’s DO Note yet, the basic idea behind it is to collect different actions that you perform on a day to day basis, then pour all that into the functionality of a single button. Say, you load your browser of choice every morning and open a few bookmarks; or, add a new work contact and save this info to several different apps. Just about anything you want to do, you can create specific recipes with DO Note and then trigger these things with a button on your iPhone. With the Apple Watch version of the app, you can now pass these recipes to your wrist. So, even if you want to create a note on your Apple Watch and share it to several different apps or services at once, you can now do so with IFTTT’s DO Note on your wrist. – Download from iTunes

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1. Evernote (Free)

Evernote remains the king of productivity apps on the iPhone, which makes it one of the best organizer app out there for the Apple Watch, too. The Watch version of the app will quickly allow you not to input notes with a keypad of course but dictate notes down using Siri. This is something that Evernote users might not have tried up to this point, but we’d recommend trying it out even if your use Evernote on the iPhone – it’s a great time saver! You can even start reading notes on your wrist and then hand the same note over to your iPhone in order to finish reading. – Download from iTunes

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