Top 8 Paid Games for Android

We’ve posted a list featuring the best free Android games out there for users to take advantage of, but what about the paid alternatives? With free games or with those that offer some sort of trial version, it’s easy enough to download something to see if you like. With paid games on the other hand, you often don’t know if you’re going to like a game before purchasing it and as such it pays to have a resource that you refer to such as a review website or an aggregate score thing such as Metacritic. These can come in handy when differentiating between the good and the bad, though each is his own player of course and you might love the stuff that another person hates. So, what are the top paid games for Android? Well, there are many of them out there so it’s difficult to whittle a list down to just eight but we’ve tried our best here. We’ve also tried to represent different genres so as to give the list a balanced feel. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

8. République ($4.99)

While most people these days seem to associate mobile gaming with more casual titles such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, there are plenty of efforts out there that offer the kind of rich console gaming experience that we’ve come to love but on your handheld device. One of the most recent and most impressive examples of this is République, which is at its base a puzzle game though with stealth elements that will keep you on your toes. The world that the game introduces you to is rich and layered and the kind of game world you would expect to explore on a console rather than a mobile game. It’s also quite an original game, too, with lots of inventive touches that set it apart from other similar titles and make it one of the must have games of the past couple of years. – Download from Google Play

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7. Reckless Racing 3 ($2.90)

For all the racing games currently available on different mobile platforms, I don’t think there’s one we’ve poured more hours into over the course of the past year or so than Reckless Racing 3. Of course, there are some fantastic simulation racers out there that are a joy to play and look at on Android tablets in particular, but all the excellent visuals and doses of realism in the world are no substitute for sheer fun. In fact, the name given to this one is a clear nod to EA’s Real Racing which again is a wondeful game but not nearly as addictive as this Micro Machines style arcade racer. Reckless Racing 3 offers an isometric view which is a piece of nostalgia in itself and will recall all those racing games you spent time on as a kid such as Super Off Road and RC Pro Am! – Download from Google Play

6. The Banner Saga ($9.99)

The Banner Saga combines 2D fantasy visuals with RPG elements to create what is one of the more original games on the Android platorm at present. It also goes against convention somewhat by focusing on Norse mythology, and you really get a sense from the visuals and the words that this is an entire world you have stumbled into and are now playing through. It’s one of the most awarded paid games on Android at present and it’s easy to see why. – Download from Google Play

5. Thomas Was Alone ($5.99)

What can one say about Thomas Was Alone? Other than the fact that it’s one of the more inventive and unique Android games you will find on the Play Store at present, and will probably make you rethink how games are played and even developed. It’s an indie classic that many thought might get corrupted or lost on its way to the smartphone but we can confirm that’s not the case. The levels here are almost like capsules in that they are brief and stripped of all distraction. There is also a surprisingly strong approach to story here which is perhaps the one thing that manages to bring players into the game, in much the same way that Bastion has done so successfully – though there is the humor here that sets it apart. The bottom line however is that this feels like something you’ve played before, but somehow forgot: a solid platformer though with a minimalist approach that is a joy to play through. – Download from Google Play

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4. Threes! ($2.99)

It’s often hard to know what attributes to refer to when coming up with a list of the best games for Android, especially when the topic of the list is so vague and doesn’t at all narrow things down. Should we be rewarding games based on their graphics and gameplay, or how they come into a crowded market and differentiate to offer something different – is originality the most important thing here? Well, often we simply end up looking at how long we play something; how insanely addictive it happens to be, and there are few more addictive games on the Android platform at present than numbers puzzler Threes! This game is very, very simple in theory and as such you kind of wonder why no one had come up with it before – perhaps they have and we just didn’t notice. There are thousands of clones to have popped up on the Play Store since, but only one original. – Download from Google Play

3. SOULCALIBUR ($13.99)

We’ve made the distinction here to write SOULCALIBUR in all caps, and would advise others to do likewise! It’s now been close to 20 years since this arcade beat em up classic first hit screens and the face that it still holds up so well today on mobile devices is a testament to the game itself. The fast paced action it offers is unlike what you get with most mobile fighting games today, and at the time it really stood out for its 3D visuals and wonderful variety in terms of weapons and characters. In fact, ignore most of what I just said: I’m sure that young players first coming across this game will see nothing special in it, but there is an added nostalgia here that makes SOULCALIBUR more than worth the $14 that it current costs to grab it from the Play Store. – Download from Google Play

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2. Monument Valley ($1.99)

Monument Valley is a game that most have picked up by now, having received the kind of exposure that it does deserve but I’m sure no one was expecting. There’s really not much to say about it, other than to state that its combining of colors and architecture and minimalism is just a joy to behold. Take our word (and that of everyone else) for it and grab this one from the Play Store right now! – Download from Google Play

1. Botanicula ($4.99)

Botanicula is an office favorite here at Top 8, but so are most of the others that Czech developers Amanita Design have come up with, including their other title that is available for Android devices, Machinarium. For what it’s worth, Botanicula is a lot more light hearted and accessible, and without all the oppressive symbolism.  – Download from Google Play

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