Top 8 Photo Apps Apple Watch

One thing that I’ve seen a lot written about recently when it comes to the Apple Watch is the fact that it doesn’t have a camera lens. It’s a criticism I can’t really get my head around, especially when Apple users have such a fantastic camera built into their iPhone (and one that is supposed to be getting even better in the near future) but who on earth would want to take photos with their Watch, anyway. I get the idea that, when it comes to snapping something quickly, it would be easier with your wrist than picking up your iPhone, but people seem to be doing okay with that they have, right? I also understand the Dick Tracy connotations that come with the Watch, and the fact that video calls from your wrist are top of most people’s most-wanted list. That all said, I don’t think that the Apple Watch would be the lightweight example of immaculately designed wearable tech that it is with such things included. And besides, the device does boast some features when it comes to taking photos including some great apps for managing your snaps, and of course a camera remote feature!

8. Photos & Camera Remote

I guess we should really start with the built in apps that the Apple Watch currently offers out of the box, and there are actually two useful apps to mention when it comes to photography. First there is the popular Apple Photos app which is already the pic management app of choice among many Apple fans. It means that on the Apple Watch you can still manage your photos with ease, using the unique Digital Crown on the side of the device to zoom in and out of images and then of course swipe to browse through them. The Watch also has a built in Camera Remote app, whose basic function as you may have guessed is to allow you to snap shots using your iPhone camera or set up a timer. But the app also gives you a live preview of what your iPhone camera is seeing, so it can act as an excellent viewfinder, too! – More Info from Apple

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7. OneDrive (Free)

I thought I’d also kick off this list of photo apps for the Apple Watch by listing another app that I believe to be an excellent alternative to Apple’s built in app for accessing, managing and browsing your snaps. The best of these is probably Microsoft’s OneDrive, which was recently updated for Apple’s wearable device and is a great way to sync your shots across a range of different platforms. I also like the way you can give different tags to your photos and then browse based on those tags: it seems to be the best way of creating some kind of organic collection, where you add photos to different groups as you take them and only see your thematic collection of photos later on.  – Download from iTunes

6. ProCam 2 ($2.99)

ProCam 2 is an established paid all for iPhone users that allows you to manage your photos and apply different filters to personalize them as you see fit. I’d say that the best attribute of this app is by far its range of different settings and shooting modes, but unfortunately much of this functionality is lost in its porting to the Apple Watch. Still, it’s a very useful photo app to have on your wrist: there is a basic remote trigger that will give you a preview of what your iPhone camera is seeing and let you snap shots with a  tap of your wrist or set up a self timer with ease. You can also apply filters through the Watch app, which is also a welcome feature. – Download from iTunes

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5. Camera+ ($2.99)

The Camera+ app is another popular one among iPhone users, so this recent update for the Apple Watch will be a welcome addition. The functionality here is basically confined to it being a remote companion app, allowing you to snap photos, set up timers, check a live preview, and even switch between your iPhone camera from the convenience of your wrist. – Download from iTunes

4. ProCamera 8 ($4.99)

ProCamera 8 is another powerful photo and video editing app, and this update for the Apple Watch opens up new options when it comes to taking shots. On the Watch, the app can be used as a remote trigger, giving you a live preview of what your iPhone camera and allowing you to set up basic delayed timers so as to make it easier when taking self or group photos. – Download from iTunes

3. Hydra ($4.99)

Hydra is another photo capture app that has recently been updated for the Apple Watch, but rather than just acting as a remote companion app with a live preview, this one gives you a few more features that amateur and pro photographers may find useful. The best of these is the ability to switch between shooting modes from the convenience of your wrist and with a simple tap, so once you’ve set up your iPhone camera to take a shot, you can then alter the shooting mode from a distance depending on what suits the situation. – Download from iTunes

2. Instagram (Free)

Instagram is one of the biggest social networks in the world today, but we shouldn’t forget that the focus is and will always be on photos. Now, Instagram was one of those apps that received top billing when Apple announced their new wearable device in the Fall of last year, so I think it’s safe to say that it is one of the most downloaded apps currently available for the Apple Watch. Despite the fact that this list is about photo apps, I still think that the main benefit of downloading and using an app like Instagram on your Watch is the at a glance benefits and immediate nature of notifications. When it comes to managing your social media accounts, be they on Instagram or Facebook and Twitter, the Apple Watch is a huge step in terms of being connected all the time, despite the limitations when it comes to responding to things, etc. – Download from iTunes

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1. Heyday (Free)

Of all those photo apps I’ve checked out on the Apple Watch so far, I’d have to say that my favorite is actually one of the smaller titles. Heyday works like a few of the other apps out there at present (including Day One, which is another favorite) in that it looks to arrange your activities into some kind of life journal that can then be actively browsed at will. I fully understand the idea behind this and can see why it has become so successful among users: these days, all people have when it comes to reliving their life online is a bunch of photos on their iPhone and a few clogged social feeds. Heyday on the other hand takes in all the information such as the places you go and phtoos you take and things you post, then turns them into a beautiful record of your memories not unlike a photo album that can be nostalgically pored over at a later date. – Download from iTunes

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