Top 8 Photo Editing Apps Android

Instagram is by far the most popular photo-oriented app out there for mobile devices these days, but people tend to forget that it is primarily a photo editing app that then combined social media elements to great success. These days, many people simply use Instagram or Facebook to edit and upload their photos to social media, simply because these are the social media platforms they use so can therefore do it all within one app rather than opening up a photo editing app first and then uploading to social media, There are however many apps out there that argue in favor of this particular process, and that offer a lot more in terms of ability to edit photos with all kinds of effects and modifications that simply can’t be found in apps like Instagram. Likewise, there are many more professional photo editing apps out there for users who would like to edit their photos and share using their smartphone, but take photography a lot more seriously. We take a look at some of the better alternatives below!

8. PicsArt Photo Studio (Free)

We’ll start off with PicsArt Photo Studio, which seems to bring back memories of some of the first desktop photo editing software, and in a way channels some of these initial ideas. Yet, this one is updated for the wishes and speed of the modern world, with a particular emphasis on the idea of bringing photos together in collages. Indeed, when it comes to combining and arranging your photos for presentation, either on social media or to send to friends via email, few apps do it as well as PicsArt Photo Studio. There are some basic photo editing things involved also, as well as some strange features such as finger painting! – Download from Google Play

7. Shift (Free)

Shift is one of the more recent additions to the world of mobile photo editing, and has found it hard going when it comes to breaking into the market but now is beginning to gather some kind of user base. The main problem with the app, both by testing it out and if you take one look at some of the comments found on the Internet, is the intrusive advertising found within – though, it should be noted, this can be eliminated through an in-app purchase. Perhaps the best aspect of this particular app is that you can create your own custom filters and then apply them each time! – Download from Google Play

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6. Snapseed (Free)

Snapseed is notable for being now owned and developed by Google, who have since pushed their own philosophies on the app and improved it greatly. While the photos part of Google Plus for example has its own editing capabilities, this is obviously a lot more comprehensive! You can auto tune and correct images quickly and conveniently, but there are some more detailed features for the more artistic photographer. Overall a solid photo editing app and one that is a must for fans of Google, or purists that would rather look to Google for their apps! – Download from Google Play

5. Photo Editor by Aviary (Free)

Aviary’s Photo Editor is one of the best out there at present and has slowly cemented its position among the greatest photo editing apps for smartphones and tablets. While you still have the stickers and filters that will appeal to most superficial users, there are also a few serious photography tools in here that will appeal to the more practical. There are otols for fixing red eye, whitening teeth, and a whole lot more. If you want to get your photo looking just right for public consumption, but aren’t too bothered with all those Instaram style filters, this is the app for you! – Download from Google Play

4. Cupslice (Free

Cupslice is one of the more radical and polished photo editing apps out there, even if these features are a little more superficial and the app lacks the power and depth of some rival apps. For those that have previously only used the likes of Instagram and Facebook to edit their photos, Cupslice will be an easy transition. There are over 50 effects to start with and the basic editing tools that you will require when modifying your photos ready for social media. You can add stickers and all sorts, and these extras are updated each week so there is always some kind of variety. A simple app, and not for the true photographer, but should be perfect for the average social media user. – Download from Google Play

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3. Afterlight ($0.99)

For those looking at this app and scratching their heads, I should perhaps start by mentioning that this went by the name of AfterGlow before but the name has since been updated to AfterLight! I’ve no idea about the reason for this change, but can confirm that all of the same features are there that were there befoere – and the developers have even added a lot more besides. The main emphasis behind AfterLight appears to be polishing and touching up your photos: there are basic editing tools such as contrast and saturation sliders, but also the ability to add highlights and shadows where you wish. There are even textures and light leaks that can be applied, which makes this one of the more comprehensive packages out there. – Download from Google Play

2. Photoshop Touch ($9.99)

While this Photoshop app isn’t nearly as powerful as the desktop program that we have all come to know and love, it is perhaps the best mobile version that we have seen this far. There are a lot of the basic editing functions that you’ll be used to with even a small knowledge of the desktop version such as laying out your work in layers. But these are combined with slightly more conventional photo editing tools that will appeal to the masses, such as color correction and different filters. There is also importantly a great level of compatibility between this and the desktop version, so if you already use Adobe products then this one is worth considering! I should also mention the price, which is a lot higher than many of the other apps on the list. – Download from Google Play

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1. VSCO Cam (Free)

Standing head and shoulders above the rest however is VSCO Camera, which is perhaps the most versatile package you can currently get your hands on when it comes to Android photo editing apps. There are many different tools and special effects that you can take advantage of when editing your photos seriously or doing some superficial tweaks before uploading them to Instagram or Facebook. I think this is why we prefer VSCO Cam above all others: because while most apps are either concerned with superficial or serious users, this app seems to successfully manage to cater for both parties. While the real time photo effects that can be applied when snapping shots are minimal, the true strength lies in the post production editing features. Here you are greeted with all kinds of preset filters and adjustable sliders to get your photos looking jus the way you like them! There is then the ability to share these photos with a wide range of different social media accounts. – Download from Google Play

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