Top 8 Pinterest Alternatives iPhone

For creative people such as myself, Pinterest is really like a gift from heaven. The idea behind it may be something of a simple one, but it has understandably become a hugely successful website in recent years, simply for allowing users to express themselves. I mean, it’s not as if Pinterest offers anything that is original, in the sense that it is just a platform for others rather than something new. But the idea of “pinning” all your favorite things in one place and then adding them to as you seek out inspiration is an idea that has proved insanely popular all around the world! One thing I have noticed however is that Pinterest tends to push its users in a certain direction in terms of what kind of content they are expect to share and use. If you are into looking for home decor ideas or stuff for your wedding, then Pinterest is perfect. With other stuff, not so much. So yes, it has become a regular thing recently: people asking me if there are other apps out there that do what Pinterest does but with a little more freedom, and I didn’t really ever know how to answer such a request until now!

8. Tapiture (Free)

I’ve noticed recently that Tapiture tends to have a real Facebook feel, which will be perhaps offputting to those who have given up Facebook in favor of something like Pinterest in the first place! This is then compounded by the fact that the app invites you to join up using Facebook or else join Facebook in order to register, which certainly won’t go down well with the same people isted above. The basic idea is that you tap content including GIFs and SoundCloud tracks rather than pin it, and I’ve noticed that there is something of an emphasis on guys stuff as well as girl stuff, so this will be a nice alternative for guys who use Pinterest. – Download from iTunes

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7. Dudepins (Free)

While I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that Pinterest is girl oriented and that guys need their own space to pin “manly stuff”, Dudepins has become something of a popular Pinterest alternative in the last year or so and is well worth considering. There are a few apps and platforms out there that offer the same kind of thing, but Dudepins is perhaps the classiest. There is Manteresting, but that has a lot of NSFW content, and there is also Gentlemint but that can be full of silly memes. No, I think that Dudepins (depsite the name) is perhaps the most serious of these three and the one worth downloading if you are a guy who likes Pinterest but perhaps doesn’t like the content it pushes around. – Download from iTunes

6. Balllin ($0.99)

Dribbble is one of my favorite websites, and is really a showcase for designers and a way to pool all of your creative inspiration into one space. For those who love design and get off on a good interface, Dribbble’s home page will probably resemble some kind of aesthetic-based wet dream. The one bad thing about this is that while the website is great and is an excellent way to find website designs, movie poster designs, typography and all that kind of stuff, there is no official mobile app to access all of this stuff. There are some unofficial third party readers out there however, and one of these is Balllin. While we would suggest going to the website and using that primarily, Balllin is an excllent way to access all of this content through your mobile app – it also looks great, too! – Download from iTunes

5. Fancy (Free)

Fancy is for those who like Pinterest for reasons of luxury, and who are always looking out for the latest products, gadgets and fashion to pin to their persona boards. This app seems concerned only with such things, and even offers special Fancy boxes that are endorsed by celebrities that you can buy if you like. So if you are the kind that looks on Pinterest only to find the cream of the crop and will often spend money on stuff via that site, then this is the app for you! – Download from iTunes

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4. Behance (Free)

Behance is a lot like Pinterest but is mainly meant for those who design stuff and want to see their stuff critiqued by other designers. It’s community based in the best ways that Pinterest is, but looks to that side of things to make the app more interactive and is an excellent way to chat with like minded people about the stuff that you love! – Download from iTunes

3. Etsy (Free)

Another platform that designers will use a lot, especially when it comes to peddling their individual wares, is Etsy. Etsy is a lot like Pinterest, except that everything you will find on the site and that you can add to your inspirational collections is actually available for purchase. So yes, it’s a great way to make some money from what you are doing, and to find unique products that you won’t find on eBay or similar sites. And unlike Pinterest, everything is real and attainable if you are willing to pay the price! – Download from iTunes

2. Tumblr (Free)

I guess that Tumblr, as a micro blogging platform, website and app, is something that can’t really be considered a viable alternative for Pinterest in that it doesn’t really offer the same thing. Pinterest is a place to put the stuff you find that you are interested in, whereas Tumblr is a site that encourages the creation and sharing of original content, whether that is writing or images or video. I’ve noticed though that so many use Tumblr for the very same reason they use Pinterest: as a source of inspiration, and they store all of these little pieces they find not by pinning them to an imaginary board as with Pinterest but by reblogging them to their own personal and customizable space. In this sense, and especially when it comes to personalizing the space you manage with Tumblr, the app is like Pinterest but offers a whole lot more freedom. So do check it out as an alternative option, even if you are against the idea of blogging in general. – Download from iTunes

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1. We Heart It (Free)

As far as more traditional alternatives go, I guess that We Heart It is a lot more direct. I’ve read it described as the lovechild of Pinterest and Tumblr, in the sense that it really represents the best of both worlds. It’s a place where you can put what you want, and collect the things that matter to you rather than being encourage to collect something based around a specific theme or use. I guess that the one drawback here though is that We Heart It does seem to be used by a much younger audience than those that use Pinterest, so you will find a lot more juvenile things on there and less of the wedding pictures and serious home decor that you might stumble across on Pinterest. If that’s your thing however, go right ahead! – Download from iTunes

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