Top 8 Racing Games Android

I wasn’t quite sold on racing games for smartphones until being exposed to the latest in the Real Racing series recently. I couldn’t believe how incredible the graphics looked given the hardware limitations, and the game actually handled great – given the fact that, yeah, it’s not like an Android device is really designed for game playing. I’ve since tried the same game on an Android tablet and the experience was even more impressive, with the same kind of fluidity but with a much bigger screen to check out all those cool details and car decals. No one in the industry really expected it, but the mobile platform has become something of a haven for great racing games in recent years. I like to think it’s because the screen, when turned horizontally, really suits the format and the fact that you don’t really need any buttons apart from gas and brake and the ability to turn in order to control the car. Here we take a look at the best examples from the racing genre for Android!

8. Beach Buggy Blitz (Free)

Okay so we’ll start with a nice easy one that doesn’t care about car models or tire damage or pit stops or whatever. Beach Buggy Blitz really reminds me of all those fun racing games that used to top the sales charts for consoles: the likes of Mario Kart and of course Diddy Kong Racing, which was always great fun with multiple people. Beach Buggy Blitz is really the same kind of racing game, where you have to race along the coast of a tropical beach, hitting checkpoints before the timer counts down and eventually runs out. You pick up coins along the way which can then be spent on important upgrades for your buggy – crucial if you plan to stay ahead of the pack! – Download on Google Play

7. Death Rally (Free)

Some of the best racing games I’ve found on Android have been of the top-down variety, and Death Rally is the latest in this trend. It is a top down, gritty racer with an emphasis on combat. You must equip your car with all kinds of insane weapons and then take out the competition in races as you head to the finish line, or if you just like the fun of destruction choose the death match option and race until you are the last car standing! The great thing about this game is that, even if you don’t manage to win races you can still profit from races by causing destruction and taking your enemies out. It feels good to be the bad guy for once! – Download on Google Play

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6. Unpossible ($1.99)

From the easy going racing game featuring beach buggies shown above to something a lot more intense and, well, stressful! Unpossible is a high-octane racer and one that really can’t be compared to anything else out there right now. Really, it combines the elements from racing games and endless runner games to create something that will keep you on the edge of your seat! – Download on Google Play

5. Nitro Nation Racing (Free)

There is such a variety of racing games on Android that you can really pick what you prefer: arcade titles or a simulation racer that looks to capture everything authentically. For what it’s worth, Nitro Nation Racing tends to fall somewhere in the middle, with slick and beautifully modeled vehicles though with the kind of insane speed that seems, well not that realistic. This is despite the game boasting what is one of the top physics engines out there, and a bunch of real car brands such as Chevrolet, Ford and Honda. – Download on Google Play

4. CSR Racing (Free)

CSR Racing is something of departure from all the other racing games on Android in that, while it looks to model a realistic looking track with realistic looking cars, blending simulation and arcade elements, the format is slightly different. Yes, this is a full out drag racing game which removes the element of steering altogether (often one of the more frustrating things about racing games on smartphones) and just focuses on the shifting of gears. In this sense it’s almost like a rhythm game in that you have to know when to make your next shift each time (though the game will remind you exactly when) and then make it efficiently in order to stay ahead of your competitor. The only complaint I’d have with CSR Racing is that it is quite easy to get through the different challenges, providing you spend all your cash on upgrading your ride before each race. – Download on Google Play

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3. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free)

This one is slightly different again in that it seems to slide towards the arcade ideas rather than trying to take on simulation racers like GT Racing or Real Racing. The airbone elements really reminded me of the Burnout series on consoles in that it’s all about boosting an hitting the right areas on the track. It’s probably the most over-the-top racing game to make the list, throwing away all ideas of realism and just focusing on insane and high-octane racing that will keep you hooked. There is a nice career mode that you must work your way through, earning cash to buy new rides and upgrades and then unlocking different vehicles. Though, all difficulty is really removed from the game with the fact that you can happily buy your way to victory if you wish. The game gets more interesting when you take on staggered or live multiplayer modes, and the new Infected game mode is really a lot of fun – it’s basically a form of tag, which players will know well if they’ve played the recent Forza games online. – Download on Google Play

2. GT Racing 2 (Free)

So we move onto the two most impressive racing games for Android, both of which are pro style games that look to capture all the realism of racing and all the precise models of different brands. with this one you work through your career like climbing up a ladder, taking each race as it comes and earning prestige and awards which can then be used to buy new vehicles or add and upgrade parts to your existing cards. The online multiplayer seemed like a lot of fun, but I only played it for a few minutes. The best thing about this game compared to others is that it offers the Perfect Line thing seen previously in the Forza series among others. This tells you the exact line you should be taking when entering and exiting each corner, which is a great way to learn how to play the game properly. – Download on Google Play

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1. Real Racing 3 (Free)

By far the most impressive racing game to hit mobile devices, Real Racing 3 has something for everyone. Whether you’re just interested in a polished racer to show off to your friends (this one pushes the hardware and software to the limits of breaking) or you are a real gearhead and into all the brands and upgrading real parts, there is something for you here. The multiplayer system is great in that it records lap times from your friends and then lets you race against a ghost of that particular run, which is cool in that it doesn’t require everyone to be online at the same time and with the same version of the game. – Download on Google Play

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