Top 8 Radio Alternatives iPhone

As many of you will no doubt already know, music streaming service Rdio shut down at the end of last year, having been purchased by Pandora. It’s a sad end to a service that represented one of the very best when it comes to music streaming and especially music discovery. It’s difficult to say exactly what caused the demise of Rdio without being on the inside, but a failure to expand properly given their advantages in an already crowded market must have something to do with it. Rdio was easily on par with the likes of Spotify and Pandora in terms of popularity, but never quite used marketing to their advantage in that sense. They were always slightly behind when it came to marketing, and ultimately this is one of the main reasons for their untimely end. Still, let’s hope that Pandora can take the assets sold off by Rdio and bring us a great product that more than lives up to this name. In the meantime, there are lots of other Rdio alternatives to look at for your iPhone.

8. Slacker Radio (Free)

Let’s start of with Slacker Radio, which is a decent enough option when it comes to looking at Rdio alternatives, but doesn’t quite stack up when it comes to choice with 12 million tracks on offer compared to Rdio’s 30. Still, it has some nice curated playlists as well as other musical discovery features that set it apart from the competition. The artist bios and track lyrics are a nice touch, and do well to fill up what is in all honesty a fairly plain and straightforward interface. There is also an offline mode that is great for when you don’t have access to an internet connection. – Download from iTunes

7. Tidal (Free)

Despite the whirlwind of press that seems to follow Tidal wherever it goes, we should note that this is a very able Rdio alternative. It has an excellent user interface which should please even the most steadfast of Rdio users, with 25 million tracks on offer so not far behind what you would get with Rdio. It should be noted of course that Tidal is a relatively new product and is therefore constantly growing, and will only get better and better over time. If there’s one reason that you should check Tidal out today it’s because of its curated playlists. The service offers a great deal of variety in this area and is therefore an excellent way to discover new music. – Download from iTunes

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6. Rhapsody (Free)

Rhapsody is another of those whose unique features make it worth checking out in a world of possible Rdio alternatives. The interface is nice enough, and the selection at 30 million tracks is not much different to what Rdio offered. One of the excellent little functions that Rdio offered was intuitive notifications so as to inform you of new music added to your different collections, and ensure that none of your selected music got lost in the shuffle. Rhapsody offers something slightly similar, allowing you to keep track of different tracks and albums from artists that you’re interested in. While Rhapsody cannot quite punch at the weight that Rdio boxed at, nor can it compete with the likes of Spotify, it still qualifies as an excellent Rdio alternative. – Download from iTunes

5. Google Play Music (Free)

As an Android user myself, I’ve spent a lot of time using Google Play Music and while the iPhone version will never quite be the same, it is certainly worth checking out as a viable Rdio alternative. Things like YouTube Music Key and other features have set it up to compete with the likes of Spotify, and its integration with Android devices will always mean that it is a major player. But how does it really stack up when compared with Rdio? Well, the amount of songs on offer is similar at 30 million  and the audio quality of 320 kbps is decent enough. The best thing about Google Play Music however and perhaps the reason you should check it out right now is the fact that you can upload your own music catalogue, create playlists and then access it from anywhere. – Download from iTunes

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4. Microsoft Groove (Free)

Groove was purchased by Microsoft and his since become a staple on newer machines running Windows 10. It has some issues, but actually represents a strong entry into the world of music streaming and a more tha viable Rdio alternative. It has some nice features such as the ablity to download songs, look at artists based on radio stations, curated playlists, synced devices and a whole lot more. The catalogue of tracks currently stands at around 40 million which is more than Rdio offered, and as such this is one great alternative. – Download from iTunes

3. Deezer (Free)

Deezer is another of those music streaming service getting more popular every month, and is worth mentioning here since it offers a fantastically designed interface that goes some way towards rivaling what Rdio offered. When looking around for Rdio alternatives, it’s worth considering the specific advantages or notable features of each service. Deezer sets itself apart from the field, mainly because of its social aspects which are excelelnt. These social media features are not only a great way to discover new music and playlists through those with similar tastes, but are an excellent way to then share your love of music with others. The Elite subscription here will give you lossless quality streaming, and the total of tracks offered here is something like 35 million so at least on a par with what Rdio will give you. – Download from iTunes

2. Pandora (Free)

I guess that given the fact Rdio was purchased by Pandora, we should consider it here when looking at Rdio alternatives. It might be that Pandora use the Rdio assets to come up with a more similar app in the next year or so, but for now Pandora is an excellent alternative for those Rdio users who are perhaps even now only just beginning to switch over. The best thing about Pandora from the very beginning was always its music curation and discovery. If you’re the kind of streaming service user who is always on the lookout for new material and wants to find new music every day, then Pandora is the best option.  – Download from iTunes

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1. Spotify (Free)

Of all the music streaming services out there, I’d say Spotify is undoubtedly the best option for those coming from Rdio  at the moment. It’s the biggest music streaming app out there right now, and this comes with certain advantages. The user interface isn’t quite the streamlined and user friendly UI that Rdio offered, but it does the job. One way that Rdio endeared itself to a nation of users was, aside from this user interface, the nice user features that set it apart. Spotify also has many of these features that you will come across and begin to appreciate. We love the long press for preview function in particular, which is one of those decisions that now makes complete sense and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Rdio offered something like 35 million tracks to choose from, and Spotify gets quite close to that with 30 million. – Download from iTunes

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