Top 8 Recipe Manager Apps Android

Every cook will know that having somewhere to store your recipes is an absolute must when it comes to experimenting and generally improving yourself as a chef! As a person who’s spent a lot of time in the kitchen myself, I’ve always found that the best cooking is off the cuff, and without the following of any rigorous instructions or recipes or schemes. That said, there’s not place to find inspiration quite like the Internet and all the cool recipes you can find on websites and blogs. I will often find two or three recipes and perhaps take elements from each one to combine into something that feels like entirely my own creation, or take a handful of recipes and develop them in order to make the perfect meal. What’s left is a huge amount of bookmarks that I have no way of sorting, and printed sheets that will typically get covered with food and just end up all grubby. I recently invested in an Android tablet for the kitchen (among other things) however, and have been looking at recipe manager apps to properly organize my collection. Here are some favorites!

8. Food Network In the Kitchen (Free)

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Food Network, but it’s become so big now that it’s kind of hard to ignrore! Whether you are just starting out in the kitchen or are a seasoned chef and are looking for something to help improve your skills, this official app will have something for you. It definitely boasts what I would describe as a commercial look and feel, but there are some great chefs that are promoted through the app so it gives you access to some excellent and exciting recipes. There are three different ways to browse recipes through the app: you can do it through the Chefs section, which will put you in contact with your favorite cooks. Then there is the Topics section which is obviously a bunch of recipes grouped into specific categories, and there is also a nice third section which is based on the season and specific occasions. – Download from Google Play

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7. The Whole Pantry ($2.99)

Now, there has been a lot of controvery regarding The Whole Pantry of late, but I really enjoyed  going through the book recently and the app is just an extension of that. While you can’t really consider this as up there with the other recipe resources and managers in this thread, with only 52 recipes to choose from, it is an excellent cookbook as I say and the design of the app is great. I also love the refreshingly natural style that the book and the app takes, encouraging less sugars, grains and gluten and coming up with recipes that will help you adopt a more healthy approach to cooking. – Download from Google Play

Note: while The Whole Pantry app is still available on Google Play, it has been removed from iTunes over claims that the app’s founder built her wellness empire on false cancer claims and failed to donate promised money to charities.

6. Pepperplate (Free)

If like me you have chosen to take advantage of the prop-able tablet to aid you in the kitchen, there are few apps better than Pepperplate out there to help you realize your true potential as a chef! Pepperplate has a bunch of cool features that every home cook will no doubt appreciate, including built in kitchen timers (multiple, which we all know is key when you are making a particularly complicated meal) and easy to read displays so that you don’t have to squint at the screen when following recipes. It’s also great in that you can access everything offline, so don’t need to be connected in order to cook. This is great if you are staying somewhere outside the range or with poor signal for internet, or if you simply don’t want to waste your battery! – Download from Google Play

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5. BigOven (Free)

BigOven is perhaps the best app if you are an existing cook with lots of hand written or printed recipes, and want to keep hold of all these stuff (including perhaps your notes and amendments) while also making the transition onto a tablet or whatever. I know that was definitely the case with me, and someone pointing me in the direction of this app which is genius in that it lets you scan in these old sheets. The only problem is that if you want to scan in these recipes, you have to be a pro member which will cost $2.50 a month or $20 a year. Still, not a bad price to pay if you want to convert all those crumpled and stained recipes with years of kitchen know-how onto your iPad! – Download from Google Play

4. ChefTap (Free)

ChefTap is a great option if you already have a lot of recipes saved online through bookmarks or shortcuts on your device or perhaps your laptop, which I know is the case twith myself! Both ChefTap and rival app Paprika make it easier than you would imagine to pull recipes from other sites and even socal sites like Pinterest, then incorporate them into your own collection. ChefTap in particular can pull and entire pinboard full of recipes in just a couple of taps of the screen, and then organize them properly within the app. It’s also a great way to edit existing recipes as your progress, and make the small amendments that would have usually been notes in the margin of your recipe book but are now actually real time changes to what you are seeing on the screen. – Download from Google Play

3. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (Free)

This is perhaps the app you want to turn to if you’re not sure what to cook, or if you have specific ingredients and would like to make something using those ingredients alone. It boasts the fantastic database of recipes that is, which is a resource unlike any other! – Download from Google Play

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2. Evernote Food (Free)

Now, we’ve mentioned before on this site how much we love Evernote: this app is really the perfectionist’s dream, and allows you to keep on top of just about every element in your life – make notes on everything from story ideas to grocery lists. The developers behind that app have recenltly come up with a food-centric alternative, which is all about organizing your recipes and your time in the kitchen. You can save receipes, enter your own text or clip articles from the web with their excellent web clipper. And as with the original Evernote, you can seamlessly organize these things into specific notebooks and categorize them how you wish. What’s more, the app encourages you to snap photos of your creations and then pin them to these recipes to create your very own personal cookbook. I’ve never been in the habit of taking photos while cooking before, but as someone who’s considered food blogging, it’s something I should really start doing and this app facilitates that. With Evernote, you are in full control, and that’s certainly also the case with Evernote Food. – Download from Google Play

1. Paprika ($4.99)

Paprika is perhaps the best out and out recipe manager out there, which is why it should be crowned the top app. There is a built in web browser in the app that you can clip recipes from and add them to your collection, and you can even scale ingredients to a recipe which is one of our all-time favorite features! – Download from Google Play

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