Top 8 Remote Control Apps Android

There’s always one thing that mobile users do or don’t do that gets on a person’s nerves, and this only gets worse when you involve TVs. It seems that while most people know their way around a brand new technology in the iPhone, the TV is still a general mystery – hence the reason why people will binge watch entire TV shows in the wrong aspect ratio, apparently completely unaware of the squashed faces that appear all distorted on their thousand-dollar entertainment system and plasma TV. Another thing that baffles me, especially given the nature and capabilities of today’s smart TVs is why more users don’t take advantage of the abilities linking their mobile device with their television. These days it’s easy enough to link a new TV with your Android device and have full control over what you’re watching without having to use a remote, but few people take that step. This, then, is our attempt to rectify this worrying situation: check out our top remote control apps for Android users!

8. Twinone TV Remote (Free)

Let’s kick things off with the Twinone remote which gives you some good basic options when it comes to connecting your Android smartphone or tablet to IR enabled devices. As with so many of these apps, the compatibility can be somewhat hit and miss, some devices will work and others won’t – or the device will work but only give you limited functions such as channel changing ability but no volume option. Still, the app itself is free so what do you have to lose? – Download from Google Play

7. Peel Smart Remote (Free)

The Peel Smart Remote is a fairly simple app but one that provides an impressive level of functionality, supporting more than 400,000 devices at the time of writing and a userbase that currently totals more than 100 million. The basic idea behind this app is to give you control of everything so you never need another app or another device to control your TV, set top box, DVD or Blu ray player. A nice added touch here is the recommendation system, where the app will actively suggest things for you to watch and will provide a TV guide for you to use, too. – Download from Google Play

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6. Swoosh Presentation Control ($1.99)

The Swoosh Presentation Control system moves away from some of the other remote control apps in this list by offering something slightly different. You download the app to your Android smartphone or tablet and then to your computer, then easily control your presentations without the need for other external hardware. Again, this isn’t a TV remote control app but is worth considering as one of the more effective remote control apps out there on Android devices and is perfect for business users. – Download from Google Play

5. Xbox One SmartGlass (Free)

I suppose that no list of this kind would quite be complete without at least a passing mention of Microsoft’s entry into the remote control app market with their Smartglass system. The Xbox One Smartglass allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control and second screen for the Xbox One. This will give you extra info from your games, TV shows, movies and much more. It also allows you to manage your browser and Live account remotely. And if you’re an Xbox fan who hasn’t yet upgraded to the new model then do not fear for there is also a version of Smartglass for the Xbox 360! – Download from Google Play

4. Unified Remote ($3.99)

The Unified Remote app is another universal remote app for Android devices but one that stands apart from the others because of a key distinction. That being the fact that it controls your PC and its applications remotely, meaning that you can use it to control your Windows PC, which is great for those that will regularly hook up a laptop to the TV and then have to crouch down and change things with the mouse and keyboard all the time. It’s a great way to turn your PC into a media hub, taking the mouse and keyboard out of the process entirely. So if you’re the kind that will often blow up YouTube or VLC on your TV using a HDMI cable then this app will be worth trying. – Download from Google Play

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3. SURE Universal Remote (Free)

Tekoia Ltd’s SURE Universal Remote app is more of a combination of IR and WiFi to create something that could be considered a hybrid, I guess, but one that gives you the best of both worlds. It’s an app that will handle a range of different devices, from your IR controlled devices such as old TVs and set top boxes but will also be capable of tackling wi fi controlled things such as smart home devices and more. The app willl allow you to create different “systems” or groups of appliances that can be then controlled with a single tap, which makes it one of the more efficient remote control apps currently available for Anroid devices from the Play Store.  – Download from Google Play

2. Smart IR Remote ($6.99)

As remote control apps go, this is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Consider at this point that our number one pick for the list isn’t a remote control app in the strictest sense – it’s also backed by Google – so for the Smart IR Remote app to finish second is a major feat here. The main thing that sets this one apart from other remote control apps on the Play Store at present is its sheer compatibility, supporting a fantastic 800,000 different devices at the time of writing and the list only keeps growing as the months roll by. You can control your TV, media player and even certain old DVD players once the app is installed on your device. Perhaps the one small flaw worth considering here however is he fact that this doesn’t work with Sony smartphones. – Download from Google Play

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1. Chromecast (Free)

When it comes down to it however, there are few service that I’ve found to be as useful when it comes to remote control with today’s technology than Google’s Chromecast. The problem with most remote control apps is that there’s no telling whether the app will work with your TV until you try it, and even then it may work with certain devices and not with others. The reason I like Chromecast so much is it because it takes this technology and makes it more accessible for the general public. There is no complicated setup procedure here for Chromecast is very much an out of the box deal. It’s free to use once you buy the $25 device, and then all you need to do is plug it into your TV and away you go! If you’re the kind of user that regularly watches stuff on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube (also MUBI, like myself!) then Chromecast just offers a level of convenience that you won’t find elsewhere. While the functionality is limited, it’s often the accessibility that accounts with this kind of technology and thef act that my own mother uses Chromecast really tells you all you need to know in that particular area! – Download from Google Play

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