Top 8 Selfie Apps Android

It was really popular even before the famous Oscar snap of last year, but the phenomenon known as the selfie continues to gather pace around the world. The results of the selfie success can be seen on the Play Store for Android devices, with tens and probably hundreds of selfie apps that promise users the ability to take the perfect selfie first time, every time. Most of these are simply modified photo apps with an emphasis on superficial editing options such as the ability to remove skin blemishes or add color to the hair and eyes. When it comes to profile pictures on social media, everyone seems to use a selfie these days and as such, these apps are among the most download on the Play Store at present. But with such a huge and sudden influx of different apps that promise the same thing and look to exploit the same craze, which apps are worth it and which apps aren’t? We take a look at some of the best selfie apps for Android phones and tablets.

8. Candy Camera (Free)

This one is among the fastest growing among selfie apps for Android and claims almost 3 million users per day at present. One of the best features about the app is its real-time filters function, which allows you to apply your favorite filters to a photo even before you’ve snapped it! This is idea for the perfectionists out there who would rather snap the perfect photo than trawl through dozens of throwaways to find a great shot and then start editing. Speaking of filters, there are currently over 100 different filters available in the app which is more than many similar options. All in all, this is a great free download for those who love taking selfies! – Download on Google Play

7. Frontback (Free)

As with any such list, I should warn readers that there will be a few gimmicks thrown in for good measure. There are some great multi-purpose selfie apps out there that allow you to take great photos, editing in real time and once you’ve taken the shot. There are also those that take a given idea and run with it, which is definitely the case with Frontback. The premise is very simple: with this app you can take a photo with your front camera and one with your rear camera, and then combine the two to create a single image. As such, your selfie will show not just your grinning face but also whatever you are facing – whether on the beach with friends, or whatever! It’s a great spin on the typical selfie, and the app even allows you to write short titles over your photo, mention friends and use hashtags then share the photo on social media sites. – Download on Google Play

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6. LINE Camera (Free)

LINE Camera is a fairly comprehensive selfie app that looks to add a bit of fun to the process of snapping and editing photos. With this app, you easily apply filters, add text and stickers and then share them to Facebook or Twitter. The great thing about this app is that you can use your own stamps or choose from over 800 labels to personalize your selfie even further! – Download on Google Play

5. RetroSelfie (Free)

This one is a selfie app for fans of the retro style, allowing users to add frames, draw on their photos and edit them in a manner of ways – with of course an emphasis on retro colors and vintage styles that are fashionable at the moment. You can then take your finished creation and share it on social media. – Download on Google Play

4. Facecon (Free)

Sticking with the gimmick thing, there are many users out there who would love nothing more than to fully jump on the selfie bandwagon but feel shy or don’t wish to share a close-up image of their face. There is however away around this with Facecon, which offers a very simple feature: the chance to quickly and simply animate their selfies using a range of different filters  and stickers. If you don’t like the prospect of taking a selfie and then scrubbing out all your facial blemishes to be left with someone that doesn’t really look like you, why not grab Facecon and turn yourself into a cool looking animated character? – Download on Google Play

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3. CreamCam (Free)

CreamCam is one of those selfie apps that is concerned simply with the removal of blemishes and smoothing of your selfie shot to create the perfect result. Many similar apps offer users an entire host of Photoshop-like filters and functions to perfect your photo. The difference with CreamCam is that it does so automatically, removing imperfections from the face at the tap of a button: acne, blackheads, wrinkles and shine, this app does not require manual editing but does all of the difficult and precise work itself. This is the perfect app for those who wish to create the perfect selfie but aren’t that good when it comes to using apps and are daunted at the prospect of spending hours editing the minute details of their photo. – Download on Google Play

2. YouCam Perfect (Free)

YouCam Perfect is currently one of the most impressive Android apps for taking stunning selfie shots with your mobile phone or tablet. The real-time editing possibilities with this app are great, allowing you to apply filters and other such changes in real-time. As such, you can see exactly what a given effect will have upon your selfie before you snap it. It’s possible then to pre-edit your selfie and then finally snap the perfect shot once you’ve perfected all your filters and that kind of thing. There are also a bunch of post-editing options for those who simply can’t help themselves but continue to touch up  their photos to attain perfection. YouCam Perfect understands that some users are no so savvy however, and offers an Automatic Trim option which automatically edits your photos with a single tap. The process can be applied with six different levels of naturalness, so you can really decide just how far the auto editing process goes when removing skin blemishes and shine, eliminating wrinkles and that kind of thing. – Download on Google Play

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1. Retrica (Free)

In my experience however, by far the best selfie app for Android users is Retrica, which provides the comprehensive package – just about anything you could ever want when it comes to your quest for the perfect selfie. There are more filters than you can shake a stick at, with vintage effects similar to those seen in RetroSelfie for those who like their retro style. You can snap the photos with the app and then apply these modifications yourself. There is even the option to take several different photos and present them in a group or “burst” of photos – all the same size or different sizes and colors, with the option to do this yourself or let the app do the work automatically. This is a great option if you find yourself with a handful of cool selfies to post to your Instagram or Facebook account but can’t decice which one should be published. Simply join them all up and add a cool filter to create a “multiple selfie” featuring yourself striking a bunch of different photos on different backdrops. – Download on Google Play

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