Top 8 Smart Home Tech Android

Smart home technology and the Internet of Things, as this whole concept is inexplicably called, is bigger than ever these days and finally becoming affordable enough for the average homeowner to invest in. Of course, there are expensive devices that are designed to become one with the very material that your home is composed of, but there are also those such as the Amazon Echo wireless speaker that is portable and useful both at home and when out and about. As mentioned, the smart home industry is still in its youthful stage, with many people getting excited about the products they are seeing but still unable to really afford most of it – at least the average person is unable to afford what it would cost to kit out their home with a smart lock, smart thermostat, smart garage doors and such. But it is the future, and this much can be seen in the amount of money Apple and other companies have poured into developing such technologies. But what about smart home technology for Android users? We take a look at some of your options as of today, and especially if money is no object!

8. Amazon Echo ($179.99)

The Amazon Echo has quickly become the leading smart speaker of choice these days, alongside other options such as the Logitech UE Boom and others. It’s a Bluetooth speaker first and foremost, which makes it infinitely portable and great if you’re heading out to a party, to the beach or even on vacation. It boasts 360 degree sound delivery just like the Boom, but has a lot of other voice activated features that push it into consideration when looking at affordable smart home products. You can use the Echo to connect to smart home hubs from Belkin and Samsung, and then control other device accordingly. And once it’s online in your network, the Echo can read back audiobooks, check the weatehr and even allow you to purchase things online using just your voice! – Buy from Amazon

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7. Kwikset Kevo ($184.54)

Smart home locks are a big part of this new breed of intelligent technology, allowing you to control who accesses your home and when. The Kwikset Kevo is perhaps the best example of these at present, and allows you to use your finger to unlock or lock what is an otherwise normal front door lock. It’s great for organizing who enters your home, and can be ideal if you have a large family with people coming and going. You can assign virtual keys to people permanently or temporarily, then be informed when they are used and people enter your home. Say you want to let your family plumber in but no one is at home, for example: simply assign the plumber a virtual key and rest easy that your plumbing will be fixed when you get home from work, without having to miss a day’s work and wait around the house! – Buy from Amazon

6. Chamberlain MyQ ($108.97)

The Chamberlain MyQ seems to be the best option right now when it comes to garage door openers that can be used by Android devices, so we should probably mention that one here. Once installed, you can easily open up your garage door with a tap of the screen, though I’ve noticed that the geofencing capabilities of other similar products have not yet been implemented here. That is, the recognizing of your device in the general vicinity and opening of the garage door automatically. One might be forgiven for thinking that the Chamberlain MyQ is almost exclusive to newer models or top brands, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This one can control nearly every garage door opener from major bands manufactured after 1993, which is excellent. – Buy from Amazon

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5. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker ($175.49)

Smart home tech also has an important role to play in the kitchen, with Belkin’s Crock-pot as one of the main devices making waves in this particular section of the industry right now. For those who’ve never used a slow cooker, the meals that you come up with can take all day to cook and are often much better when left to stew for hours on end. There’s always the problem though of leaving such a device on when you are out of the house. This is where the Crock-pot from Belkin comes in, as the first smartphone controlled slow cooker it allows you to alter the settings from anywhere, receive timely reminders, adjust the temperature and lots more. You can check the status of your dish with ease, meaning that for the first time you can actually prepare dinner while on the way home from work and open the door and just spoon it on out and get eating. – Buy from Amazon

4. Ecobee3 ($239.00)

We only used the Ecobee3 WiFi thermostat briefly, but we liked what we saw. Like the Nest Learning Thermostat (more on that below) it reacts to situations in order to deliver comfort and ensure that you are also being energy efficient at the same time. – Buy from Amazon

3. Philips Hue ($192.99)

Custom and smart lighting is also a huge part of smart home tech right now, and the leaders in this field at least in the early stages appears to be Philips with their brand new Hue brand. This smart lighting pack is, for lack of a better word, really cool. You can create custom light modes with the color of your choice, or those that replicate your favorite image or even mimick the light of a sunset. And if you’re not interested in such things, then at the very least you get to control all your lighting from our Android app, including up to 50 bumbs with just one bridge device. The price at this point may vary, but the starter pack seems a good position to work from. – Buy from Amazon

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2. Honeywell Smart Thermostat ($239.99)

One area of smart home tech that we’re really excited about however is the smart thermostats developed by such companies as Nest. Another brand that has developed their own smart thermostat is Honeywell, whose device allows you to control your home heating with simple voice commands. You can set different schedules to follow throughout the day, in ways that are both intelligent and energy efficient. While you will have to install a touchscreen hub, the background on this can be changed to a color that suits your decor, and then the voice commands mean that you don’t have to bother using it if you don’t want to. – Buy from Amazon

1. Nest Learning Thermostat ($198.97)

The Nest Learning Thermostat represents the best kind of smart home technology, not just because it allows you to control the heating in your home but also because it is intelligent. That is, the longer your use it, the smarter it gets, adjusting your home’s heating and air conditioning automatically. The great thing about the Nest Learning Thermostat is that it will respond accordingly, pushing up the temperature once it realizes that someone is in the house. It will also learn the different temperature preferences of users and adjust the temporature accordingly, depending on who is home. You can then control the temperature with ease from your smartphone, both of your forced air and radiant heating systems. – Buy from Amazon

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