Top 8 Speaker Docks iPhone

Recently, we took on the latest wireless speakers available for the iPhone and found a bunch of fascinating and innovative designs. It seems as though, at least these days, developers of hardware and accessories have really figures out what today’s users are looking for: that being smart, robust accessories that you can take with you wherever you go and that aren’t going to break upon contact with a little dirt or water. Indeed, of those wireless or portable speakers we reviewed, our favorites were definitely the more robust options such as those developed by Logitech – and the ones that give you some kind of 360 degree sound panorama. Given all these innovations, I guess it’s kind of surprising that the old speaker dock is still in production and – much more than that – still notches up the sales as people look for an uncomplicated speaker system that they can simply plug into their iPhone upon getting home from work and accessing their favorite tunes. These days it’s all about home media centers and wireless entertainment systems, but what if you still have an iPod or iPhone and want a physical dock to slide it into? We take a look at some of the best options, of those still in production!

8. JBL On Stage Micro III ($69.99)

Speaking of the 360 degree sound system we saw in the wireless speakers post, it’s perhaps susprising that so few of the companies listed here haven’t come up with their own dock that offers the same. One company that has is JBL, with their interesting and quite simple design. Actually, as far as designs go the speaker docks that you see out there today tend to vary quite wildly in terms of shape but all end up offering the same kind of functionality. The JBL On Stage Micro III is the most bizarre looking you will find on Amazon today, but it is great in terms of the sound quality it produces. It’s a lot smaller than some of the other options we mention here, which is great if you’re the kind that has cluttered surfaces and only a small amount of space within which to position your speaker dock. – Buy from Amazon

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7. Logitech S315i ($69.99)

I’ll speak more about Logitech below, but know that this one is a nice small and affordable option with a classic dock design and over 20 hours of listening pleasure available. It’s also perhaps the lightest option we found, so you can carry it with you when traveling! – Buy from Amazon

6. Soundfreaq SFQ-06 ($134.99)

I really love the design of this one since it doesn’t apply to the old system of two speakers with the dock in between them, instead taking a more modern approach. You get a basic black box that I suppose is less decorate but offers more in terms of sound quality. Then there is a simple place to lie down your iPhone at the front of the device, while connecting it using Bluetooth. I actually wish there were more speaker docks out that that offered the same thing, and the fact that there isn’t any defined space means that this one works with all kinds of devices, including the iPad, Blackberry and also Windows Phones.- Buy from Amazon

5. Philips DS1155 ($51.50)

Another cute little design that kind of falls in line with the JBL effort mentioned above is the Philips DS1155, which is another realtively small option that comes with a clock display as well. It seemed to be almost suggested with the JBL dock that this was a product to go on your bedside table or your desk rather than other places that might have less clutter, but with this product it’s clearly the case given the clock functionality. Personally, I love the combination and would definitely benefit from having a speaker dock at reach on my bedside table, that I could slide my iPhone into and listen to must while sitting on the bed, then leave it there to charge throughout the night. It’s also a cool option in that it gives you somewhere concrete and safe to place your iPhone during the night. We’ve all been there, woken up  by an alarm clock or a call and unable to find the damn thing. Or, sitting on it, or having it fall off the bed. In this case, that won’t happen!- Buy from Amazon

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4. Altec Lansing iMT620 inMotion ($65.00)

This one has a classic design, which is something that many people will go for. It’s also affordable, and has a digital radio included with it as well as a remote control so is ideal to go on your bedside table! – Buy from Amazon

3. Logitech S715i ($174.99)

I’ve always been a fan of the Logitech brand since first investing in one of their mouse/keyboard combos way back with my first PC. I’ve never really been impressed with the level of durability that most hardware has these days, and often seems designed to fail at some point so you will have to replace it and spend more money, or otherwise call a brand technician to fix it. That simply isn’t the case with Logitech, whose products always seem to outlast everything around them. Usually, the only time you will have to upgrade your Logitech mouse or keyboard is if you break it yourself, or if technology advances and you can’t sit back and let it go. This Logitech S715i system is unique when it comes to design, but also affordable for those not willing to break the bank. – Buy from Amazon

2. Sony RDPX500iP ($99.99)

I love the low end sound on this one, and would say that it’s also one of the most versatile options on the market at present. But then, we can’t really expect anything else from Sony whose smartphone hardware is typically quite good and reliable. It’s just a shame that they don’t have a product out there and properly challenging for the crown currently being wrestled for between the likes of Android and Apple. This is a nice speaker dock option if you have the space, though the price isn’t quite as affordable as other options that may offer a similar level of functionality and quality. – Buy from Amazon

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1. Bose SoundDock Series III ($249.00)

I’d have to say that of all the options we tried out when doing research for this list, the most impressive performance came from the Bose SoundDock Series III. The problem I suppose is that it is the most expensive of all those mentioned here, but it’s simply the case of you getting what you paid for. As far as stations for the iPhone 5 go, I’d say it’s the most comprehensive speaker out there and gives you the best power, but it’s obviously not for the price conscious of accessory buyers. Bose have a huge amount of pedigree when it comes to fashioning excellent speaker systems, and I’ve had many of their products in the past, so you just know that the technology and durability is there no matter what happens. They’re not particularly well known when it comes to providing products to be used for smartphones, but really what you’re paying for here is the speaker technology, right? – Buy from Amazon

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