Top 8 Free Sports News Apps iPad 2023

I’m sure I’m not the only one among you who spends most of their news reading time on the sports pages; the same goes for the Internet, which of course offers an even more enticing and varying array of sports news and opinion for the digestion of fans – no matter the sport!

Of course, there are plenty of mobile apps out there that look to streamline this reading experience, creating a personalized stream of info that will be updated regularly, in a way that filters out the things we are not interested in by learning our reading habits. Many of these apps are the official efforts pushed forth by networks and brands such as ESPN and the NFL itself, and while some deal solely with one sport, others are a lot more general and encompass many.

Free Sports News Apps iPad

By far the best thing about these apps, aside from getting live score reports on the go, is the fact that you can customize them and enter your favorite team or teams across different sports to ensure that you are always in the loop. But which are the best sports news apps out there for the iPad currently? We take a look!

8. Sports Feed (Free)

We’ll get to the official ESPN app shortly, since no list of this kind should be unfolded without at least a passing mention of it. There is however a smaller app that acts almost like a cleaned up version of the ESPN app that is worth mentioning, and that’s Sports Feed.

This app has a handy toggle feature to switch easily between sports news pulled from different sources around the world and an updated score tracker that keeps tabs on your favorite teams.

It also has a handy schedule page so that you will be able to see not only when your teams are playing but also which networks the game will be shown on, and the app was also recently updated to work with the Apple Watch, giving you an even more stripped down sports news that is available at a glance. – Download from iTunes

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7. NBA 2014-15 (Free)

Free Sports News Apps iPad

The official app of the NBA has taken on many different guises over the years, with the recent change doing away with the Game Time name and stripping the app down to something that might be considered simple.

We gave it a quick update and run out during the Summer League and found that there have been a few nice improvement to the interface, and there does seem a lot less clutter than usual. Of course, it remains an excellent way to follow your favorite NBA team and keep up with the latest scores, news and opinions. – Download from iTunes

6. Thuuz Sports (Free)

Sports News Apps iPad

Thuuz Sports could easily slide into the obscurity of other sports news apps as something that is usable yet somehow lacking, but there are some key features here that are certainly worth your time.

The main aspect that Thuuz brings to the table ahead of such rival apps is that it actively rates upcoming games on a precise scale of 0-100 so that you can decide where to spend your viewing time this weekend. I also love looking at the post game ratings, which again is a nice guide when it comes to catching up on the sport you have missed and ensuring that you will only see the best games available. – Download from iTunes

5. Onefootball (Free)

Football, or Soccer, has taken the US by storm recently once again after the success of the national team at the World Cup last year, and the arrival of England’s Premier League on NBC. If, like me, you have taken to watching more and more games, may we suggest this excellent app that will help you keep up with all the latest news and scores? It’s also recently been updated for the Apple Watch, meaning that you can keep tabs on everything, at a glance! – Download from iTunes

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4. NFL Mobile (Free)

NFLMobile - Free Sports News Apps iPad

There’s not really much to say about the official NFL app: NFL Mobile, if you’ve the website at some point in the last couple of years. In many ways, the app is much like the website: it offers an excellent level of insight and stats – what you might expect from the official website and app of the league itself, of course – but can become a burden to navigate and could do with being streamlined a little. – Download from iTunes

3. TheScore (Free)

A lot of sports apps promise the latest and most up to date info when it comes to live scores, but I’ve found that in practice some of them can be delayed not quite as quick, leaving you somewhat behind the curve.

There’s nothing worse than following the progress of game on your cellphone and receiving a text from a friend when your team score or concede – something you weren’t aware of because your stupid sports app or webpage hasn’t refreshed to show the result, yet.

It’s great, then, to get a dedicated app like theScore that is concerned solely with delivering up to the moment game updates, and of course those all importat stats. The app also has a great deal of sports news, with an event calendar to show you what’s coming up, but the main focus is on the scores and the stats – this is really the sports app to have if you’re a big stats junkie! – Download from iTunes

2. Team Stream (Free)


The Bleacher Report is a website I didn’t really get around to regularly following until a few years back, but it’s since become one of my go to bookmarks when it comes to checking out the latest sports news.

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It’s great then that those behind the website have seen fit to launch their own app, and not just any app: with Team Stream, they have done away with the Bleacher Report name (perhaps not a wise move, I guess) and at the same time moved away from the generalist approach of most big name sports apps.

Here, you instead get a specific look at your favorite team or franchise, hence the name, including all the great BR content that we’ve become so used to seeing on a daily basis. – Download from iTunes

1. ESPN (Free)

I’ll admit that, despite watching ESPN and SportsCenter regularly, it’s taken me a long while to really get on board with their series apps. They have a general app (the one mentioned here) as well as one to take care of your fantasy teams and to stream video, which makes sense but I’ve never felt that the arrangement particularly suits their service.

The latest update for the iPad version of the ESPN app, too, is clunky and can be at times frustrating to navigate, but without a doubt the ESPN app remains the best place to get your sports news if you are an iPad user. And of course, you can choose your favorite teams upon startup so that you don’t have to wade through all that annoying info about other stuff – or worse yet, see headlines about teams that you despise! – Download from iTunes

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