Top 8 Spotify Alternatives Android

These days, people like to get all their music from a single streaming source, to grab stuff when they want to no matter where they are, stream it and download it so as to listen to when offline. Most streaming apps and services out there have evolved to deal with this kind of demand, and to offer users a different experience that will encourage them to pick a specific service over another. One of the best of these apps is Spotify, which currently accounts for a great deal of the market and is to many the best music streaming service for mobile and desktop users at present. There are however many other Spotify alternatives out there worth checking out; Spotify is fairly expensive, for one thing, so we recently decided to come up with our top picks if you want something different. These apps were tested out on Android devices, which is why we’re calling this our Top 8 Spotify alternatives for Android; check out our picks, then suggest your own in the comments section.

8. PlaYo (Free)

Let’s start with a simple, free option. PlaYo uses content from SoundCloud so you know that it gives you access to lots of stuff, only it doesn’t have the complicated structure you get with SoundCloud. It therefore works as a decent alternative, I find, if you’re looking to provide this kind of service for your children who want access to music on their devices. It’s simple and free, as I say, so there’s no risk that they will run up bills purchasing music.  – Download from Google Play

7. TuneIn Radio (Free)

TuneIn Radio is one of a bunch of different music streaming services that are based on this idea of radio stations, allowing you to stream all of your favorite content and discover new music, too. Rather than offering curated playlists, TuneIn actually gives you access to great radio stations from around the world. – Download from Google Play

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6. (Free) is one of those Spotify alternatives that I actually came across way before Spotify itself, and for some time (just like Pandora) poured hours into it as a service, discovering lots of great new music along the way. If you’re old enough to remember the first days of, it seemed like the possibilities were endless and I really thought that the social aspects of the web version in particular might lead to it becoming a social network on par with some of the bigger options that have since appeared. works in the same way that Pandora does, in that it allows you to simply select like or dislike on a track and teach the service your taste in music. This means that it’s great for discovering new stuff, but not so good when it comes to creating custom playlists and that kind of thing. – Download from Google Play

5. Deezer Music (Free)

Deezer is another of those names that comes up frequently when you search online for Spotify alternatives, and it’s easy to see why. The website is a fantastic asset, with access provided to millions of songs and an app that is available on a variety of different platforms and devices. As with many of the other streaming services listed here, Deezer has its free and paid membership, with $4.99 and $6.99 a month being the two main ones. The first one is basically an ad-free version of the app, though with limited capabilities; the second opens the app up to give you control over other features. – Download from Google Play

4. TIDAL (Free)

While everyone seems to have an opinion on the success or the non-success of Tidal, there’s a lot to like about this Jay-Z backed, curated streaming service and it makes a great Spotify alternative. This is perhaps the best alternative pick for those who typically like to listen to FLAC or lossless music. Also, for those who like curated content from musical experts, in a way to discover new music with each listen. Tidal also offers music videos, and is great in that it pushes this idea of fair and equal pay for musicians. While this sounds like a pretty sweet deal, readers should bear in mind that Tidal is also a lot more expensive than some of the other music streaming services out there currently, including the likes of Spotify. Currently, there is no free tier which seems to push this idea of exclusivity that is also tied to the service; the standard subscriptions start at around $10 a month, while the hi-res collection starts at double that. – Download from Google Play

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3. SoundCloud (Free)

SoundCloud is perhaps the best Spotify alternative out there when it comes to discovering new music, since it has an excellent social aspect – allowing budding musicians to upload their own content, and giving you the fan exclusive access to it. It’s also free, which is what sets it apart from other service on the list. Though, there is a lot of content you might not appreciate, such as remixes and stuff. – Download from Google Play

2. Pandora (Free)

Pandora is a venerable online radio streaming service that has gone from strength to strength and exists these days as an important competitor to, let alone a mere alternative to Spotify. Pandora has themed stations, meaning that you can browse through and select something that peaks your interest. It’s really the best option if you’re the kind of listener who likes to be pushed in a specific direction or who would rather spend more time discovering new music listening to the radio, rather than hearing the same songs over and over again. The service does allow you to create your own custom playlists, which is a nice touch, and the service will actively learn your taste as you skip songs so as to better suggest music in the future. As for its depth and its cost, Pandora has a handpicked catalogue of over a million songs, and you can get these with commercials for free or ad-free for around $4 a month. – Download from Google Play

1. Google Play Music (Free)

There’s something pleasing about using Google apps and services on an Android device. We’re a huge fan of their Material Design approach to the UI here at Top8, and you can really tell with apps like Google Messenger and Calendar that they have been designed for the device, just as you can tell when it comes to such built in apps on iOS. There’s something organic about it, and something entirely convenient if you’re the kind of user who uses Google services on a daily basis. The Google Play Music All Access app is therefore a great music companion to have and works as an excellent Spotify alternative if you use the Play Store often. It has about as many songs at its disposal as its competitors, with almost 20 million available to access, but the best thing about it as that you can use it almost like a digital locker and store your own songs. It connects well with Google+, if this is a social network you use often. The difference between some cheaper music streaming services is that this one costs around $10 a month. – Download from Google Play

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