Top 8 Strategy Games Android

Ever since the success of games like Age of Empires and Command & Conquer, I’ve been hooked on real time strategy games. There’s something about the format that is infinitely engaging – the idea that it is all about construction and organization but in order progress, you need to destroy things… it’s the perfect balance! I’d always been a firm believer that a strategy game can only be realistically worked with a mouse and keyboard, as with the popular PC games of old, but having tried my hand at a bunch of strategy games on mobile devices, I can see the work that has been put in by developers on porting this genre to such a limited platform. Here are the best strategy games available for Anrdoid devies from the Play Store!

8. Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($1.99)

The Kingdom Rush series is one of the more successful to be found on the mobile platform currently and this, the latest addition brings the tower defense genre to new heights. If you’ve played the original, this one offers much of the same frantic tower defense mayhem as the first game, but there are new heroes to pick from and new features to keep things interesting. Each of these heroes of course has their own special attributes that can be upgraded as you work though the single player campaign – there are also a bunch of new towers, enemies and bosses to fight, too! The game can become somewhat challenging to the uninitiated, but it’s the kind of challenging that will keep you coming back for more! – Download on Google Play

7. Rymdkapsel ($4.99)

What is there to say about Rymdkapsel? Looking at the image above doesn’t really do justice to the minimalist beauty of the game itself. It combines a Tetris-style approach to building bases with a more RTS oriented resource management thing to create something that is entirely original, and very much addictive for those that are fans of the genre. As with any RTS game, you have to build hous and feed your population, as well as expand in order to regularly fight off waves of invading enemies. The thing I like most about Rymdkapsel though is how clean and precise the game experience is, from the aesthetics of the game to the actual gameplay itself! – Download on Google Play

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6. Eufloria HD ($4.99)

Another very original option when it comes to looking at strategy games on the Android platform is Eurofloria, which has been updated here in all its high definition glory though might put off some potential players with its $4.99 price tag. As you can see, the game is similarly minimalist in design – well, to be honest more abstract than minimalist – but I love the overall premise of planting trees on asteroids and the game is increasingly addictive. It’s easy to get distracted by the game world which is so beautifully crafted, but this is coupled to an overall ambient experience that is like nothing I’ve played on a mobile device. – Download on Google Play

5. Star Command ($2.99)

Star Command presents the ideas of real-time strategy and space though does so with a retro style, – pixel art that will leave you staring at wonder at the different landscapes and backdrops that appear. Battles in the game take place between ships with different mini-games depending on the weapons that you have on board. Then you will have to control your figures in a micro battle against boarding parties, and make sure none of your characters get sucked out into space in the process! Overall an addictive RTS game, with a light-hearted touch. – Download on Google Play

4. Plants vs. Zombies (Free)

I’ve listed the original Plants vs. Zombies game here simply because it’s now free to download and play, but there is now a sequel version that offers something of an improvement. It is one of the most successful mobile game franchises out there at present, and for good reason. The premise behind the game is of course bizarre: you take on a field of plans and use their power to fend off hoards of drooling zombies – but whoever cared about realistic game ideas, especially when there are zombies involved? It could be argued that this is something of an arcade game rather than a strategy game and I can see the point, but there are too many strategy elements here to ignore. Placement and plant choice is a huge part of this, and can make or break the success of a single game just as much as the choices that you make as the game is going on. – Download on Google Play

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3. Boom Beach (Free)

Boom Beach is one of the more popular strategy games currently available for the Android platform, and was developed by Supercell. The objective of the game is very simple: to load up boats with troops and then storm the beaches of opponents – though there is a nice building and resource management element to maintain some kind of RTS longevity. Upgrades are innovative and bring an element of fun to the game, as does the bright colors and cartoonish animations. It’s really the perfect kind of strategy game for the casual gamer, with both online multiplayer and also offline campaign options to ensure that you can play even when out of wi-fi range or in airplane mode! – Download on Google Play

2. Autumn Dynasty ($4.99)

Autumn Dynasty is proof that real-time strategy games can work on the mobile platform – and that they can work well! The story behind the game takes place in feudal China, with players invited to take charge of various armed forces and lead them to victory. There are a bunch of different terrain types and maps that can keep things interesting, as well as different game modes such as the single player campaign and the regular skirmish mode. The depth here given the limitations of the format is wonderful, with a proper tech tree of the kind that we’re used to seeing in today’s RTS games. The game has also been intelligently developed with regards to the way you control your armies, employing not a simple tap-tap approach but more complicated gestures in order to direct your soldiers around the battlefield. The result leaves a stylish trail around the game map, showing exactly your influence, though there is the option to revert to a more traditional control system if preferable. – Download on Google Play

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1. Clash of Clans (Free)

Along with Boom Beach, Clash of Clans has risen to the heights of becoming one of the most popular mobile games around these days, both on iOS and Android devices – the pair of course share the same developer, and many of the same game elements. Again, the emphasis is on the casual player, with bright and fun animations to ensure that even the younger generation will be won over. Rather than an objective of loading up boats and invading this time, there is much more of a focus on the idea of building up some kind of defense and then holding strong as you clash with invading enemies. The campaign mode is there but tends to fall away in favor of multiplayer, which can be very addictive even for the uninitiated. You can join clans with other players and share troops, then engage in a large scale war against similarly rated clans. I’d say this is the most popular free strategy game out there today on any format, and it’s easy to see why! – Download on Google Play

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