Top 8 Takeout Apps Android

Some days, we just don’t have the time to cook for ourselves or are tired after a long day at work. That’s when takeout apps come in handy: you can just load up your app of choice, sign in and load up your delivery details, then pick from a range of different restaurants and delivery places in your surrounding area. One of the most annoying things I’ve found about ordering food is that you always have a bunch of menus just lying around: often, people dedicate entire drawers to them! With delivery sites and apps like these for the Android, you can get rid of all these menus and just order directly from the place you pick! It means there is a lot more choice, and you can take advantage of specific offers that are running when you order. Oh, and it’s great for the smaller takeout joints, too! They might not be able to afford an online ordering system, let alone be able to create and promote their own app, but the general delivery apps you find out there do that for them! We take a look at some of the best takeout apps out there for the Android platform.

8. JUST EAT (Free)

So, JUST EAT is fast becoming the name known around the world as far as takeout apps go, and continues to expand throughout Europe and also in Brazil and Canada. So yeah, if you’re reading this from the US then be prepared to see JUST EAT expand out of Canada in the near future. This app is great, and offers much more choice in terms of nearby restaurants than I’m used to seeing from this kind of service. It’s clear that JUST EAT has a network like no other takeout app. And while this may only apply to Canadian or European readers at present, it’s also a great idea to download this app just in case you happen to be traveling through somewhere like Spain or Italy and France and want to order takeout! – Download from Google Play

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7. Foodler (Free)

Foodler connects you with all the restaurants that deliver in your area, with a particular emphasis on small local eateries that perhaps do not deliver on their own, such as cafes and bistros. You might expect that such a service would be more expensive than your typical fast food takeout app and site, but Foodler promises to save you money on these rival services by waving delivery fees and offering prices that may be heavily discounted when compared to other options. As with many of these apps, there is also a cool reward program that lets you collect points with orders and then redeem these for free meals in the future. – Download from Google Play

6. Seamless (Free)

As perhaps a testament to the continued growth of food delivery and takeout apps such as the ones we’ve been speaking about here, there was a big merger in May of 2013 between GrubHub and Seamless. These were two of the more established food delivery apps in the US, so their merger was seen as something of an inevitablity. The best thing about this being a merger and not a takeover is that we still have both of the apps around to take advantage of! While it’s not nearly as far-reaching as GrubHum is, Seamless is still a great takeout app and features all of the big cities like New York, Miami, Houston, San Francisco and Philadelphia. – Download from Google Play

5. Domino’s Pizza (Free)

Most of the apps to make this list and all of those listed so far are general takeout service apps that represent the menus of restaurants and takeout places in a given area, then take a small cut of the proceedings. There are however huge fast food chains that can afford to have their own app, and Domino’s Pizza is one of those! I don’t know about you guys, but Domino’s is something of a guility pleasure of mine and I don’t like to order from their that often, simply because it’s not the healthiest of food in the world! Still, the app is great in that you can take advantage of specific offers that only pop up on certain days or are fleeting things that you can be informed of by email or through the app itself. There’s also a cool feature that allows you to track your pizza all the way to your door! – Download from Google Play

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4. Pizza Hut (Free)

Pizza Hut is much the same for me: a guility pleasure, and one that is perhaps a cool place to visit with the kids (especially their all you can eat buffets!) but I wouldn’t order from there very often. As with Domino’s, the app is state of the art and has a huge amount of cool features and things that will benefit frequent users. – Download from Google Play

3. (Free) is another great option, and their updated mobile app makes ordering takeout easier than ever before. But it doesn’t just stop at takeout or fast food places! No, as the name might suggest, features local restaurants and stores, with over 10,000 different business offering everything from good and alcohol to groceries, even laundry and dry cleaning! While this app may not be specifically designed for takeout and feature less variety than rival apps, I think it makes up for that with all its other options! – Download from Google Play

2. EAT24 (Free)

EAT24 is another huge app, with around 25,000 different takeout places to choose from in 750 or more cities. While not quite as vast as GrubHub in terms of choice and variety, Eat24 still puts many similar apps to shame. It also has a bunch of cool features that set it apart, including live chat support around the clock from real people so that you can track your orders or amend them if need be. Tehre is alos the ability to get cash back on future orders through their excellent reward system. So what are you waiting for? Check out EAT24 today, become a regular member and take advantage of their great deals and offers for returning customers. – Download from Google Play

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1. GrubHub (Free)

GrubHub is by far the most comprehensive of all the takeout apps I’ve come across so far, and offers something like 30,000 delivery options in terms of different locations across 300 cities. The fact that the developers have also released an OrderHub tablet app which is just for restaurants who wish to manage their orders through GrubHub shows how big this app is. And efficiency is the big thing here: it’s all about being able to order quickly and easily and without all the typical mess of menus and order numbers and confirmation emails and of course the dreaded telephone order! You use you address and punch this in to your phone or let your phone’s GPS do the work to find delivery places in your area. You can then filter by the kind of cuisine, specific menus items or closeness to where you are. You also have your own profile, so you can save favorite places and return to them whenever you like! – Download from Google Play

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