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We’ve all been in that difficult situation before: stranded in an unfamiliar part of the city, or in another town on holiday or on business, and in desperate need of a taxi to take you home or wherever you need to go. First you have to find the number for the best local taxi service, then ensure you have signal before calling them, then shuffle around trying to find an address to give to the operator. It’s all a bit of a scuffle, and I’ve often wondered why the whole process has never been a bit more streamlined. Fortunately, these days the process of hailing a cab has been transformed by pioneering app developers such as those behind Uber and Curb, which are fast becoming household names around the world. In this countdown list, we take a look not only at the better taxi apps doing the rounds in the US, but also those that are big elsewhere – in Asia or in Europe, for example!

8. GrabTaxi (Free)

So, with the above in mind, why don’t we start with one of the more slick and successful productions from outside the US. GrabTaxi actually started life as a Malaysian startup known as MyTeksi, but has since found some kind of international recognition and success under this new, more accessible name. Currently, it’s one of the main competitors to rival startup EasyTaxi and covers such Asian countries as the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and many more. So yes, if you are traveling in one of these places then GrabTaxi is certainly a great option. There is a minimal flat fee to be picked up, but it’s only something like $1.50. You can also rate drivers, which is an excellent way to avoid those that are less reputable. – Download from Google Play

7. EasyTaxi (Free)

I mentioned EasyTaxi above, and I’d say that it’s perhaps the strongest in what has become a battle between cab app developers across Asia. EasyTaxi is actually a German startup, but currently caters to such huge cities as Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul, Mumbai, Jakarta and many more. For those looking to travel across one of these cities when on vacation, be sure to grab this app before departing as it’s really a great lifeline to have when you find yourself in a spot of bother. – Download from Google Play

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6. Ola Cabs (Free)

Another main rival in Asia is OlaCabs, which currently covers private car fleets in eight different Indian cities. With around 9,000 vehicles in the app’s network, you shouldn’t run into too much trouble finding a cab if you’re on holiday or business in India, but this app isn’t quite at the level of its main rivaals. It does however bear all the marks of an up and coming app, so keep your eye on it – I’d expect it to challenge for the crown fairly soon! – Download from Google Play

5. Gett (Free)

Moving away from Asia for a moment, Gett is both a Taxi and Black Car service that has been featured as Google Play’s Editor’s Choice on one occasion, so is certainly worth checking out. The company is one that is growing in an explosive fashion, with the service currently catering to 25 cities around the globe including the likes of New York, London, Moscow and more. So yes, if you are visiting one of the big European cities on business then grab this app! – Download from Google Play

4. MyTaxi (Free)

Okay, so enough about those taxi apps that cover the rest of the world – more about the ones that are more important to those dwelling in the US. The MyTaxi app does have German origins but is currently the app of choice if you are in Washington or Arlington or nearly 50 major US cities besides – and plenty more overseas! One of the great things about this taxi app is that you can actively give your driver additional instructions, if you want to ensure that he or she stops as close to where you are as possible. The app even gives you a direct line to your chosen driver, meaning you can call the driver if you want! – Download from Google Play

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3. Hailo (Free)

Another fantastic worldwide taxi app is Hailo, which is currently available in New York, Chicago, Boston and also some cities in Canada such as Toronto and Montreal. I’ll admit that the amount of cities that Hailo caters to is perhaps somewhat limited when compared to similar apps, but it’s still a great option if you are in one of these bigger cities. Perhaps you do business across them, or your just happen to be planning a vacation in a bigger city. Either way, having an app like Hailo in your back pocket is a great feeling of security. With one tap on your Android device, you can summon a licensed cab to wherever you are and then watch on the app as it arrives in real time. You can then track the journey you take, altering the course by speaking to the driver if you like, and pay with your credit card to have the receipt emailed to you instantly. This one is perhaps the best app outside of the big two, which we’ll come to shortly. – Download from Google Play

2. Curb (Free)

Moving on to the big two, then, and starting with Curb – formerly known as Taxi Magic. This one is based in DC but has been in Chicago since 2009, and only recently received the kind of support that would level the playing field between this one and apps like Uber. With Curb, it seems like the developer have taken the experience gained when the app was known as Taxi Magic and removed the flaws – focusing instead on attracting a certiain audience and doing so very well. Of course, expansion doesn’t hurt, and this one now covers 60 cities nationwide with (get this) 35,000 vehicles currently connected. Of course, it will be the case for some time that these apps are growing and so you may find it difficult to get a cab if you live in a smaller area or whatever. The best thing to do is to download the app and give it a try for yourself: open up the map and check it out to see if there are cabs in your area!  – Download from Google Play

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1. Uber (Free)

By far the most comprehensive taxi app out there, and the most internationally known, Uber has been threatening for some time to make a monopoly out of what is still a fast growing market. Uber currently covers over 50 countries around the globe, and small towns in those countries as well as the bigger cities, which means that is pretty much untouchable when compared to other apps in terms of coverate. One great thing about the app is that you can compare rates for different Uber options, getting quotes from different options and drivers and then picking the one that best suits you. Of course, you can then pay with Google Wallet or PayPal, which is an excellent way of carrying out a secure transaction and means you can hail a cab without worrying about how much cash you have! – Download from Google Play

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