Top 8 Team Collaborations Apps iPhone

Those of you who work a team based job will know, communication really important which is why choosing the apps you use as a team all the more critical. Most companies will have chosen platforms that they use to remain connected, but these days people want an app that does it all: not just communication but also task management, hour logging, video conferencing and everything else you could possibly think of. Besides, if you’re going to pay for a premium service such as that many team collaboration apps offer, then you only really want to pay once. We here at Top8 have experimented with many such platforms in the past, settling on several but always moving on feeling disappointed. This is why we feel qualified to comment on these team collaboration apps currently available for the iPhone; because we’ve been there and done that, used these apps in the heat of a busy day and been able to really put them through their paces. Of course, there are lots of these apps out there so if we’ve missed anything out, go ahead and mention it in the comments section below!

8. Podio (Free)

Podio seems a nice, basic place to start and is a group collaboration app that really does the simple things well. You can create workspaces, delegate tasks within projects inside those work spaces and a whole lot more. Once you have your workspaces set up, you can then create projects for design or development or marketing, then go to your list of team members and assign different employees to each job. Podio is really good when it comes to managing things with people who are perhaps not always around, or if you’re maybe working with people in different time zones as can often be the case these days. You simply leave a note on a task, then the person in charge of that can see it and respond. – Download from iTunes

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7. Salesforce1 (Free)

Salesforce currently offers a nice little array of different business apps, some of which are great for collaborative work and can be really useful when it comes to ensuring that your business is operating in an efficient manner. Salesorce1 is the app that brings all these things together, which is why we decided to list this particular app here. It allows you to access all your Salesforce apps with ease, then open up dashhboards and view contacts, communicate with others and a whole lot more. It’s perhaps the most powerful group of apps currently available when it comes to collaborative work, but we’ll admit to having tried only one or two of these.  – Download from iTunes

6. Redbooth (Free)

Redbooth is another team collaboration app worth mentioning as it is one of those that has been updated to support the Apple Watch. It allows you to collaborate on projects by creating tasks and then breaking these down on a daily basis so as to manage them with ease. You can communicate with one another easily and share files, all from the same central hub. Anything shared in Redbooth is also indexed and searchable, meaning that you can easily find it again within seconds should you need to. – Download from iTunes

5. Moxtra (Free)

Moxtra is another excellent team collaboration and communication app that is great for flexibility, allowing you to chat with people and switch between this and tasks, pages, meetings and more. The actual chat screen is great since you can easily collaborate over content, simply by bringing the content – whether it be images, documents, webpages – into the conversation and continuing it over this specific content – great for design work, as you can probably imagine. – Download from iTunes

4. Slack (Free)

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As mentioned in the opening communication is key when it comes to team based work in the tech sector: constant communication is not only necessary, but is absolutely crucial if you’re to get anything done in an efficient manner. One of the best team collaboration apps out there for the iPhone when it comes to communication is Slack. This app works in a simple way, allowing you to add various channels by inviting people: creating public channels for discussion and private ones for one to one conversations. It’s a great way to keep areas of the work separate from one another, but then there is always the risk that creating too many rooms will result in you having to run around and cover them all. The best thing about Slack though is its integrations: the app supports file attachments of course, but you can even go so far as to integrate a Twitter feed right into the app so that you can check on your social media stream at the same time. – Download from iTunes

3. Flow Tasks (Free)

Flow is another excellent platform when it comes to project management, making it easier than ever before to collaborate with others either in professional capacity or in a personal one. Don’t forget that while many of these apps are built with team based collaboration in small businesses in mind, they can be just as adept when it comes to planning a holiday with multiple friends and family members, for example. Flow is great thanks to its clean interface and simple design. It also has a folder based system which some users will no doubt be thankful for: you create a folder, add lists for each project and then check off these tasks as you go. It’s one of the easiest apps we’ve found in terms of being able to see who is assigned to different tasks. – Download from iTunes

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2. Google Drive (Free)

We’ve tried many different document sharing platforms, but Google Drive has improved to the point now where it’s impossible to overlook for alternatives. No platform offers the same kind of service with all its features, and we are constantly discovering new tricks and tools that make Drive immensely worthwhile. Have you ever been in the position where you receive Word or Excel files in emails and don’t know what to do? Perhaps you’re on your Mac or your iPhone and simply don’t have the tools to open such files? Well, Drive is built to deal with these file types and a whole lot more. If there’s one word we could use to describe it, it would be robust. And the best thing about Drive is its cross platform capabilities, since you can access it at the web from just about any device but also download the iPhone app or desktop app in order to keep things synced across platforms and also to enable offline editing. – Download from iTunes

1. HipChat (Free)

HipChat is I think the best group chatting app we’ve found for business users, and is one of the best in terms of maintaining momentum and doing things efficiently. Often, messaging apps for work can be better than email chains but you will still end up with a bunch of channels and it can be difficult to immediately find the things you are looking for. HipChat puts all your files in one place so that you can access them quickly and easily, even allowing you to conduct video conversations and more.  – Download from iTunes

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