Top 8 Third Party Accessories iPhone

We’ve all been there, at some point: sitting up late at night on Amazon or eBay and weighing up official products versus third party, and working out which is the best one to spend your hard earned money on. It’s been the case seemingly forever: I can go back to buying console controllers for the Super Nintendo, and picking up a third party option in order to save money – only to have it break on me in the space of a few months, and kicking myself for not grabbing the official controller instead. Luckily, it seems as though the third party accessories that you find these days are a lot better quality than they used to be, especially when it comes to smartphones. Perhaps that has something to do with the competition in the market, or the fact that reviews on the internet – on Amazon and YouTube – can tear apart a product and ensure that you get no more sales, should it be below quality. So, there are so many third party accessories out there regarding the iPhone these days, this list is more of a gallery of the best objects you can buy. Check it out!

8. Kenu Airframe ($18.99)

When it comes to car mounts for the iPhone, I’ve always preferred the more simple options. And perhaps the most simple of all is the range produced by Kenu, which are just basic plastic holders that can be mounted to a range of different dashboard vents. This Airframe+ model was specificially designed for the larger smartphone or phablet, and is one of the best mounts out there if you want to take your new iPhone 6 Plus ini the car with you! – Buy from Amazon

7. Jawbone JAMBOX ($99.95)

While Logitech’s UE Boom represents what is probably my favorite portable Bluetooth speaker to be used with iOS devices at the moment, I’ve tried to limit each entry on this list to a different maker. In fact, Logitech are responsble for a bunch of my favorite iPhone accessories, including their excellent car mounts and wireless portable keyboards. A close second when it comes to Bluetooth speakers is this one, the JAMBOX made by Jawbone, which are perhaps more known for their work with wearable activity trackers than speakers. It’s more of a traditional shape, which is nice for those looking for something simple, but doesn’t boast the UE Boom’s fantastic 360 degree speakers.- Buy from Amazon

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6. ZAGG Pocket Keyboard ($51.97)

Again, the Logitech Bluetooth keyboards out there for iOS and Android devices are among the best, but following closely behind are the generic one from Microsoft and this, by makers ZAGG. There are some Bluetooth keyboards designed to increase productivity when typing with your smartphone, but some of them aren’t what you could consider particiularly portable. This one from ZAGG folds up to fit in your pocket, and when you fold it out has a handy stand to place your device. And it supports a range of different smartphones and tablets, too, which is great if you have multiple devices and don’t want to invest in a keyboard for each one. Either way, it’s a real lifesaver if you’re like me and would prefer a physical keyboard rather than an on-screen one. – Buy from Amazon

5. 4-in-1 Ollo-Clip ($79.99)

Add on lenses aren’t quite as popular as I imagined they might be for the iPhone 6, but that’s perhaps because the built in lens and camera is so good. Any extra features such as filters and such can be garnered by downloading an app, rather than spending money on some kind of photo accessory. If you absolutely must invest in added camera features however, and don’t want to break the bank, then the OlloClip 4-in-1 lens set is one of the very best. It’s around $80, which may not appear particularly cheap but does undercut many of the other offers out there on the market. And the lenses are wonderfully innovative, allowing you to clip zoom lenses, a wide angle or even a fish eye option over  your iPhone camera to take your snap shots to a whole new level!  – Buy from Amazon

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4. Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 ($99.95)

Withings Wireless Scale WS-30

Withings have an excellent range of different health and fitness-related accessories for iOS and Android devices. The Smart Body Analyzer is something we’ve featured here a few times, but their Wireless Scale is also excellent. It’s actually a lot heavier than I expected it would be at over 4 pounds, but I suppose that doesn’t matter if it’s consigned to a corner of your bathroom, and ignored after the heavy eating periods of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Still, it seems contrary to the idea of a wireless device – the fact that it weighs a lot. Still, the Withings WS-30 scales is a fantastic product, and has great compatibility with a range of different iOS apps, such as MyFitnessPal. LoseIt! and many more! – Buy from Amazon

3. Logitech Drive ($49.99)

If you don’t mind transforming your iPhone just so that mounting it in the car becomes easier, then the best mount out there is definitely this one from Logitech. You place it, not on your dash but on the inside of your window, then use the supplied case with its magnetic qualities so that you can just stick your iPhone to the mount whenever you are in the car.  – Buy from Amazon

2. Automatic Smart Driving Assistant ($99.95)

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

As far as innovative products go, they don’t come much better than the Smart Driving Assistant, produced by Automatic Labs. It is a small Bluetooth enabled dongle that basically plugs into your car’s on board diagnostics port, or ODB-II port, and relays important information from your car’s on board computer. Now, I’m not exactly sure which cars it supports, but I imagine yours would have to be a newer model to take advantage: the promo videos use the new Mini Cooper, which is a car that many people have bought. This little piece of kit can prove absolutely indispensible when it comes to improving your driving experience. It will tell you how well you are driving, inform you of gas cost in the area and gas efficiency, as well as useful trip data. And if you lose your car in one of those massive parking lots, then the offical app will immediately point you to it!  – Buy from Amazon

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1. Misfit Shine ($74.99)

Hands up who loves the Misfit Shine! This cute little device is just about the most aesthetically pleasing fitness or activity tracker that you can find these days. It’s fully waterproof, isn’t limited to being worn on your arm or wrist but can be clipped anywhere on your person. It also has a fantastically long battery life, with a single device out of the box using an innovative standby energy saving system to push the life to around 4 months. Misfit Wearables was co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley, and is notable in that it is one of the first pieces of successful wearable tech of this era to be born out of a crowdfunding campaign. Just the fact that the campaign hit its $100,000 target a mere 9 hours after appearing online shows just how popular it is!  – Buy from Amazon

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