Top 8 Time Saving Apps Android

If there’s one attribute that I rank Android apps on above all others, it’s regarding efficiency and time saving. If an app can make your life easier in some small way, then in my opinion its worth the price of a download – whatever that price may be. Fortunately, this seems to be an approach that many developers are taking too, with many Android apps out there that are designed with nothing more than convenience and time saving in mind. Of course, time saving apps can come in a range of different types and categories, though many of these will fall under the productivity banner: those apps that help to keep you organized, whether in your personal or professional life. There will be a few of these apps on the list here, but I should note that it’s all subjective: check out our picks below and then feel free to recommend your own suggestions in the comments section below.

8. Clear (Free)

Like many Android users, my day is typically defined by the incremental checking off of things that need to be done. This goes for life at home, with chores to get done and groceries to get bought, and of course at work with different tasks to fulfil throughout the day. There are plenty of to do list apps out there that, again, fall under the productivity category, each of which offers something slightly different and each of which will suit each user differently. Clear is one of the best around at present, bringing together all your tasks in a single intuitive app. The best thing about this app is the color coding system, which sets it apart from some of the other similar apps.- Download from Google Play

7. Redlaser (Free)

I’ve often found that the best time saving apps out there are those that have the info you need and keep it constantly updated, meaning that you don’t have to go out and find it. This is specifically true when it comes to prices that can of course fluctuate. GasBuddy is a nice app to find the cheapest gas prices in your area (more on that on the next page) and Redlaser does much the same when it comes to shopping. You simply use the app to scan products as you find them in the store, and then connect and check out if there is a store in your general vicinity that stocks the item for less – or if you’re better off grabbing it online. – Download from Google Play

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6. ShopSavvy (Free)

Another nice barcode scanner app that is designed to save you both time and money is that ShopSavvy app, which is similar to Redlaser and Google Shopper but has been around for slightly longer – I believe. Again, it allows you to scan in items while shopping and bring up a list of prices related to that item in the area, ensuring that you will get your product at the cheapest possible price and don’t have to go hunting around in order to get a good deal. – Download from Google Play

5. ParkMe (Free)

We’ve all been in the position before: you head out to a restaurant early enough to get a table and beat the evening rush, but then lose half an hour crusing around trying to find a parking spot that doesn’t involve a 3-mile walk to your chosen establishment. Again, info is the most important thing and ParkMe is an excellent service when it comes to finding parking spaces around you. The app currently lists almost 90,000 different parking locations in over 60 countries, but we’ve found that it is perhaps best used by those that live in built up areas within major cities. It also has a handy in app timer to remind you when your metered ticket is about to expire.- Download from Google Play

4. GasBuddy (Free)

I still remember a time when I’d drive for at least an extra half an hour each week on average in search of the lowest gas price in my neighborhood. It’s since become possible to get this info online, but you still have to knnow the sites to check on. The GasBuddy app is designed to do this job for you, going out there and finding the cheapest prices in your area so that you don’t have to. The great thing about this app is that it’s crowd driven, meaning that the app doesn’t look at some specific database but instead invites its users to update gas prices. This means that you can get the cheapest prices in yoru area, while at the same time giving back by reporting the prices in our area. – Download from Google Play

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3. IF by IFTTT (Free)

If there’s a single Android app that has saved me the most time over the past year or so, I’d say that IFTTT is responsible for it. Their flagship app, so to speak, is this one which works around the basic premise of “if this then that”, meaning that you set up specific “recipes” to trigger different actions while you are going about your business on your Android smartphone or tablet. You could tell the app to upload your photos to Dropbox and then delete them after you’ve put them on Facebook, for example, or to save contact details to your address book once you add a new friend on Facebook. The sky is really the limit, and the more recipes you add then the more this app can save you time. – Download from Google Play

2. Mint (Free)

Doing your personal accounts can be a real pain, especially if you’re not a user blessed with free time. If you work all day, then you’d much rather spend time with your family or unwinsing after a long day, rather than look at such stressful info as budget figures. The official finance app is perhaps the best of all those available on the Android platform at present, and is a great way to save time when doing so. The best thing about this app is its multiple platform nature, meaning that you can set up your account and then actively manage your finances on the go, through the app on Android or iOS but also on the web at – Download from Google Play

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1. Pocket (Free)

Browsing the Internet is something that most of us do on a daily basis, and often when checking out the latest news. Most of us will also have some kind of routine when doing so, such as opening up the same set of bookmarks and browsing the same feeds or home pages. Personally, I will spend a blissful half an hour each morning browsing stories before heading off the work, which is a great way to start the day but also doesn’t give me all that much time for reading. If you’re the kind of user that will often put off reading stuff until later, then Pocket is an app that actively encourages this: you collect these links almost as though pinning them to a pinboard, and can then access them when and as you wish, from whatever device you happen to be using.- Download from Google Play

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