Top 8 To Do List Apps Apple Watch

I’ll admit to being a real fiend for the good old to-do list apps that we’ve seen so many of in recent years, and so many of which have recently been updated for the Apple Watch. But then, I would regularly make to-do lists to get through the day even before the age of smartphones and tablets, so this is just a logical progression, I guess you could call it. Of course, back in the day it would just be a text-based list on my desktop computer or scribbled note on my fridge, whereas these days the market for task management apps has evolved to the point where you can now manage multiple lists across numerous platforms, all of which are synced up. And of course, with Apple’s new wearable device it has now become easier than ever before to add items to your lists and of course check them off. In fact, this adds a whole new dimension to the world of to-do lists when it comes to convenience, because now you no longer need to rummage around in your bag for your iPhone but can access your grocery lists at the tap of a button on your wrist.

8. Todoist (Free)

As is perhaps expected, many of the to-do list apps I’ve looked at so far in the creation of this list were also recently featured in our article for productivity apps on the Apple Watch, but one of those that we neglected to check out was Todoist, which was recently updated for the iPhone and given Apple Watch functionality. This extends the features that can be accessed with the iPhone version of the app, allowing you to manage your tasks and projects, respond to specific alerts and reminders as well as create new tasks to add to the list. While a few of the apps we will feature below are designed for daily personal use, Todoist is clearly an app with the professional in mind and is perfect for managing the work you have to do throughout the course of the day whether in the office or working from home. – Download from iTunes

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7. Swipes (Free)

Swipes is one of the more simple to-do list apps, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Its best feature is by far its level of integration, however, allowing you to easily grab tasks from other places such as your Gmail and Evernote accounts. – Download from iTunes

6. Clear ($4.99)

Clear, developed by Realmac Software, is another useful to-do list or productivity app that has clearly been designed with simplicity in mind, and this of course translates quite well when ported over to the Apple Watch’s smaller screen. The idea behind the app is that many of the task management and productivity titles you can download for your iPhone tend to pack their app with so much functionality such as calendars, due dates, etc. wherease Clar just gives you a list of thigs to check off and that’s it! When I first used the app on the iPhone, there wasn’t the ability to sync with iCloud or Dropbox and as such manage your lists across different platforms, but that has since been rectified which is good new for those that like their productivity apps simple and to the point. – Download from iTunes

5. Toodledo ($3.99)

Another app that has been designed primarily as a to-do list manage is Toodledo, which is actually one of the more popular online productivity tools out there with over a million users that are currently managing over 100 million tasks! For all the complicated features you can find when going to the Toodledo website, their app is a lot more simple and easier to manage – and this recent update for the Apple Watch is even more stripped down, but that’s not a bad thing. You basically get a list of your tasks presented in a hot list, each of which can be expanded to see details, deadlines, etc. But the best thing about the app when using the Apple Watch is its use of the Glance feature, which allow you to easily see which tasks you have outstanding simply by looking at your wrist. – Download from iTunes

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4. Things ($9.99)

It’s generally a rule of thumb that if you’re spending upwards of $5 on an app for your iPhone, it is generally worth the price, and that’s certainly the case with Cultured Code’s Things. One wall I’ve run into when looking at all these to-do list apps is that so many of them are not the best at allowing you to manage various lists at once, whereas this seems to be the speciality behind Things – allowing you to pick from tasks to create your very own Today list before getting down to work. – Download from iTunes

3. Wunderlist (Free)

Wunderlist is one of those to-do list apps that looks to incorporate just about anything and everything under the productivity rainbow to create something that is a powerful little package, and has recently been updated so that you can access many of its features through your Apple Watch. While some of the apps we’ve listed so far are simple grocery list kind of deals or office task management apps, Wunderlist tends to encompass it all so no matter what you’re doing, it’s likely that this app will be able to help you do it more efficiently. The best thing about the app is the collaborative side of things, allowing you to sync your lists and projects to other platforms and share them with other users so as to bring others into the equation and allow them to make changes. – Download from iTunes

2. Handle (Free)

There are a few to-do list apps that I’ve purposefully neglected to mention on this list, for various reasons. Evernote is one, because while it boasts some great task management features, I believe its strengths lie in the note taking and productivity side of things. Omnifocus 2 is another, but that’s mainly down to the impossible price tag. Fortunately, this frees up a few list spaces for other apps that I might not have considered otherwise, and one of those – recently featured in our productivity apps piece – is Handle, which combines to-do list functionality with an inbox and a calendar all in one app. While all of this might seem a bit much for those looking to download a simple task management app, Handle offers integration with both Dropbox, Gmail and Chrome on your desktop so is definitely worth checking out.  – Download from iTunes

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1. GoodTask 2 ($4.99)

So many of the apps featured on this list don’t just offer to-do lists but more of a whole productivity packages, and as such I’ve kind of been forced to rank them all based on their list management capacities rather than anything else. One app that does the list thing as well as any but is also backed by some powerful productivity feeatures is GoodTask 2, formerly known as This Week, which seems to have been built as a to-do app and then fleshed out from there, so the lists remain central to everything you do. Now, with the recently Apple Watch update, it’s easier than ever before to manage your lists and receive reminders directly to your wrist. – Download from iTunes

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