Top 8 Travel Accessories iPhone

We all know by now just how useful your iPhone can be when traveling, and especially if you just so happen (as with so many tourists!) to have backed yourself into a jam. Grabbing a Uber ride when lost in a strange foreign city is easier than ever, just as long as the city is supported by Uber! Likewise, Google Translate breaks down the language barrier and makes it easier than ever before to get your point across. But given the advance in technology in the last few years, there are also a bunch of excellent iPhone accessories that are also designed to make the traveling process that much easier. Whether you are looking for a simple dash mount for your car, or a backup power pack to ensure that you’re never left without battery, there are plenty of affordable options out there for your to choose from. We recently took a car trip across a few states and put some of these travel accessories to the test. Check out our Top 8 below, then why not hit up the comments section to suggest your own preferred accessories?

8. Belkin Car Vent Mount ($22.50)

If you’re looking for a simple car mount that just gets the job done, then you can’t really go wrong with Belkin’s Car Vent Mount. It’s fairly affordable and allows you to rotate easily between portrait and landscape views depending on what you are using your iPhone for. There is also a cable management system that means you won’t have to worry about tangled wires.  – Buy from Amazon

7. AmazonBasics Car Charger ($9.99)

When it comes to portable car chargers, a lot of folk quite understandably just want something simple that will get the job done. Enter Amazon’s Basics series, which has consistently provided stuff that has the funcionality but is affordable enough for your average user. There are lots of different car chargers out there for the iPhone, but his one is probably the cheapest and one of the best. It has two USB charging ports with 2.1 amp charging which means that it will charge both smarthones and full size tablets, so you needn’t bring different chargers along for each one. That said, you will have to provide your own cables! – Buy from Amazon

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6. FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Case ($12.99)

If you’re heading out on a trip, there’s often no telling what kind of weather you might come across. Or if you are biking or hiking while on holiday, a swift downpour might suddenly ruin both your iPhone and your day. And how about diving holidays? Well, with the FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Case you no longer have to worry about the perils of taking your iPhone to the beach. Some similar cases that claim full waterproof abilities but come up short can cost upwards of $100, but this one is much more affordable which is great if you have alreadys spent all your savings on a holiday! It also allows you to store your case and cards and keys as well, which is great! – Buy from Amazon

5. Vinsic Tulip ($11.95)

There are many different options out there when it comes to investing in a power bank for your phone, so it can almost be overwhelming sometimes to decide exactly which one to put your money on. Plus, consider that these days there are so many third party developers of accessories that it’s not simply a case of buying the official option or sticking with a company or brand that you know and have never steered your wrong in the past. Often, such choices are the wrong choices! One of the best power banks we came across, and indeed the most subtle, is the Vinsic Tulip which boasts a similar design to many of the other power banks we’ve seen so far. It’s only 4 inches long so will easily fit in your pocket, and at 3200mAh you can charger your phone from being flat to 100% around one and a half times! – Buy from Amazon

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4. Kenu Airframe ($19.99)

Kenu makes a couple of different car mounts to be put on the air vents of your car (hence the name). There are options both for your standard sized smartphone and one for larger phones and phablets, so no matter what device you have, their product should suit you down to the ground. For those that have only recently invested in the latest model of iPhone, the standard sized mount from Kenu should fit the iPhone 6 wheras those with an iPhone 6 Plus should invest in the larger mount. – Buy from Amazon

3. Anker Portable Charger ($19.99)

The Anker 2nd Gen Astro is another excellent external battery pack that is excellent when it comes to keeping your iPhone working through long days at work or, of course, when traveling! In terms of advantages, one thing to note is that it also works with Android phones so you can share it with friends. It’s also one of the most robust designs out there among external chargers or power banks, which is perfect if you’re perhaps riding your bike or have small children around which the occasional bump and scrape becomes an inevitability. This pack does hold enough charge to recharge your iPhone 3 times and is available in multiple colors, but some have noted that the pack doesn’t hold a charge for long enough and will disintegrate quickly over time. – Buy from Amazon

2. Logitech Trip ($29.99)

We’ve detailed a couple of cool car mounts in this thread, and I’m the kind of iPhone driver that is almost obsessive about interacting with my phone while driving but doing so in a responsible manner. While the mounts mentioned so far are great for their simplicity and adjustability, my favorite so far is from Logitech (who make the best mice and keyboards, I should add!) who have really invented something outside the box with their Trip system. It’s basically a powerful magnet that you attach to your car’s air vent, and that comes with a small metal plate that you stick to the back of your phone to ensure it stays in place. The whole system seems somewhat crude, and many will be against attaching a plate to their iPhone (it can also go underneath) no matter how slim it is, but let me tell you, this thing works!- Buy from Amazon

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1. Automatic Smart Driving Assistant ($99.95)

I will admit that this little gadget intrigued me even before giving it a go, but I can in restrospect now say that the Automatic Driving Assistant is the best iPhone accessory you’ve never heard of. The little box that you see here will sync your iPhone to your car’s onboard computer system, giving you the kind of access to your car’s driving info that you never before thought possible. It’s an excellent way to save money on gas by analyzing your driving habits and working out where you can cut back. And it even helps you to work out the reason for those “check engine” lights that you may have come across. The device also remembers where you are parket, provides info in the event of an incident, and will look around for the nearest gas station for you! – Buy from Amazon

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