Top 8 Travel Apps Apple Watch

Travel apps will always be one of the more popular categories on just about any device, but the functionality of the Apple Watch really lends itself to the idea of location awareness. The main idea behind travel apps is making you aware of what is around you, whether that be in real time with a map or navigation app such as Apple Maps, or something like TripAdvisor that is designed to inform you of what is around you when in a new city, whether at home or on vacation abroad? On top of this, some of the more successful and popular travel apps out there are those that bring all of your travel documentation together in one place, making it easier to access when you are actually in the middle of your trip. And the Apple Watch really lends itself to this too, with its at a glance checking and immediate way of informing the user with new notifications. So no matter the use or concept behind your travel app, the chances are it has been enhanced by the idea of wearable tech. We recently took a look at some of the travel apps that have already been updated for the Apple Watch.

8. Apple Maps

I’ve read articles in the past month or so about those who have bought a new Apple Watch and have been left underwhelmed, unsure exactly what they’re suppose to be doing with their new purchase. This may indeed be the case, but you can’t blame Apple for not giving users the ability from the off, with the amount of apps there are available on the Apple Watch out of the box. Without the presence of Google Maps, and even with its chequered history. the Maps app for the Apple Watch is still a useful tool. The turn by turn navigation functionality is great, and it will even give your wrist a little tap when you have to turn left or right, so you don’t even have to look at your watch! – More Info from Apple

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7. TripCase (Free)

There are a huge amount of apps like TripCase, and confusingly most of them seem to have the word Trip in the title, which has caused me to mistakenly label one as the another on more than one occasion. These apps are all built around the same basic premise of bringing your travel info to your wrist, so that even when you are getting onto a place or checking in at a hotel, it’s all there and immediately accessible. And with the at a glance nature of the Apple Watch, it really is more accessible than ever before, ensuring that you will never be left sifting through emails on your iPhone or pieces of paper in your suitcase ever again! – Download from iTunes

6. Yelp (Free)

Yelp is a lot like TripAdvisor, or TripAdvisor is a lot like Yelp. It puts you in contact with over 70 million businesses worldwide, whether you are looking for a good restaurant, a hotel, a zoo, just about everything you can imagine, and the profile page for each of these places will be full of actual user accounts of their experience with said establishment, so you will be sure to find the best place to go out of all the options that the app offers up. With the Apple Watch, Yelp focuses in on bringing you info quickly and with a few taps. So if you are out and about and in search of a nearby watering hole, ther app will immediately bring up a list of results and let you look into these results, too so as to find the best place for you – depending on distance, price, ratings, etc.- Download from iTunes

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5. TripIt (Free)

TripIt is another of those travel organizer apps like TripCase mentioned above that has been recently updated to suppor the Apple Watch. But according to the developer, this is no small update for they have been buildng something “from the ground up”, and to be honest it shows. Clearly keen to take advantage of this new device and its functionality, the app now gives you hands free access to all your important documents and info when travelling. And if you are already a pro user with TripIt, you can even get added stuff like real time flight info, including alerts if flgihts have been delayed, which can really help if you’re on your way through a crowded airport and simply don’t have the time to pull out your iPhone and check on things. – Download from iTunes

4. Hotel Tonight (Free)

I’ve used the Hotel Tonight app once or twice in passing, and it’s an excellent way to find something at short notice. The Apple Watch support will surely make that process easier than ever before, since you can find a place and then navigate to it from your wrist. – Download from iTunes

3. Uber (Free)

Does Uber count as a travel app? I guess it does, right? I mean, it’s not really concerned with your vacation or how aware you are of things around you, but it is an excellent emergency tool to have, especially if you’re staying in a strange country and need to be bailed out. The Uber app is very much a one trick pony when it comes to the Apple Watch, simply giving users the basic info regarding how long they will have to wait for their Uber ride to arrive. You simply fire up the app on your iPhone and select a ride to come and pick you up, and then put your phone away and get notifications on your wrist as to how close your ride is, a decription of the vehicle that is on its way, and that kind of thing. – Download from iTunes

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2. Foursquare (Free)

Foursquare is a lot like the previously mentioned Yelp, and also TripAdvisor, which just pips it to the number one travel app spot below. Those of you who have used the Foursquare app  will know what it’s all about by now: the app basically informs you of places around you, whether you are looking for a restaurant, bar, that kind of thing. You then get a concise review of the establishment, directions to it, and can of course check in and share your movements across social media, now on your wrist! – Download from iTunes

1. TripAdvisor (Free)

We’ve often pushed TripAdvisor on this site as one of the best travel apps out there, and a real life saver when you are on holiday in a strange place and looking to find a good place to eat, or simply a good place to stay. TripAdvisor is community driven, so you know that the ratings you are seeing for places are based on actual user experiences, rather than fake testimonials or under the table payments, or whatever. But enough about what TripAdvisor does; what functionality does it bring to the Apple Watch? Well, quite a lot, to be honest: you can use the location awareness of the device to find the best things to do in your area, and find stuff like sights and places to take the kids with a tap of your wrist, and even get directions to the place, too. – Download from iTunes

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