Top 8 Trip Planning Apps Android

If you’re planning a trip, a lot of work will go into finding the best deal for you and there are plenty of Android apps to help you on that front. Once the deal has been found and rooms and flights all booked up, it becomes all about organizing your itinerary and working on packing as much into your trip as possible. Of course, there are package holidays that do that for you, but there’s nothing quite like working out an itinerary for yourself, is there? And there are Android apps that will help you with that, too! Not to mention apps that keep all of your relevant travel information and documents in one place so that accessing them at a moment’s notice is easy as flipping out your phone. We’re keen travelers here at Top 8 and have decided to come up with a definitive countdown of the best apps for you when it comes to organizing your perfect trip: whether that be a vacation with the family, a short romantic break, or even a quick business trip. Check out the apps below and feel free to suggest your own!

8. Google Maps (Free)

There’s really nothing more to say about Google Maps, since most are already aware of its massive capabilities. While it doesn’t offer as much as the apps below, Google Maps is the one app I would ensure that is installed on my Android device before traveling. It’s also a great way to plan in advance, since it shows all the things around you so allows you to plot out your itineraries with ease. – Download from Google Play

7. KAYAK (Free)

KAYAK is one of the morre robust travel apps out there, giving you access to great deals on hotels and flights but also car hire in your destination of choice. You can even take advantage of their daily offers to save money: it’s a great way to find good deals on accomodation, both when planning months in advance and as a last-minute thing. – Download from Google Play

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6. TripIt (Free)

TripIt’s travel organizer app is the kind that requires no introduction these days. When it comes to organizing your trip, it will not suggest possible deals or destinations for you, or come up with the best way to divide your time while you are staying. It does however offer a comprehensive and hassle-free way to combine all of your travel information and documents into one place for easy access. Whether you have itineraries, tickets, hotel details or even rental car stuff, this app puts it all in one place so that you can easily flip it out when requested. The app not only puts this all in one place but displays it all on one central dashboard that will become something of a hub when considering your travel information. It’s easy to find your way around, and will certainly make your life easier when traveling. – Download from Google Play

5. Tripomatic (Free)

Tripomatic might sound like more of the above, but it is much more of an itinerary organizer. You create a profile using Google or Facebook, then select the city you wish to stay in and the days you are staying. Even if you are not quite sure of the dates, you can begin planning right away – and even when on the road! The app will give you a huge variety of things to do in a given place, and will provide tons of information on these attractions and tourist destnations so that you can decide what you want to do. There are different categories so you can narrow down the searhc results to suit what you want to do. If you are only interesting in shopping, then the app will show you all the malls in the place you are staying. You can then incorporate all these things into an itinerary and save it for future use!  – Download from Google Play

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4. Airbnb (Free)

Airbnb is growing each year and has now become a hugely popular app when it comes to finding accomodation around the world. There are currently over 500,000 listings in around 35,000 cities around the world, with an emphasis on alternatives to your traditional hotel. You can book a one night stay in a city of your choice, or even choose to sublet a property for a longer period. If there’s one accomodation app out there that offers variety, it’s Airbnb. With it, you are given a direct line to your potential host should you stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast, which is great for those times when you’re traveling in a strange land and simply want some kind of reassurance. – Download from Google Play

3. TripCase (Free)

TripCase is very much like TripIt above and WorldMate below in that it is a service that aims to bring all of your detailed travel documentation together into one handy interface. You can then refer to any of the information you need before you leave for your trip and while you are in your trip. You can add flight info, trains, accomodation and even car hire documents that are then displayed in one easy dashboard. You can view your trip based on a timeline with the inventive Itinerary View, which will arrange all you details depending on when you will need to access them on your trip. If you are taking say five different flights while traveling across Europe for example, the app will bring the first of these to the forefront, anticipating that you will need it first! – Download from Google Play

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2. WorldMate (Free)

WorldMate is in many ways similar to what we’ve described with TripIt and TripCase, but has a particular emphasis on business travelers and frequent fliers. That said, you don’t have to be either of these to amke use of the app. It is a robust travel planning app with a focus on organizing all of your itineraries and reservations and general travel documents for ease of use. While making one flight for a business meeting across the US might be simple, the app understands that many more trip itineraries can be a lot more complicated! – Download from Google Play

1. TripAdvisor (Free)

No matter what you are traveling for, business or pleasure, there is no app out there quite as powerful and useful as TripAdvisor when it comes to finding information about the place you are staying. It is very much the quintessential travel app, but seems to transcent those boundaries in the sense that I regularly use it in the city I live to find out more about restaurants and establishments around me. Gone are the days when hotels would put up phoney testimonials on their website or leaflets in order to assure potential customers. These days, it’s all about the online review! If you have a terrible hotel in a big city, the chances are that there will be negative reviews on TripAdvisor including everything, as well as photos of unclean sheets! This is therefore a great tool for travelers who wish to make the most of their trip and avoid disappointing locations – getting recommendations and even being able to book tickets through the app itself. – Download from Google Play

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