Top 8 Twitter Clients Android

The Twitter app for Android can be good enough for those who use the social media platform occasionally, but those who are on Twitter all day every day might want to look for something slightly different. Fortunately, there are a handful of great Twitter clients or apps out there that are basically designed to improve your Twitter experience, from those that offer simply a different skin or interface to work with to those such as Hootsuite, which are powerful platforms for managing your accounts not only on Twitter but also Facebook and other social media platforms. This can be very useful if you are a business or website owner for example, since the official Twitter app can be quite limited if these are your needs. Switching over to a different Twitter client can simply make navigation easier, but it can also provide functions that aren’t there in the main app, such as the ability to schedule Tweets, automatically send messages to new followers and a whole lot more. Check out our favorite Twitter clients below and then let us know yours in the comments section!

8. Fenix ($5.49)

Create by developer Matteo Villa, Fenix one of the more radical alternatives out there if you’re looking to change the interface that you’re working with on Twitter. Specifically, the app does a lot when it comes to gestures, allowing you to swipe for example in order to initiate the compose view. You do this at any time from swiping in from the right edge of the screen, which automatically takes you to a new tweet. There is the traditional compose button included too, so all parties will be happy. You access the main menu on other hand by swiping in from the left side of the screen, which allows you to quickly jump to mentions, messages and all the rest. I like the swiping side of things, since gestures are so big and a great time saver these days, but above all the thing I like about Fenix is the unobstructed feed view that doesn’t put anything else in the way unless you swipe to get it. – Download from Google Play

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7. Plume (Free)

Plume is another basic third party Twitter app worth checking app, and as with apps like Talon it allows you to quickly swipe between your Timeline, your mentions and your direct messages. This gesture based system is nice in that it means you don’t have any annoying toolbars on the screen at all times, yet everything you need is right there with a single swipe. You can use the app to manage multiple Twitter accounts, use to shorten your URLs and a lot more. There is also a nice feature that lets you quickly look at what’s trending in a specific area, which is great if you move around a lot.  – Download from Google Play

6. TweetCaster (Free)

TweetCaster is a decent third party Twitter app and one that outdoes the official app in many ways, though there are a few features here that the app seems to encourage you to use perhaps too often. The SmartLists feature for example, which the app encourages you to use in order to “organize the chaos”: it’s a nice touch and one that might appeal to certain users, but if it doesn’t interest me then why insist? There are some more useful features however that set it apart from the official Twitter app, such as the Search Party option which basically provides you with a more advanced search option, allowing you to search by keyword and hashtag but also confining these searches to your own timeline, your own messages or mentions, for example. – Download from Google Play

5. Echofon (Free)

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Echofon is another light and simple third party Twitter client with a clean interface and a useful home screen widget. There are a few justified complaints around this app in terms of lagging and freezing, but we didn’t encounter any of those when testing it out recently. The in-app ads are also annoying, but Echofon is still worth checking out if you’re looking for a free Twitter alternative. – Download from Google Play

4. Tweetings ($2.99)

Tweetings remains one of my all time favorite Twitter clients out there right now for the Android and this is for a number of reasons. First of all, it has a great distraction free reading view which pulls everything out of your line of sight and allows you to focus on your feed and nothing else. This can be very useful for those who would prefer to read from a minimal screen and don’t want toolbars or notifications in the way. Speaking of notifications, Tweetings also has excellent push notifications which give you a great idea of what’s going on from your lock screen. The main reason that the Tweetings push notifications work better than those on other Twitter apps however is that they are handled from their servers and not by your smartphone, meaning that just getting these notifications won’t drain your battery so much that you want to turn them off! – Download from Google Play

3. UberSocial (Free)

UberSocial isn’t quite as reliable as we’d like, but it is full of usefu featres that some may find interesting. You can set up an inner circle of those you are following, which is great if you want to maintain followers but don’t want to miss the more important content from your preferred sources. You can create favorite lists, mute users that are annoying without blocking them entirely, and a whole lot more! – Download from Google Play

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2. Hootsuite (Free)

I’ve used Hootsuite for some time, and let me tell you it is one of the most powerful packages you can invest in when it comes to managing multiple social media accounts and with things like monitoring traffic in mind. While Hootsuite is great for many different kinds of social media, it works as an excellent Twitter client as well, and as mentioned is geared towards media professionals who perhaps monitor several different accounts and accounts that relate to specific businesses or websites. The app can tell you how many clicks your tweets have received, how many people have seen them and a whole lot more. While the free version of Hootsuite will be more than enough for most casual users, the Pro version at $9.99 a month brings a lot more features that you might find useful and allows you to manage an unlimited amount of networks and in an ad-free environment. – Download from Google Play

1. Buffer (Free)

Up there with Hootsuite is Buffer, which again isn’t just about Twitter but about social media in general. The app integrates well with Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to schedule your content which is very useful if you’re a professional and want to ensure a steady stream of content relating to your work or your business/website but don’t have the time to post every day. There are many different features here that are designed to not only improve your Twitter experience but also to improve the relationship you have with your followers, which of course is a must have when it comes to business on social media. – Download from Google Play

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