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What is a useful app? Aren’t all apps useful, in some shape or form? Probably, yes, but we here at Top 8 are well versed in the world of Appdom and we know that a single app can make a huge difference to your day, and as such your life in general. A few seconds shaved off your daily activities may not seem like much, but it can be the difference between getting stuff done on time and not, which is of course key if you’re the kind of user regularly working towards deadlines – whether those deadlines be in the professional field or simply picking up the kids from school. Productivity apps are by definition useful, so expect to see a few of those on here, but this list is really reserved for any app that simply makes your life easier. Even if that app presents one simple premise and does it well, we’d like to honor it here. Again, check out our picks below and then feel free to suggest your own most useful apps on Android in the comments section below:

8. AirDroid (Free)

AirDroid is the first of a few apps that we’ll mention on this list that help to connect your device with your computer. There are one or two out there such as MightyText that put you in control of your SMS messages, whereas AirDroid is a lot more capable, instead allowing you to access all your files and even see the latest notifications. So if you’re the kind of user who hates stepping away from the computer to check your phone, AirDroid might prove very useful indeed. – Download from Google Play

7. ES File Explorer (Free)

I know I’m not the only one that believes the file management system on most Android devices could be better, but fortunately there are some useful apps out there that address such issues. ES File Explorer is perhaps the first of these that springs to mind, acting as an excellent way to navigate your files but also allowing you to connect to network drives and cloud storage as well. The one way this app really excels though, at least in my book, is when it comes to keeping your device clean. That is, it will actively go out and delete unwanted files automatically when you uninstall apps or services from your device, which is something I never considered before but can be very important. – Download from Google Play

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6. Link Bubble Browser (Free)

One of the more frustrating things about browsing social media feeds as one is wont to do with such apps like Twitter and Facebook is when you come to accessing links. Now, Facebook and Twitter are social networks and not browsers, so one tap of a hyperlink and your device will typically close your feed and open up a browser of choice. Link Bubble Browser ofers a neat way around this, allowing you to continue browsing Facebook and Twitter while your link loads in the backgrounds – meaning that you don’t have to sit there and watch it load up, but can access it at your convenience or simply leave it open in a tab to be read at your convenience. – Download from Google Play

5. CamScanner (Free)

One very useful app we’ve mentioned in the past on such lists is Readdle’s scanner app, which basically allows you to scan documents in using your smartphone or tablet’s camera. This app remains the most popular out there at present, but there are one or two competitor apps worth trying. One of those is CamScanner, which does exactly the same thing – as you might expect from what is a wholly unoriginal name, but there you go. CamScanner lets you scan in documents and then alter them if need be, before sending them to any email address or even faxing them (this will set you back a small fee, however). The app has OCR which allows it to turn your scanned images into text, and even boasts some nice collaborative tools. – Download from Google Play

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4. Google Translate (Free)

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again here: Google Translate is absolutely essential if you’re the kind of Android user that travels often or comes across different languages during their studies or their work. It’s not the kind of app that will prove useful to you if you are not that kind of person, but it’s worth having installed just in case. I consider myself to be somewhat adept when it comes to grasping new languages, but this app has bailed me out on numerous occasions when it comes to confusing interactions at the taxi rank of a foreign airport, or when you just want to find the hotel but nobody seems to speak English. The app has a basic text to text translation service with over 90 dialects covered, but it also translates in different ways. There is audio, which it can listen to and translate, or even images: just snap a photo of a sign or flyer for example and let Google Translate do the work! – Download from Google Play

3. Evernote (Free)

Evernote is a veritable swiss army knife when it comes to functionality, which pretty much confirms its places here on this list of the most useful apps for Android smartphones and tablets. While there are some apps mentioned here that do one thing and do it well, Evernote actually does lots of things well. If you want to takke notes or create and tick off to do lists, this app has it covered. But it’s also something of a cloud storage app since you can link just about every device and platform together with one account and then access your material no matter where you are. It’s a great collaborative tool, too. – Download from Google Play

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2. RedLaser (Free)

RedLaser by eBay is the ultimate app to own if you’re a fan of shopping and finding the best deals. It scans barcodes and QR codes, when brings up a list featuring those places that stock the item in your area and online, giving you price comparisons so that you are sure to save some money. An app like this can be very useful, especially in the lead up to the busy festive season when deals are everywhere! – Download from Google Play

1. Pushbullet (Free)

We mentioned AirDroid above which does to a certain extend solve the issues that many have when it comes to navigating among files on their device but from their laptop or PC. Pushbullet is another excellent option if you’re looking for an app with this in mind, and allows you to do everything: respond to messages without using your smartphone or tablet, check who is calling you and even just check on basic homescreen notifications. Of course, with Pushbullet you also have access to all your saved files – whether they be files you have downloaded, photos you’ve snapped, contact files and a whole lot more. While there are many apps such as the previously mentioned Evernote that excel when it comes to cross platform capability, it’s nice to finally find an app that really allows you to link devices with your computer.  – Download from Google Play

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