Top 8 Utility Apps Apple Watch

I always find it difficult to differentiate between these categories of app that the App Store and Play Store come up with, since there is always some kind of gray area involved. Utility apps are certainly one of those categories; a category that I can only really describe as housing apps that are designed for one specific purpose and one purpose alone. But that’s not so much the case these days, with utility apps blending with productivity apps and whole other genres in order to create unique apps that really do make your life easier. Because that should be the mantra of just about any developer who is working on a so-called utility app: to improve the life of the user in question, one function at a time. With the Apple Watch, we now have a wearable Apple device that really does make checking updates a whole lot easier. As such, utility apps should only build on that level of convenience, right? We here at Top 8 recently lined up a few utility apps that were recently updated for the Apple Watch to find the very best acquisition for you; below are the results!

8. Pinner ($4.99)

I only used Pinner very briefly on the iPhone, and can definitely see its draw. It basically takes the social bookmarking idea and runs with it, allowing you to browse, edit, read and share your bookmarks directly from your wrist. So you can stumble across something good on your Mac at home and set it aside on Pinner to be read later on, with a simple glance at your Apple Watch. – Download from iTunes

7. DO Button (Free)

I mentioned above that the Utility App category on the App Store has always confused me slightly, but if there was one app positively made for this particular group, it’s the DO Button app. This one basically allows you to create your own personalized buttons with little more than a single tap, saving you a whole lot of time as you go about your daily business – either in your personal or professional life. You basically set up various “recipes” of actions and then link them all to a single button, designed to save you from going through the same process over and over again. You can use this app to access your work on Google Drive, or even control smart home technology like the Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue lightbulbs. – Download from iTunes

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6. Calcbot (Free)

It’s been less than a year since PCalc’s run in with Apple over its widget feature, and if the mess taught us anything it’s how popular calculator apps are these days. As such, it’s a surprise there aren’t more of them trying to shoulder in on the app of choice for the Apple Watch. PCalc was recently updated to support Apple’s new device, but we like this one more: Calcbot, which is an intelligent calculator and a unit converter that brings all of these capabilities to your wrist. Expect a slew of similar calculator apps for the Apple Watch in the future, but right now the battle is definitely being waged between this one and PCalc for that top spot. Which one do you guys prefer?  – Download from iTunes

5. Knock ($4.99)

As mentioned to some extent above, utilty apps are really just simple extensions of your device to give you new functions that generall make doing things a lot easier. While only a few of the apps you will find in the Utility Apps section of the App Store have been updated to support the Apple Watch, you will find that many of them are built around one simple premise and have built up some enviable download numbers off the back of that. Perhaps the best example of this for the Apple Watch, at least with Apple users in mind, is Knock. This app does one thing, but it’s a useful thing: it lets you unlock your Mac, simply by knocking twice on your iPhone or your Apple Watch. – Download from iTunes

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4. Weebly (Free)

Weebly has quickly become one of the most popular drag and drop website creation tools out there at present, and has done so with style. While their recent update for the Apple Watch does have limited features at this point, it’s a really useful tool to have if you are a regular Weebly user. It allows you to monitor website trends directly from your wrist, giving you at a glance notifications for just about anything, which is perfect for business owners who want to keep their ear to the ground. – Download from iTunes

3. Timers ($2.99)

I actually use a different timers app on my iPad, but this one was recently updated for the Apple Watch and you know what, it’s not bad! This is the classic utility app, working on a single function and doing it well; in this case, the idea is to offer users the ability to set up simple interval timers for just about anything they might need in life. Whether you are timing how long it takes to boil an egg, how long you’re working out for, or whatever, it’s something I turn to over and over again throughout the week. This app is an extension of the iPhone version, so you set up your timers on one device and can then monitor them at a glance from the other! – Download from iTunes

2. 1Password (Free)

These days, there are a veritable ton of all-in-one-place password apps currently available for the iPhone and iPad on iTunes, but few have been updated for the Apple Watch at this point. This is quite surprising, if you consider the emphasis the Watch places on one-touch access and such. 1Password has perhaps been at the head of this pack of apps for some time, so it makes sense that this is the app that gets there first. It allows you to keep all of your log ins in one place, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting or noting down passwords when switching between devices. While the app itself is free, I belive you need 1Password’s pro features unlocked before being able to add it to your Apple Watch and make your passwords even more accessible. – Download from iTunes

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1. Authy (Free)

Working on the same idea as 1Password, Authy is one of the most useful tools currently installed on my iPhone and as such is perhaps the definitive utility app out there. The recenty update for the Apple Watch is a welcome addition, making it easier than ever before to access your security codes, making logins more effortless and also safer than ever before. Authy is basically the single most protective wall you can form around your most private data, and that goes for Apple Watch users as well as those that use tablets and smartphones. The best feature of this app is undoubtedly the fact that it uses the Wrist Detection feature of the Apple Watch to work out if you have the thing attached or not – if not, it automatically locks all of your details up for safe keeping. How cool is that? – Download from iTunes

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