Top 8 Video Editing Apps Android

It used to be the case that you would have to carry around a huge bag full of complicated hardware and backup lenses when videotaping your travels abroad. These days, it has become so easy that most travelers don’t even give preparation a second thought. With your smartphone or tablet, you are given access to a range of great video recording apps that use the built-in camera in order to capture everything you see and then save it to the your hard drive. The only real limitation in this sense is the size of the storage space, especially when it comes to filming HD video, but that is manageable with different accessories – or if you travel with your laptop and can transfer material over from your phone each day. Since people also wish to post video content to social media such as Facebook and Instagram immediately, there is also a huge variety of video editing apps out there with which you can modify files on the go. But which is the best option for Android users?

8. VivaVideo (Free)

VivaVideo is among the most popular video editors available for Android devices at the time of writing, with over 30 million users around the world. With the free version, which is the edition we tested out, there are many different features that you can take advantage of. The app seems to be focused however on the superficial things: namely, the taking of selfies which we all know to be what users are looking for these days. This app has a specific selfie camera with 7 different filters, then allows you to add animated stickers, FX, music, dubbing and more in order to personalize your video even further. – Download on Google Play

7. VideoShow (Free)

VideoShow is similarly superficial, but does offer a more comprehensive array of options and features. It allows users to merge, trim and add music to videos as well as to insert photos from their camera roll. Then, of course, to export the final creation to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. It used to be the case that VideoShow’s exported videos came with an annoying watermark, but this has since been removed which is great news. The options included in VideoShow are limited to the kind of thing that users will be typically looking for when it comes to social media – added effects, animations, filters and the like – but it’s a nice free option nonetheless. – Download on Google Play

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6. KlipMix (Free)

KlipMix is another free download that is perhaps most impressive for its ease of use. Unlike similar apps that can take a while to grasp, a few moments with KlipMix and we had already thrown together a hasty video/photo/music creation and began uploading it to YouTube. It’s really that easy! Users can add music from their device to the video with ease, trim the video and throw in photos if they wish. Again, while this is a free version, there is no stamping of exported videos with a watermark which is a big plus point. Overall a solid app and one that uninitiated users will find easy to navigate. – Download on Google Play

5. VidTrim (Free)

VidTrim does exactly what the name of the app describes, which is allows users to edit the length of their videos before uploading them to social media. There are however a bunch of other features included, such as the ability to add video effects and music, extract audio as MP3 and even grab particular frames. Unlike the above options however, this one does apply a small watermark to exported videos which will be sure to turn some Android users away. – Download on Google Play

4. Video Maker Pro (Free)

Do you recognize the interface behind this app? Yes, it’s actually based on Google’s old Movie Studio app and the resemblance is quite striking! The interface is fairly limited if you’re used to using in-depth video editing apps on your mobile device, but it is nice and clean and easy enough to make your way around. The interface is one that most will have come across before, with a timeline-based editing screen that allows you to move backwards and forwards through the video as you see fit. You can then import images or videos and place them on the timeline to create something new, then move them around the timeline with ease. This is the best approach to interface design when it comes to video editing apps, if you ask me – it’s just surprising that so many other developers don’t employ the same kind of thing. – Download on Google Play

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3. Magisto Video Editor (Free)

Okay, so this one is kind of falling back on the superficial again and trading the power of a true video editing app for something that is more popular. Magisto’s video editing app stands apart from the rest however in its ability to automate the whole process. It uses AI technology to combine various parts of your video into fun clips that will make your friends think that you have had it created by some kind of professional editor. You can add your own music, graphics and effects, then share the final creation through social media and messaging apps such as WhatsApp. True magic behind this app however is the automated thing, and the fact that the app is able to come up with something so personalized in a matter of moments – something that would take most users hours to create! – Download on Google Play

2. WeVideo (Free)

WeVideo is another one that places emphasis on the social sharing side of things rather than the serious video editing. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this app is the fact that it looks to combine a range of different things and brings it all together in one free package. The one drawback is that WeVideo is (unlike most of the other examples listed here) entirely cloud-based, meaning that in order to edit a video you need to first upload it to the servers. The time that this takes will all depend on your connection quality, but we found ourselves waiting around for quite a while in order to finally get our hands on a short video clip. Once this step has been taken however, WeVideo proves itself to be one of the more adept video editing apps and designed specifically for social media sharing. – Download on Google Play

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1. KineMaster (Free)

There is one video editing app that stands heads and shoulders above the rest, at least in my eyes. That would be NexStreaming’s KineMaster, which is by far the best options for those looking for a full-featured option when it comes to video editing. Even film professionals will be pleased at the sheer range of different options available when you open this app. It offers a timeline-based interface like the one listed above, but with the ability to drag and drop elements with ease: whether they be videos, images, audio clips and much more. You simply move them around with your finger to adjust the timeline accordingly, and then select single elements in order to tweak them slightly. There are a bunch of different features designed to improve your video, such as sliders that allow for the adjustment of brightness, contrast and saturation. One of the things this app excels in is the ability to add test to your video, which is great for those who are editing short films and that kind of thing. – Download on Google Play

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