Top 8 Weather Apps Apple Watch

Given the big news that Google has finally started supporting the Apple Watch with their own News & Weather app, I thought it would be interesting to check out the current Weather options on Apple’s brand new wearable device. As many of our readers will know, iOS users are currently spoiled for choice when it comes to picking up useful weather apps, and many of these popular options have quickly made the transition to the Apple Watch, too. What’s more, though, the Apple Watch is full of pre-installed apps that are designed to give you everything you need out of the box – at least until all the other developers catch up, and choice becomes wider – including an app for checking the weather. This is really the main selling point of the Apple Watch, isn’t it? The idea that it provides true at-a-glance information, without the need to take it out of your pocket or unlock the screen or navigate to some app. The news that Apple made the Dark Sky app their app of choice recently shows just how important the third party weather apps are to the tech giant. We recently had a look at the other options!

8. Apple Weather (Free)

I guess that the easiest option when it comes to checking the weather with your Apple Watch is to simply use the pre-installed option, which has ore than enough functions to keep the average user happy. And as you can see from the video embedded above here, it’s so easy to use that even a kid can work it! Yes, the Weather app that comes with the Apple Watch is very much a basic option, allowing you to check the weather where you are or in any location of your choosing, with a forecast for the week or the day, depending on how far into the future you wish to look. The thing I love about this though, is rather than some of the other weather app developers porting their product to the Apple Watch, here Apple have looked to alter the interface so that the weather info resembles a clock face, which is a nice touch! – More Info from Apple

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7. Authentic Weather ($0.99)

Reading the tech news recently, it seems increasingly as though Apple Watch users simply don’t know what to do with their device these days, and as one site has described merely seek out the cool looking apps in order to decorate their device, rather than knowing which are the best apps to download. One of these cool apps that is often being used to impress friends is Authentic Weather, which really just tells it like it is – curse words and all! – Download from iTunes

6. The Weather Channel (Free)

Another, much bigger weather app developer is of course the Weather Channel, whose iOS app has always been a popular option for users. It allows users to view current weather conditions, hourly and weekend forecast, with some nice visuals for temperature and precipitation. The app also goes to the same lengths as some of the competition in its attempts to provide users with up to date info when it comes to severe weather. You can customize notifications for rain or snow, which is really the thing that most people want their apps for, is it not? To know exactly when it’s going to rain! – Download from iTunes

5. AccuWeather (Free)

AccuWeather also recently updated their celebrated app for the Apple Watch, which has a nice feature that gives you minute by minute updates for the next two hours or so. The original name of this feature is MinuteCast, and its updates are hyper localized to give you accurate forecasts not just for your town and area of town but also your very street! The details include such stuff as high and low temperature forecasts, wind speed and the time that the sun is expected to come up or go down. There is also the option to enable breaking notifications in the US that are designed to inform you of any big events regarding the weather! – Download from iTunes

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4. Dark Sky ($3.99)

As we mentioned previously, Apple recently made the Dark Sky app their app of choice, which has led to a rediscovery of the app that made headlines a few years ago when it was first released. It’s still the third most downloaded iOS app, which shows how popular it is, and probably suggests that it doesn’t really need the added publicity of being made a featured app – but there you go! The Dark Sky app uses GPS to create up to the moment reports regarding inclement weather, and tracks the path of storms to know exactly when the bad weather will hit you. As with the iPhone version, the Dark Sky app is perhaps the best looking of all the weather apps on the Apple Watch to have been updated so far.- Download from iTunes

3. Weather Underground (Free)

Then there is Weather Underground, which provides a load of info including current conditions, a 10 day forecast, alerts when it comes to inclement weather, radar imagery and a whole lot more – only this time on your wrist rather than just on your iPhone! It has Force Touch navigation which basically gives you qucker access to stuff, including hourly forecast and also longer, 10 day forecasts for locations that you have saved in the app. So y0u can happily check the weather in your area but also wherever you will be next week on holiday, for example. And again, there is the option to turn on free National Weather Service updates which are only given out in the case of severe storms, but this is obviously just for US users. Still, a convenient little option to have that might save you a lot of time in the long run! – Download from iTunes

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2. Yahoo Weather (Free)

We’ve always been a huge fan of the Yahoo Weather app for iOS, and in particular its beautiful backgrounds that were pulled off Flickr, if memory servces, to give your iPhone a fantastic look that actively reflected the weather outside. This Apple Watch update is similarly slick in design, though obviously doesn’t have all the fantastic photos. It actually has a nice black background with text displayed in white, or neon shades to stand out. It’s really just designed to give you all the info you need at a quick glance, including current weather conditions and temperature, the chance of precipitation, as well as a bunch of other interesting info such as the sunrise and sunset times, wind speed and much more. – Download from iTunes

1. Fresh Air (Free)

Any of our regular readers will know how much I love a good design, and the best looking weather app by far is this one: Fresh Air, developed by Backcountry Studios LLC. The aesthetics are actually the work of a deisned named Lee Black, whose mock up photos we stole from dribbble. The iPhone version of this app is fantastic looking, with cool pastel shades and great use of what I think is the Helvetica font. It’s nice to see that this look has been maintained for the Apple Watch version!   – Download from iTunes

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