Top 8 WhatsApp Alternatives iPhone

We didn’t need Facebook’s billions to prove to the world what an asset the messaging application WhatsApp has become in recent years, scooping up a massive percentage share of the market and becoming the world leader in cross-platform messenger apps. But as with any prominent program in a particular area, there will always be critics and those who would prefer to look elsewhere to have their needs fulfilled. While the developers behind WhatsApp have honed it and continued to develop it into a comprehensive product, there are still flaws to be found and – as a cursory search online will no doubt tell you – most of those begin with the subscription fee. As most people know, WhatsApp is at present free for the first year, but then costs a nominal amount per year that most people have no qualms paying. To be honest, after using the app for a year, most people are already dependent upon it, so paying a dollar isn’t going to change their allegiance. Some however are fighting back on principle. So what about the free alternatives to WhatsApp that live up to the standards it sets? We take a look at a few decent WhatsApp alternatives for the iPhone.

8. Apple Messages (Free)

As usual, I think the best place to start when looking at messaging alternatives for WhatsApp is with the default program that many iPhone users still remain content with: that being Apple’s Messages app, which continues to see updates and changes that have led to a much improved product. The main plus point however is that Messages is the preinstalled messaging app on most Apple devices, meaning that most people will have it on their device already. It’s therefore a nice thing to fall back on if you are communicating with someone who doesn’t have the knowledge of superior alternatives such as WhatsApp. The problem is that the Messages app is obviously not a cross-platform option, meaning that you won’t be able to communicate with those who have an Android device, for example.

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7. WeChat (Free)

WeChat is one of the first promising WhatsApp alternatives that springs to mind – it’s relatively new, too, and hails from the fast-moving technological land of Chona. The app is built around a fairly simple design and interface, as well as an emphasis on reliability and functionality. It is also available for a bunch of different platforms and devices, which already puts it one up on Apple’s own messaging app as mentioned above. The problem of course is that you will have to convince your friends to move to WeChat if you are to converse with them on it, which might be difficult! – Download from iTunes

6. GroupMe (Free)

GroupMe stands out as a nice WhatsApp alternative simply because it sits down and focuses on one feature and then does it better. That of course being croup  conversations, which are supported here in the cross platform sense and also over SMS. This of course means that if the person involved in the conversation cannot connect via a 3G or WiFi connection, then they can still stay connected to the conversation for a small fee – basically charged in the same way an SMS message would be in the US. Getting friends over to GroupMe could be tricky, but the idea of having a proper platform for group messages should be enough of an incentive for most people! – Download from iTunes

5. Skype (Free)

The recent merging of Skype’s contacts with the old MSN or Hotmail conacts was a blast of nostalgia, but it also reminded me that for all intents and purposes this is the heir to the old MSN Messenger that so many of us used. Besides perhaps the light blue color, Skype couldn’t look more different than MSN and is perhaps worth noting as a viable alternative to WhatsApp because of its excellent voice and video calling options that the app is built around, though the messaging features are good, too. – Download from iTunes

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4. Telegram (Free)

I suppose that the one thing people are looking for when considering WhatsApp alternatives is something that stands out as an improvement, or does one thing better than the popular messaging app. Apps these days are developed and manage to succeed based on innovation, or the idea of offering the masses something slightly different. People don’t generally take well to change, but the App Store these days is so full with the same kind of apps that differentiation tends to stand out. As does Telegram Messenger, which is notable not only for its speed and slickness but also its security. There are some limitations, such as the lack of an audio note feature, but the app does process messages a lot faster than its rivals and is therefore the perfect alternative for those who just can’t wait! – Download from iTunes

3. Kik (Free)

I think that Kik is perhaps the foremost cross-platform messaging app that pops into one’s head when considering WhatsApp alternatives for the iPhone. This is mainly because the apps could be considered quite similar, and have taken off in much the same way – though, I should note that Kik’s 30 million strong userbase is in fact dwarfed by those that follow WhatsApp. The other main difference of course is that Kik is and will likely always be free to use, which stands out as a massive advantage for most peoiple. While the migration here isn’t quite as polished as it could be, Kik does stand out for its strong design and of course the cross platform capabilities. If you are looking for a WhatsApp alternative that is more independent than those we are about to list, Kik is probably the one for you! – Download from iTunes

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2. Facebook Messenger (Free)

Now, I was one of those calling for a chat oriented Facebook app long before Facebook Messenger came along, and it’s easy to see now that this was a smart move by Facebook. It has allowed them to combat the rivals such as WhatsApp (which it has since acquired, another useful approach to combatting your rivals) on the front line. Rather than just a social media app with a chat feature, it is a standalone messenger app that understands how many Facebook users will be interested in the chat function and little else. While we have already seen the Facebook and WhatsApp apps begin blending into one, borrowing similar features and adopting a singular interface, Facebook’s Messenger app remains free to use – that’s if you have no opposition to opening a Facebook account! – Download from iTunes

1. Snapchat (Free)

Finally there is SnapChat, which has always been a favorite of mine simply because most of the conversations I share with friends take the combined form of images and text rather than just the text. Inserting images into WhatsApp and receiving them over a data plan can be a pain, but Snapchat streamlines the whole process to make it easier. So if like me, you prefer to converse in memes rahter than mere words, Snapchat is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp and is available across a range of different platforms. – Download from iTunes

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