Top 8 Wireless Printers iPhone

Printing on the go is a massive advantage to have, both in your professional and personal life. It’s still the case that people will have their own study or computer space available at home, probably with a printer that they will use to print stuff. But this still means that you have to boot up the computer and open the software and wait for the printer to warm up before printing. There are advantages when it comes to having a big and bulky perhaps multi use printer, that can photocopy and send faxes too. But it’s definitely not a great option if you need to print things on the fly and don’t have time to wait around to got through the entire process. I’ve often thought that it’s funny to think that printers haven’t really evolved with technology to become portable just as cellphones and laptops and tablets are now the standard. There are however a great deal of excellent wireless printers out there for your iPhone or whatever you are using, and those that are small enough to be carried around from room to room or even away with you when traveling. We took a look at the best options!

8. Epson XP-310 ($66.48)

I guess that this Epson model is a great point to start on, but the 410 is slightly better. Perhaps we’ll feature that model below! Anyway, both models are absolutely ideal when it comes to the family printer that is versatile and can be used by all, is easy to set up for the non-technologically savvy, and offers a huge range of creative printing options. The most attractive thing about this particular Epson series however is the affordability, since it’s clearly been designed with a family budget in mind.  – Buy from Amazon

7. Canon PIXMA iP8720 ($214.99)

I think that this is the most expensive option we detailed for this list, which kind of throws it down the pecking order since I don’t believe you should be spending upwards of $200 on a wireless printer, but there’s no doubting the level of functionality offered here. I’ve read people describe it as the best option per dollar spent, which could well be the case but it is a lot of money to spend! This is great if you turn out photo prints regularly, and is typically reliable when it comes to your normal prints. – Buy from Amazon

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6. HP Officejet 7612 ($161.99)

It surprised me to find just the one HP product on this list once the dust settled, since I’ve always been a massive fan of the brand when it comes to desktop printers. Of all the wireless options out there that HP currently offers, the Officejet 7612 is probably the most impressive and comprehensive. There are other options that are more affordable, but this one probably offers the best functionality in terms of price. This is of course because it not only functions as a wireless printer that taps directly into the WiFi connection at your home or your office, but because it also works as a scanner, copier and fax as well. It seems as though these three last things are almost prerequisites these days when it comes to what users need, despite the fact that it often adds to the bulk of the product. Still, this is a great option if you’re not under a budget! – Buy from Amazon

5. Canon PIXMA iP110 ($159.00)

Aside from the SELPHY option (also from Canon, mentioned below) I reckon that this is the most aesthetically pleasing wireless printer you can invest in these days. It’s also one of the most accessible options in terms of just being able to slap it own in a mobile worksuite and connecting with whatever device you have to hand. It is one of the more expensive options out there, but this is another case of where you simply get what you pay for. There is a small process involved when it comes to printing from this printer through your smartphone, whether an iPhone or an Android option, but the process is fairly uncomplicated. There is an app to download, then you have to sync the printer to the wireless network. Easy!  – Buy from Amazon

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4. Epson Expression Premium XP-620 ($89.99)

The Epson Expression series is an excellent and creative range of printers that are great for families and professionals alike – or even better, if you need a wireless printers that is to be used for both! The main plus points here relate to both the speed of the printing (lab quality 4 by 6 inch photos in a mere 20 seconds!) and of course the price, which is relatively affordable when compred to similar products on the market at present. This one also has a nice social angle, since you can quickly scan to both Facebook and the Cloud for easy sharing options. Overall a fairly ideal and versatile option for the user out there that wants something professional but also robust enough to stand up to most of the needs associated with your average family! – Buy from Amazon

3. Canon SELPHY CP910 ($84.99)

Everyone is getting in on the Selfie phenomenon these days, right? I’m sure that the name given to the Canon SELPHY stands for something slightly different, but the intent behind this on is clearly there. The ability to take a printer with you that allows quick and personal mobile printing. The great thing about this one is that you can simply connect it to your wireless network either at home or at work and then use just about any device to print from it. Anything that is connected to the network, that is, whether you have Apple or Android devices or a laptop, or a Windows PC. – Buy from Amazon

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2. Epson Expression XP-410 ($84.99)

The Epson Expression XP-410 is one of the easiest to set up and get running wireless, whether you are at home or at work, which might be a massive plus point for some. It offers a slight improvement to the XP-310 mentioned above, but I figured it was a good idea to put both of them here since they do the job so well. Small and affordable, but without a lack of quality. – Buy from Amazon

1. Canon PIXMA MX922 ($101.00)

If you’re looking for a comprehensive wireless printer that offers AirPrint and is actually a lot faster than a lot of other options, then this addition to the Canon PIXMA series is definitely one of the best options out there today. It also sends and receives faxes, which is a technology that I’m baffled at the continued existence of. How, in this world of fast moving technology, are fax machines still around? Why send faxes when emails are right there and accessible on just about every device? Still, it remains the standard for many industries, so you may not have a choice in the matter! The faster printing is also a massive bonus, especially for those that run around and simply don’t have the time to wait for a printer to connect and warm up and all that stuff. The photo printing is also great, and Canon offers an excellent live support service should you need it. – Buy from Amazon

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